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I Think I’ve Flipped. Chapter 12.



(Will’s POV)


The following day went better than I could have imagined. Tyler and I managed to avoid each other in school. The only time we acknowledged each other was either a small greeting or a nod whenever we pass each other in the hall.  So far, this seems to work.  It seems that none of my friends are aware that something is going on between the two of us. However, every time we greet each other, Rocky scowls at Tyler. This is one reason why I ‘m not looking forward to my friends finding about my secret relationship with the football stud.


The only other problem I have at the moment is Sterling. He keeps hitting on me. He never does it where anyone can see. It’s a grab here and a feel there.  It’s getting a little to close for comfort. Not only that, he is constantly texting me asking when our next date is going to be. He has become a little clingy, and we’re not even dating. I really need to talk to Tyler and see what he thinks I should do about it. Other than Sterling, everything seems to be going well. Tyler and I are, for the moment, doing great.


I am now sitting in my room waiting for Tyler to call me. We agreed to talk on Skype at 11:00 p.m. tonight. We decided to talk later because everyone will most likely be asleep, and we wouldn’t be bothered. And by  “We”, I mean myself since no one barges into Tyler’s room. My brothers seem to constantly knock on my door every thirty minutes or so. At times, it can be so fucking annoying.


Every time I am with Tyler, I get this strange almost giddy like feeling inside of me. It’s like I have butterflies in my stomach or something.  I guess my wildest dreams came true or something. Hell, listen to me, I sound like a love struck teenage girl for crying out loud. And to think, when we first Skyped yesterday, we ended up talking for two and a half hours.


I wonder if we’re going to top those two and a half hours of talking tonight… I doubt it since Tyler has a football game tomorrow evening and I don’t want to be the reason why he loses by keeping him up to all hours of the night.


I walked off to my desk and opened my laptop. Once it was booted up, I immediately logged in to Skype. Hey… What can I say? I’m excited can you blame me? It was still five minutes to go before 11, so I opened up my e-mail to pass the time.  There wasn’t anything interesting or important except for something from Claire.


I wrinkled my eyebrows in confusion. Huh… Claire sent me a link with a message attached to it saying, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Curious, I clicked the link and another tab popped up.


I immediately recognized it as the school gossip blog. While it was loading, I was asking myself why on earth would Claire make me visit this website. It wasn’t until the page finally stopped loading I knew why.


“Holy crap,” I muttered as I stared at the webpage she sent me. It showed Tyler and I walking out of the detention room. He was walking up front while I was behind him.


What the hell? When was this taken? Was it today? If it was, then whoever took this photo probably saw Tyler kiss me in the hallway. Holy shit! How the fuck did this happen?


I scrolled down the rest of the page waiting for the photo to surface, but there wasn’t any. It was just that single photo. Oh my god, that was such a close one.


In all my paranoia, I didn’t even notice that the clothes we were wearing in the photo were the ones we wore two days ago. Holy shit! If it had been yesterday, then someone would have gotten a photo of our little public display of affection in the hallway. I let out a small laugh in relief. Fuck, That almost gave me a heart attack.


I also noticed the obscenely large title above the photo. It said, “Neighbor causes quarterback detention.” What the hell? How did they know about this?

I sat upright as I began reading the article. The entire article recounted how Tyler ended up in detention room with me. They even got the part why and how we ended up in there. Hell, there was even a small portion about the part when coach confronted Tyler this morning in school.


The thing which had me he real reason what’s bothering me was how on earth did this end up in the school gossip blog?


How in the world did people know about the reason Tyler and I got sent into detention? I know that none of my friends would have spilled the beans on us… Could it be because Tyler’s friends spread that around?


Nah, it couldn’t be… could it? I mean, Jason and I have pretty much gotten into some sort of understanding already. The other guys, well, I can’t really say for sure… Other than Scott of course. That guy is such a douchebag, he could easily be the one behind this.


When I finished the article, I scrolled down more and found myself at the comments section… Reading that section probably wasn’t such a good idea… Yeah, it definitely was not a good idea.


Long story short everyone was blaming me for getting Tyler into detention.  It seems that everyone is saying that if our school loses the game tomorrow, it will be my fault. Instead of practicing, Tyler is stuck in detention. The very worst part of it all is how they say that if we lose then I’m going to pay for it and I’ll be sorry.


I shuddered after reading that last part. I can’t believe that they’re actually going to blame a loss on me… That’s fucking unfair! I can’t believe how people could be so naturally shallow and ignorant!


Fuck, now I know why Claire sent me the link. She’s giving me a heads up on how the student body thinks. Great. I’m the one being portrayed as a villain here and now everyone wants to beat my head into the ground… literally.


I was going over it all in my mind when I heard Tyler calling me up on Skype. I quickly minimized my window and answered his call. I guess I was still angry when I answered.


“What?” I snapped.


“Whoa! Someone’s in a bad mood!” he replied as he was laughing.


I glared at his image. I noticed he was topless. The camera cut him off right about his collarbone. I wasn’t too sure if he was naked as a jaybird or just from the waist up.


“It’s nothing,” I replied back… “Are you naked?” I asked him.


“I’m just in my boxers. Just stepped out of the shower a couple minutes ago,” he replied as he brought a towel on screen and began drying his hair with it.


“Oh,” I said.


“What’s with the ‘oh’? You wish I were naked? I can totally take off my boxers if you want to play that game,” Tyler said with a sly smile.


I gave a small laugh, happy that Tyler managed to cheer me up slightly. He laughed as well. However, my happy moment didn’t last very long.


“Hey… you alright?” Tyler asked me as he his laughter faded when he noticed how serious I was.


“Yes,” I quickly replied.


“Will…” Tyler said as his expression turned deadly serious all of a sudden. “What’s wrong?” he asked.


“Wait… I’m going to send you something,” I said as I copied and pasted the link to him. I watched him read the webpage for a couple of minutes before he turned to me once again.


“Will… we need to be careful,” Tyler said gravely. “Can you imagine what would happen if this person took a photo yesterday?”


“I know,” I replied.


“I think it would be best if we ignored each other a little more,” he said.


“What do you mean? We’re doing that already. We don’t talk as much in school anymore,” I pointed out. Where the hell is he going with this?


“I mean we need to ignore each other and distance ourselves more in school. Now that we’re pretty much in the headlines in the school blog, people are going to watch the two of us even more closely. I don’t want to indulge them any further. If they see us remotely talking, they’re going to figure things out eventually. I think it would be best if you don’t attend the game tomorrow,” Tyler answered as he looked at me to gauge my reaction.


I stared at him in disbelief. “What? Why??” I asked in surprise, a little bit of anger mixed in there as well.


“Will, did you see those comments those people made? They’re going to blame you if we lose tomorrow. I don’t want anything to happen to you. I just want you to be safe,” he said.


“I can’t believe this. You’re taking their side! Do you actually think that you’re going to lose tomorrow?” I asked in frustration.


“I’m not! But I just want to be safe. If we lose, you don’t know what people may do to you. Will, I’ve seen this in the news. People get really riled up from a football game and some people end up getting hurt. I don’t want you to be one of them,” Tyler explained.


I rolled my eyes in response. Whatever, I can’t believe this!


“Stop rolling your eyes at me Will. I’m only looking out for your safety,” Tyler snapped through the other end of the line.


“You’re right… I’m sorry,” I murmured in reply. Tyler after all, was only looking out for me in retrospect. And we did kind of after all agreed to keep this on the down low no matter what. I guess it was harder than I thought it would be.


“Now, promise me… You won’t go to the game. Just this once… as a precaution. I’ll find a way to make it up to you,” Tyler said.


I looked at him for a few minutes before I spat, “Fine.” And when I said spat, I mean that in a literal way. My computer screen has watermarks on it.


“Okay good,” Tyler said with a smile.


I rolled my eyes at him. “Whatever… I should go,” I said.


“What? Why? I just got on Skype!” Tyler said in surprise.


“I need to go to bed,” I huffed at him as I gave him a glare.


“Will, you’re not mad are you?” Tyler asked with a look of concern in his eyes.


“I’m not,” I lied to him.


“Will… Don’t lie to me,” Tyler threatened me as he narrowed his eyes at me.


“I’m not,” I repeated.


“Look, Will, we both agreed-”


“I know what we agreed on okay?” I said a little too hotly.


Tyler bit his lip in response. He had a hurt expression in his eyes. Great… We’re fighting… as usual.


“Look,” I sighed, “I get it… I really do… I just… I need to rest okay?”


“Will. Stop doi…”


“Goodnight Tyler,” I interrupted him before signing out.


I stared at my desktop wallpaper. Okay… I just hung up on Tyler. Great, this is just great.


Shit, I jumped slightly from the sudden ringing from my cellphone on my right. What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction was playing out loud. I know, I know… One Direction isn’t technically indie by any means, but hey they are fucking cute! Oh my god! Especially Niall, that blonde one!


I picked up my cellphone and looked at the person calling me. No surprise, it came from Tyler. I stared at the screen for a few more seconds before I pressed the ‘ignore’ button.


Okay… Will… You hung up on Tyler twice now. You’ve outdone yourself this time.



Tonight was warmer than I expected. Wearing this now seems to be a mistake.


“Why on earth are you wearing a hoodie and a baseball cap Will? Is that standard clothing attire for a football game in Los Angeles?” Claire asked me as she looked at me warily as we took our seats on the benches.


“Okay, number one, I never attended any football games in LA. And two, you know perfectly why I’m dressed like this!” I hissed at her. “I’m trying to go incognito so if we lose, I don’t get killed,” I added.


“And you think wearing that will help?” she asked me.


“Yes,” I whispered as I pulled the baseball cap down to my shield my eyes from the crowd.


“Except there’s only one problem,” Claire pointed out.


“And what is that if I may ask?” I asked in a snooty, little tone.


“The fact that you’re practically sandwiched between Rocky and me,” Claire said as she rolled her eyes.


I looked at my right and saw Rocky grinning while nodding his head in agreement.


“You could wear a mascot costume and people will still think it’s you under it as long as you sit in between us,” Claire announced as she drove home her point.


“Okay, switch with me then,” I said to her.


“No! I like sitting beside Taylor and chatting about people we see in and at the game.  ” Claire said as she pointed at Taylor who was busy texting. I gave her a deadly glare before turning my attention to Rocky.


“Switch with me then!” I said to him as I playfully punched his shoulder numerous times.


“Uh uh,” Rocky said as he shook his head. “I am not sitting beside Claire and listen to her and Taylor gossip throughout the entire game!” he said.


“That’s okay Rocky. Here Will, we can switch seats,” Sterling offered as he stood up from the other side of Rocky.


“Oh…okay then, thanks Sterling,” I murmured as I blushed a little from his sweet gesture. The Brit boy gave me a warm smile in return. From the corner of my eye, I can see Rocky smirking. I gave him a shove when Sterling and I exchanged seats. He fell backwards as everyone laughed. Rocky of course, was cursing the entire time… oh …  the sweet taste of revenge.


We waited a few more minutes for the game to start. Claire and Taylor were pointing at several people in the crowd, no doubt gossiping about them. Rocky and Sterling were discussing the chances of Ridgemont winning tonight. Both were incredibly optimistic about our chances, but Rocky mentioned he would like to see Tyler get mauled out there. I gave Rocky a death glare for that.


“What?” Rocky asked me when he noticed me staring icily at him.


I ignored his question and just rolled my eyes in response. Instead, I focused my attention to the field as our football team came running out of the locker room . The crowd around us was screaming as they cheered on our players entering the field. From the corner of my eye, I can see the cheerleaders along with our pet mascot, the Ridgemont Raven, helping to boost the spirit of the crowd and our team.


“Oh wow! First game of the season and the crowd is so adrenaline pumped!” Claire said before she started shouting along with the crowd.


I shook my head in embarrassment as I watched her and Taylor waving their hands in the air. Rocky and Sterling were shaking their heads as well.


I looked down at the field and stared at Tyler who wore number 3. I slunk myself down unto the seat and pulled the hoody to cover my eyes. I wouldn’t want him to see me.


Okay… Okay, so I technically promised him that I wouldn’t come tonight, but I really didn’t want to miss this for the world. I mean, it would be technically social suicide if they lost, but I have faith that Tyler will win. I just hope he has faith in himself.


I stared at the crowd who was cheering like there’s no tomorrow. In the corner of my eye, I can see a couple of students pointing at me and whispering to one another. Down a few more rows, I saw a male student and his companion cracking their fists as they glared at me.  Oh god. Tyler, you better not lose!



The lights in the football field started to dim as everyone made their way down towards the parking lot. The game was finally over.


“Alright!” Claire screamed as she bounced up and down in excitement as we headed into the parking lot.  It was filled with people talking about the game and ready to go home. From the corner of my eye, I can see a lot of students walking instead of driving. Place is crawling with students and parents.


“We wonnn!!!” Claire shouted in excitement as she gave students passing us with a very friendly wave. Jesus. This girl’s high on something.


“You’re making a scene,” I laughed at her.


“Oh shut up,” she said mocking me. “Aren’t you glad we won?” she asked us.


“Oh we are. Believe me,” Taylor said with a laugh.


“I still can’t believe we won,” Rocky said in daze.


We all looked at Rocky who had a look of disbelief on his face. To be honest, I didn’t believe it either. Ridgemont was trailing way behind in the first half. Heck, I thought we were going to lose then. But somehow, Tyler made some great plays which made it a more interesting and not to mention nerve racking game. We scored a last minute touchdown, which sealed the victory.


“I know. For a minute there, I thought we were dead meat. But I’ve got to hand it to Tyler there. He pulled out some bloody amazing plays! Especially that last one!” Sterling said in awe.


“I know. Even though I don’t like him, that boy has got some skills!” Rocky said in agreement.


I smiled behind their backs feeling a little bit of pride from the way Tyler played today. I knew he could do it! It was a good thing I decided to come to the game. It would have been tragic if I had missed his first game. Huh… He worried over nothing.




“Huh?” I replied as I snapped out my daze there.


Rocky and the others were staring at me.


“We were asking if you want to join with us for a late night visit at the malt shop?” Rocky asked, giving me a dubious look. “I swear you’re spacing out more than usual…” he whispered.


As much as I wanted to go and celebrate tonight, I declined. Tyler might visit my house later and I wouldn’t want to give away that I went to his football game when I promised him I wouldn’t go.


“What?… Why not?” Claire asked as she snapped at me. “What other plans do you have on a Friday evening?” she asked.


I laughed at her little outburst causing her to scowl even more. “Well, I’m sorry to say, but I need to be a good, little boy for awhile. The rents were pretty disappointed in me getting detention in the first month of school,” I replied.


Okay, that wasn’t a total lie. I mean, my parents were really disappointed in me when they learned that I got detention; that was a fact. However, they never grounded me and gave me a curfew or something.


“Oh, you’re no fun anymore!” Claire pouted.


I laughed even louder as I said goodbye and started to walk down the road.


“Wait. You’re walking?” Sterling asked me out of the blue.


“Uhh… yeah. In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t have a car,” I said with a laugh and began walking again.


“Wait! I’ll drive you home!” Sterling quickly offered.


“What?” Rocky and I both said the same time.


I cocked my head to the side as I stared at Sterling. He blushed and held a sheepish smile on his face. It doesn’t take a genius to know why he wants to bring me home. Even Rocky and the others could see that. That blush and smile on his face probably did him in.


“Sterling… you don’t have to do that,” I murmured, still very much surprised over his little gesture.


“It’s fine. I mean… I don’t want you walking in any dodgy neighborhoods at this time, you know?” Sterling responded as he exchanged glances between Rocky and me.


His gaze lingered a little bit longer on Rocky. Rocky, on the other hand just stared at him before his eyes went wide with recognition. I guess he finally understood why Sterling wanted to drive me home.


“Oh… I see…” Rocky said as he stared at Sterling. “Well, you go ahead and take Will home then,” Rocky said as he patted me on the back.


“Wait… What…hold on. I never agreed!” I interrupted Rocky.


“So, you don’t want Sterling to drive you home?” Claire asked me as she stared at me.


“No… it’s not… I…” I drifted off as I was met with everyone staring at me. Claire, Taylor, and Rocky pretty much were looking at me for an explanation as to why I didn’t want Sterling to bring me home. In fact, they had daggers in their eyes as if telling me I shouldn’t refuse. Sterling, on the other hand, had a look of hurt and rejection in his eyes that was too hard to bear.


Oh shit, the others are guilt tripping me big time into accepting Sterling’s offer. They knew how much he liked me and they figured he’d want some alone time with me. Oh…if they only knew what I was feeling.


“Fine,” I said as I forced a smile on my face. Sterling immediately light up like a light bulb at me with a smile of his own.


Rocky nodded his head in agreement as he said goodbye and led the girls towards his car. Sterling walked me to his SUV.


When we got to it, he was a gentleman and opened the door for me. I gave him a small smile in appreciation. His little act of chivalry is making this whole thing harder. He’s so nice and thoughtful around me to the point it’s almost sickening. In normal circumstances, I’d be head over heels for this guy, but Tyler Beaumont is not a normal circumstance. Its not right leading Sterling on, but I couldn’t find it in my heart to reject him altogether.


As soon as I settled in his SUV and put on my seatbelt, Sterling got into the driver’s seat and turned the engine on. He looked at me briefly before he gently reached out and touched my left hand. I looked down at his gesture, pretty much unsure of what to do or think. Instead, I just let him squeeze my left hand before he drove off into the night.


The first few minutes of the drive was awkward yet again. Sterling and I never had the chance to talk about what happened on our first date. I shook my head as I recalled what had transpired that night.


I looked out the window and stared at the moon…  I had to get my mind off things. Wow… It’s a full moon tonight!


“Full moon huh? I wonder if the Alpha is coming out?” Sterling asked me out of the blue.


“What?” I asked him in total cluelessness. I turned my attention back at him and found him craning his neck forward and looking at the moon.


“Alpha, Full Moon. Get it?” Sterling asked me. He must have noticed the crease of my eyebrows because he immediately followed it up with, “The Alpha is a character from the show Teen Wolf, and he transforms during a full moon… You don’t watch the show?”


I shook my head in response.


“Well… You have no idea what you’re missing,” Sterling replied.


“Oh really? Just what am I missing?” I asked him back.


“Well the guys there are bloody attractive,” he said.


I waited for him to continue only to realize that there was no follow up coming.


“What? That’s it? The only reason why you watch Teen Wolf is because of the guys?” I asked him with a smile on my face. I gotta admit, I this this whole conversation is funny as hell.


“Pretty much,” Sterling answered before glancing at me with a wicked gleam in his eyes before he started laughing.


“So anyone in Teen Wolf you find really attractive?” I asked as I tried to lighten up the mood I was in.


“Oh man. It’s so hard to choose, but there’s this one bloke. His name is Colton Haynes and he’s such a damn good looking fellow!” Sterling said, a little too excitedly. I gave a small laugh over his enthusiasm.


“Oh really? I’ll be sure to look him up in the internet,” I said to him.


“Well if you want to know what he looks like, just look at Tyler,” Sterling said with a laugh.


As soon as he mentioned that name, the smile disappeared on my face and my guard was instantly up.


“What did you say?” I asked him slowly.


He must have not noticed my somber expression because he kept on laughing before he answered, “I mean, Tyler looks like Colton Haynes. If you dyed Colton’s brown hair into blonde, you’ll be staring at Tyler Beaumont before you.” And with that, he just laughed once again.


“Oh… Really? He looks like Tyler a lot?” I asked again, wanting to clarify that he was indeed serious and that there wasn’t any underlying hidden layer or meaning to his statement.


“Yup,” Sterling answered as he turned around a corner.


That bothered me a little. If he thought Colton was attractive, does he find Tyler attractive as well? I just needed to know…


“So, does that mean you like Tyler?” I asked him out of the blue.


“Oh he’s attractive alright,” Sterling answered, without missing a beat, “But from the stories that Rocky and Claire shared with me, he’s not really a nice fellow as he pretends to be. I mean, you’d know that firsthand right?”


I was slightly taken aback with his question. Was this a trap? Was there a right or wrong answer here?


“But that was a long time ago. I’ve already forgiven him for what he’s done. If I didn’t, then I’d be having the past dictate my future,” I explained to him.


“Right,” Sterling responded.


I’m not really sure what he meant by that… I guess I didn’t want to find out either.


Things started to become serious once again. Sterling kept glancing back and forth at me as he drove through the night. For most part, I just glanced out the window. I mean, how would you act around a guy who likes you? I’m pretty much at a loss. I mean…


Wait a minute. Were those my brothers who drove by? I turned around and looked at the license plate of the car that drove by. Yep, that was definitely them. I thought they had a gig tonight?!


“Well… We’re here,” Sterling said as he slowed his SUV to a stop and stared at me at my house.


I looked back at him and murmured, “Thanks… You really didn’t have to do that, you know.”


“Oh, but I wanted to! Besides, I wanted to ask you if you want to go out again some time?” Sterling said as he stared in my eyes expectantly.


I really should say no. After all, I am seeing Tyler in secret so I’m afraid I can’t totally give myself to Sterling the way he wants or expects me too. But for some reason, I couldn’t say it out loud. I just nodded. I wasn’t even thinking about it… It just sort of happened… And I’m kicking myself over it.


Sterling just smiled, leaned in, and kissed me on the lips. When he pulled back, he got a shitfaced grin on his face. He was happy. Actually, he was elated. But if he’s so happy, then why do I feel so fucking bad?


I guess you know why… It feels like I’m cheating on Tyler.


I returned his smile with one of my own before I opened the door and stepped out into the sidewalk. As soon as I closed it, Sterling gave me a small wave before drifting off into the night… probably off to meet Claire and the others in the malt shop. No doubt, she’d be all over him gathering information on what happened during tonight’s drive.


Sigh… This is just messed up. Can someone please shake me and tell me to get it together? I’m digging myself a hole here and I don’t know how to climb out of it.

I dragged myself towards my house as I fumbled through my pockets to get my house key. No one is home right now. My parents are off on a much needed date and my brothers have a gig somewhere in the swanky part of town. It’s just me all alone in the house tonight… Or at least that’s what I thought.


“About time you got home.”


I jumped out of my shoes and dropped my keys onto the wooden floor. I clutched my chest as I stared at the direction of the voice. There, sitting on one of our wooden benches by the patio was Tyler dressed in his football attire. I could see smudges of dirt on his face as well as on his pants. But what really caught my attention was the scowl on his face.


“Tyler, what are you doing here?” I blurted out after I caught my breath. Oh god. I have a sneaking suspicion that this wasn’t going to end well.





(Tyler’s POV)


I’ve always thought that dating girls was hard. I mean there’s having to constantly deal with their mood swings, not to mention all the emotional drama they bring to the table, and let’s not forget their overbearing self-esteem issues.  However, they don’t care compare to dating a boy by the name of William Lakewood.


Will surely takes the cake on this one. He’s such an enigma. One minute you’re fine with him, and the next, you’re on the outs. Jesus, I feel like I’m living Project Runway’s slogan in real life. I’m imagining Heidi Klum telling me, “One day you’re in. And the next day, you’re out.” And dammit, I couldn’t agree more!


Take last night for example. We were doing our usual routine of talking on Skype.  He then showed me a link about the two of us on the gossip blog. Call me paranoid or whatever, but that photo really sent me a message. That no matter how it may seem that no one is around, there will always be someone lurking about. And that candid photo of us walking out of the detention room proved that. I mean, what the fuck would happen if someone caught a photo of me kissing Will’s forehead that one particular time after detention? Fuck, all hell’s going to break loose! That’s what’s going to happen!


So I did what other normal, closeted athlete would do… Ask him to stay away from me in school more than the usual. I know it’s selfish of me to ask him that, but I made it perfectly clear to him that I can’t afford to let anyone else know about this. Not now.


The end result is that Will is definitely not talking to me right now. Heck, when we passed each other in the hallway today, he didn’t even acknowledge my presence with a smile or even just a fucking lingering gaze… Dammit!


Okay, so I’m not making any fucking sense here. On one hand, I don’t want anyone finding out about the two of us. But I don’t want to alienate Will in the process. I feel like I’m pushing him away… I don’t mean to, but it seems it’s coming down to that. Shit. I’m in a bind. He won’t take my calls or answer my texts either… Hopefully, I could smooth everything out after the game tonight.


“Yo Tye! Why aren’t you dressed up yet?”


“Huh? What?” I said out loud as I snapped out of my little pondering session.


I saw Jason giving me the WTF look I know all too well. He stood in front of me decked in his football uniform. He was clutching his helmet with his right hand. His left hand was flailing around in the air waiting for me to answer.


“Sorry, dozed off for a second there,” I said as I stood up and opened my locker to retrieve my equipment. Jason just kept staring at me with a weird expression on his face.


“Dude, you need to get a grip. We’re having a game in half an hour. You need to get your shit together!” Jason scolded me before he slapped me hard on the back. It was all in good fun of course.


“I know, I know,” I answered him as I stripped my shirt and dumped it in my locker.


“Seriously man. You’ve been not yourself lately,” Jason said.


My back tensed up in reply. What does he mean… exactly?


“It’s like you’re turning into Logan here,” Jason said as he looked at Logan who was busy munching a protein bar on the bench.


“Heyyy!” Logan interrupted as he gave Jace a deadly glare. Jason and I laughed. He was pouting while chewing with food in his mouth. As much as I hate to say it, Logan can be adorable most of the time. He does it without even trying. Heck, I don’t even know if he knows he’s being adorable.


Vince was beside Logan and he was watching the redhead with embarrassment. “Logan,” he began as he shook his head, “that was a joke.”


Logan looked at Vince with a sheepish smile. “Oh. I see,” he replied. As soon as he said that, bits of pieces of food came spouting out of his mouth and onto Vince’s face. Everyone who saw that laughed out loud… well, with the exception of Vince of course.


“Sorry,” Logan said looking downright apologetic. He was flashing his best puppy dog eyes at Vince. I doubt he knew that he was doing that. It’s just Logan’s natural innate ability to be cute. Seriously, no one can ever stay mad at this lovable redhead for too long.


“It’s fine,” Vince said through gritted teeth as he stood up and went to the sink to wash off his face. If that were any other person, Vince would have swore at him, but since it was Logan, he kept his anger in check. Give him a few minutes to cool down, and he’ll be back throwing jokes around us once again.


As soon as that little exchange was over, I headed towards the toilets to take a piss. I always get nervous before a game and whenever I get nervous, I need to take a leak. Tonight was no exception.


As soon as I entered the toilets, I saw Scott there coming out of one of the stalls. As soon as we locked eye contact with one another, we both scowled. In unison too. How fucking crazy was that?


I glared at him as I went to the nearest vacant urinal and unzipped my shorts. As the piss started to flow, I could tell Scott was still there. He’s probably staring at me too.


“What the fuck do you want Scott?!” I shouted behind me.


“Oh nothing. Just thinking quietly over here,” Scott said. I could practically feel a sneer o his face the way he said that to me.


Once I was done, I flushed my piss down and turned around to face Scott.


“What the fuck do you mean?” I asked. Truth be told, I am getting a little bit tired of playing these games with this jackass. But for some reason, he never seems to let up.


“Just wondering what would happen to your dear boyfriend in case we lose,” Scott said with a sly smile.


My brow creased in response. Scott gave a small laugh at my reaction.


“Well, I’m sure you know what everyone’s talking about. That it’s all that little faggot’s fault that you were stuck in detention instead of practicing on the field with us. I personally know a few people who see that way. I’d hate to see what they would do to him in case we lost tonight,” he explained to me.


“You dirty little fuck,” I told him. I was fuming beyond belief as Scott just stood there looking like he didn’t have a care in the world. Fuck, I wanted to punch the living daylights out of this creep, but with my recent academic problem, I don’t think Coach would be very understanding at this point.


When he realized that I wasn’t going to start anything, Scott just laughed and walked away. I just glared at him as my fists started to shake in anger.


Please Lord, let us win… We need to win… Not only for the school, but for Will’s sake as well.



“FUCK YEAHHH!” I heard someone scream out loud as we entered the locker room in euphoria. Everyone was either jumping up and down or pumping their fists in the air in excitement. In case you haven’t noticed, we won tonight’s game. It was such a tough battle! For a minute there, I really thought we were going to lose, but somehow, we managed to pull through.


As soon as I stepped inside, people started coming over to me, patting me on the back and started congratulating me. Someone later doused me with water from his jug because I felt ice-cold water streaming down my backside. Not very comfortable.


“Alright men,” Coach bellowed as he entered the locker room with the assistant coach. Everyone stopped horsing around and stood still as we waited for him to make his usual after-game speech.


“By some sort of miracle, we managed to win tonight. It’s all thanks to Logan and his really quick feet (everyone started cheering at Logan who gave a small bow) and to our captain Tyler for being taking it like a champ out there and excellently making out plays out there (now, everyone started cheering for me) even though this little dipshit didn’t follow the plays I told him to set-up,” Coach said as he looked at me with a smile.


I looked down at the floor in embarrassment. Okay, I admit. I was pretty guilty in that department.


“In the end, we won and that’s what matters. Now take a shower cause you guys stink!” Coach shouted as he exited the locker room together with the assistant coach.


As soon as they left, the room burst into cheers once again. Take note, this was only the first game of the season. Imagine what it would be like if it was the championship match already.


I laughed and cheered along with my teammates. As I made my way to my locker, I saw Scott scowling in the corner. The little fuck looked actually disappointed that we won. He must have wanted us to lose so he and his posse can fuck up Will. Little shit. Like I’d ever let that happen. I was about to give him a piece of my mind, when I felt a hand grasp my shoulder.


“Dude! That was a close one with Coach!” Jason said as he beamed at me.


“I know. I thought he was going to chew my ass out for not following his plays,” I said with a chuckle as I looked at Jace. He had a shit grin on his face, obviously ecstatic that we won today. When I turned my attention back at Scott, he was gone. Huh. That’s weird… I peered around the locker room to try and find him, but he just disappeared.


“Who are you looking for?” Jason asked me.


“What? No one,” I said as I turned my attention back to my best friend. He was half naked already as he chucked his stuff into his locker.


“You’re spacing out again? What’s wrong with you?” Jason asked as he eyed me suspiciously.


“Nothing’s wrong with me,” I said as I grabbed my car keys from inside my locker and made my way towards the exit.


“Hold on. You’re not going to shower?” Jason asked me.


“Nah, I’ll just do it at home,” I said.


“Dude, you reek!” Jason said to me.


I rolled my eyes. I know I reeked. I know I should have a bath right now… Problem is… I want to see Will right now. I need to fix things with him right away.


“I know… But I’m in a hurry,” I told Jason.


“Well… okay, whatever man. Call me up in the morning,” Jason said as he shrugged his shoulders and shooed me away with his hands.


“You know I always do man,” I said to him with a smile before stepping out of the lockers and into the hallway.


As soon as I stepped into the parking lot, I got a lot of greetings and congratulations from several parents and students who were still lingering around. I gave them a smile and an absent minded wave as I proceeded to my truck. I could hear a few screams and giggles from several girls around me. I chuckled at the irony of the situation. Oh girls, I’m sorry, but I’m dating a boy. Wouldn’t that just crush them?


Once I stepped inside my truck, I immediately turned the engine on and drove off towards the Lakewood residence.


It wasn’t a long drive before I finally reached our street. I parked on our side of the road. You know, just to be safe and all. I turned off the engine and stepped down. I left the window half open because the insides of my truck smelled like sweat. The last thing I want is my parents assuming I had sex in there.


I looked over at my house and saw that none of the lights were turned on. Both of them weren’t home yet. My dad had an out of town business meeting and my mom was probably over at her mom’s house uptown. My parents usually attend my games religiously, but tonight was an exception. Dad is on the brink of a promotion so he always attends meetings no matter what the time or where it may be. Mom, on the other hand, had to visit grandma because she’s sick right now. Hopefully, it’s nothing serious. And my sister… well knowing Emily, she’s probably on a date right now.


I jogged my way across the street. Hmm… The lights are still on so Will should be home. He mentioned to me the other day that he would be alone tonight. Apparently, his parents have this date night or something and his brothers are working at a bar across town. So it’s just the two of us… Oh man… I wonder if tonight will be the night…


As soon as I stepped onto the patio, I made my way towards the main door and rang the doorbell… Huh. That’s weird. Will should be at the door by now. I wonder if he’s still pissed. I paced back and forth around the patio waiting for Will to open up. I had my back turned towards the door when it opened.




I turned around to see one of Will’s brothers at the door carrying a few instruments in their hands.


“Oh… Blake? Or is it Marco… Is Will home?” I asked them.


He just stared at me. I looked down at myself and I remembered that I was still in my football uniform. I think I blushed right there and then.


“It’s Blake. Will’s not here. He went to watch your game. Didn’t you see him there?” Blake asked.


Wait… Did he say Will went to watch the game?


“He went?” I asked, wanting to clarify this. After I specifically told Will not to?


“Yeah, I thought you knew,” he told me.


“He didn’t…” I trailed off.


“Well, he probably wanted to surprise you or something. I’m sorry, but I gotta go. We’re late for our gig and we sort of left a few of our instruments. Marco’s stalling the crowd to buy some time. I’ll see you later,” Blake said as he hurried towards the car out front.


“Uhh… okay,” I said as I watched Blake get inside the car and sped off.


Will went to the game? I can’t believe it. We agreed to it that he wouldn’t go! Dammit. He lied to me! Will fucking lied to me! I felt my anger rising. Shit. Tyler, you need to calm the fuck down before you do something stupid.


I spied their wooden bench at the side of their patio. I took a seat and took a few deep breaths… Okay, much better. So Will went to the game? It’s not like it’s the end of the world. I guess it was good that we won in the end. I got scared at what might happen to Will after my encounter with Scott earlier this evening. I’ve told myself that I wouldn’t get mad at Will over this. It was pretty selfish of me to ask him for that. Didn’t really blame him.


Suddenly, I hear a car approaching. That must be Will. Okay, I’m just going to apologize to him and-


Wait… Tell me that didn’t just fucking happen. Tell me that Will didn’t just kiss Sterling Wolfe. Fuck. Okay, Will lying about going to the game was one thing, but kissing another boy behind my back? Fuck. Now, I’m getting really angry!


I sat down in a jiffy as I watched Will get out of Sterling’s stupid SUV. I don’t think they saw me at all. When Sterling sped off, I stared at Will who approached the main door. He was busy fumbling with something in his pockets. Shit. I couldn’t hold it in any longer.


“About time you got home,” I spat out, not surprised at all with the venom present in my voice.


That must have scared Will because he dropped his keys and gave me a frightened look.


“Tyler, what are you doing here?” he asked me while clutching his chest in fright.


“Oh, I came straight here after the game to spend time with someone who said he would be home. By the way, we won… But I guess you already knew that,” I scowled.


Will seemed visibly surprised over my comment. “How long have you been here?” he asked me.


“Oh believe me, long enough to see you making out with Sterling,” I said.


“Tyler… It’s not what it looks like,” he said as he approached me.


“No!” I shouted all of a sudden. Will stopped abruptly and looked me with hurt in his eyes.


“Tyler… Please… just listen-”


“Did you fuck him?” I asked plainly.


“What? No!” Will answered, appalled.


“Is this what you do behind my back? You fucking hook up with Sterling whenever I ignore you in school? I thought you didn’t like him!” I shouted at him, my eyes beginning to tear up in pain. I felt betrayed and hurt.


“I don’t. He likes me, not the other way around,” Will said.


“Then why are you kissing him?” I spat.


“Well, I can’t exactly tell him that I’m dating my straight neighbor who also happens to be the quarterback of our school’s football team,” Will replied as he felt his blood pressure rising.


I glared at him. He was challenging me on our little situation. God… Am I so fucking tired of keeping our relationship a secret. It’s way more difficult than I expected.


I let out a long breath as I slumped down on the wooden bench and buried my face in my hands.


“I’m sorry,” I said without looking up. I could feel my eyes beginning to tear up. What I was crying about? I have no clue. I heard Will approach me as he sat down beside me. He grabbed my right hand. I looked up at him and saw he had a sympathetic smile on his face.


“I’m sorry too,” he said as he gripped my hand a little tighter. “I should have done things right from the start and broke up with Sterling. I just couldn’t figure out the best way to do it. It’s not an excuse, I know, but I-”


I cut him off with a kiss as I cupped his face with my other free hand. He tried to pull away before he began to relax and kiss me back. When I pulled back, I saw that he was crying.


“Shh… Let’s forget all about it. We both made mistakes. I should have never forced you to stay away from my game. I had no right,” I said softly. Will just smiled at me as he accepted my apology.


“It’s just… everything is so hard… I can’t talk or touch you in school… It’s killing me,” I murmured as I stared deep into his eyes.


“I know it’s hard,” he replied.  “However, it’s necessary Tyler.  I don’t want to be the reason why your senior year and status to go down the drain. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are now…”




“It’s okay Tyler. Honestly, I… I really like you , and I’m willing to wait until you’re ready. I’ll be a secret because that’s how much you mean to me,” he whispered to me.


“I… I think… I’m falling in love with you,” Will whispered as he looked at me straight into my eyes. He held on to the hand caressing his sweet face. I smiled and gave him another kiss. This time a little bit more passionately as I slipped my tongue in his mouth.


“I am too,” I told him when we pulled apart from one another’s mouths. He just gave me a smile before he glanced behind him.


“Do you want to… you know? No one’s here except us,” Will pointed out to me.


Now here’s where I may surprise you. In normal circumstances, I would have rushed to have sex and get off, but again, as you all know by now, William Lakewood is not a normal circumstance.


“No… No… Not yet… I want to take you out on a few dates first before we have sex,” I told him before giving him another kiss.


Will smiled with a level of sincerity I have never seen before. I guess he was surprised that I refused to have sex with him.


“But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun along the way,” I announced  with a wink and a devilish smile before I pinched his nipple through his shirt.


“Hey!! Oww!” he said in pain before swatting me on the shoulder. I feigned a look of pain before bursting into laughter.


“You ass!” he said laughing as he started to wrestle with me down onto the bench. I was surprised at his strength because he actually overpowered me.  Me, the muscled quarterback, pinned down on a bench! Who’d knew?


Will was straddling me on top of the bench. This little position we were in… got me… uh… a little excited if you know what I mean…


“I thought we agreed to wait for sex?” Will asked me looking smugly.


“We did,” I replied.


“Well then tell your dick to stop poking my ass.”


I gave out a small chuckle before replying, “Hey, it’s not his fault he likes what he sees.”


“Flatterer!” Will replied before lying on top of me, his head resting on my chest. It was quite a surprise we both fit on top of the bench. I started stroking his deliciously, smooth brown hair through my fingers. I looked down at him and found his head lifting up to the sync of my breathing. This was perfect… or pretty much close to perfection as it could get.


“Hey,” I said after, perhaps ten minutes in that position. “What are you doing tomorrow?” I asked.


“Me?” Will said as he lifted his head and looked at me. “Nothing, why?”


I looked down at his beautiful face and said, “I want to take you out on a date.”


When he heard the word ‘date’, Will immediately sat up.


“Really?” he asked me somewhat puzzled.


“Yeah. I want to,” I said sincerely.


“Okay… I’d love to,” Will said with a blush. “But what do you want to do?” he asked me.


“Anything you want…” I said with a smile.


Will smiled again. God. I can’t get enough of his smile. “Well, let’s talk about it later,” he said before he scrunched his nose.


“What?” I asked.


“You seriously need to take shower,” he said before pinching his nose shut.


I laughed. Huh. I guess I really need a bath. I forgot I was still dirty. “Fine. I’ll go to my house now… Come with me. I’d like to cuddle in my bed with you afterwards,” I said.


“How can I say no to that?” he replied back with a chuckle.


I led Will across the street to my house. Thank goodness no one else was home right now. As soon as I opened the front door, I gestured Will to step inside. He gave me a quick peck before stepping inside.


We headed up to my room shortly afterwards. As soon as we stepped inside, I made a beeline towards the bathroom. Before I shut the door, I looked back at Will and said, “Make yourself at home. I’ve got some new music on my laptop if you want to take a listen.”


“Oh, I would love to!” he said, genuinely excited before bouncing towards my laptop on top of my desk.


I smiled at him before closing the door and stripping off. A few seconds later, I hear him shout, “OH MY GOD!”


Alarmed, I opened the door and asked, “Will! What’s wrong?”


Will turned to me and his eyes went wild like saucers. “Oh… uh… I’m just surprised you have… uh… the new song from Florence and the Machine…”


“Oh yeah…” I sighed. Jesus, I thought something bad actually happened. “What? What’s wrong?” I asked him as I caught him exchanging glances between my laptop and myself.


“Err… you’re… naked,” he said point blank.


“What?” I asked in alarm. I looked down and indeed, I am naked. In all of the panic a few seconds ago, I forgot I fully stripped inside the bathroom. I blushed a deep shade of red before closing the bathroom door. I could hear Will laughing from the other side.


“If it helps you feel any better, it’s bigger than I expected!” Will shouted, still laughing from the other side.


“Shut up!” I shouted, turning red even more. Oh god… This is embarrassing. I can’t believe Will saw my dick already.


I could hear Will still laughing from the other side.


“It’s not funny!” I shouted.


“Okay, okay. I’ll stop now!” he shouted, still laughing before he started playing ‘What The Water Gave Me’ by Florence and the Machine. He was playing it rather loudly… I bet he’s using the song to drown out his laughter… Whatever.


I bent down, picked up my clothes, and chucked them into the hamper before stepping into the shower and turning it on. I let the water jets hit me for a few minutes before I grabbed a bar of soap and started lathering my body with it.


By the time I was done soaping, the song finished and the next song started playing. It was ‘You and I’ by Lady Gaga. Shit! I fucking love this song! I didn’t really like the new songs from her latest album, but this one was pure gold. Before I knew it, I was singing along to the song as I was shampooing my hair.


“Sit back down on the couch where we made love the first time and you said to me… Something… Something about this place… Something ‘bout lonely nights and my lipstick on your face… Something… Something about my cool Nebraska guy… Yeah, something about… Baby, you and I…”


Fuck. I remembered seeing the video of this song for the first time and my mouth dropped from seeing Taylor Kinney naked. Jesus Christ, the sex he had with Gaga in that bathtub… Lord, his ass. I found myself stroking my dick as I remembered how awesome he looked.


I tried to remember Taylor Kinney’s sculpted tattooed back in that bathtub, but found myself imagining making love to Will in the said bathtub a few seconds later. This made junior throb even harder.


Is it weird that I’m jerking off to the boy sitting in my room? Where the only thing separating the two of us is the bathroom door? Perhaps… But at that point, I absolutely didn’t care at all. I was too fucking horny to stop.


I was stroking myself as You and I continued playing the background.


Something, something about the chase (six whole years),

I’m a New York woman, born to run you down,


Shit. Now I’m imagining myself fucking Will on top of a piano in the cornfields. Me and my perversions. I could practically hear Will’s breath in my ear, “Harder… Fuck me harder.” I started stroking my cock even faster than usual. It was slick from the soap in my hand. It felt like I had lube in my hands. I imagined my hand to be Will’s ass.


“Oh shit…” I moaned as I let my head fall back.


So put your drinks up for Nebraska

For Nebraska, Nebraska, I love you


“Tyler… fuck me… there. Oh shit. There! Harder! Oh… Fuuuuck… That’s so good,” Will whispered in my ear once again.


You and I, you, you and I

Baby, I’d rather die without you and I


“Oh shit… You’re so fucking tight!” I moaned


You and I, you, you and I


“Oh fuck! I’m cumming… Shiiiiiittttt!” I said as I let out a final moan as the pressure in my cock finally reached its limit and I began cumming onto the floor.


Nebraska I’d rather die without you and I


I was breathing so fucking hard by the time I opened my eyes. Shit… That was intense… Fuck… I looked down and saw the remains my cum drifting around on the shower floor. Damn. I shot a lot tonight.


It’s been a long time since I came around

Been a long time but I’m back in town

This time I’m not leaving without you


I grabbed the soap once again and started soaping myself once again… or more specifically, my cock. As You and I finished playing, I wondered what the next song Will would play be. A few seconds later, I heard a piano playing in the background. Oh good. He’s playing Diana Vickers’ ‘Once’ now.  Even though I hate to admit it, but it is another one of my favorite songs.


It was during the chorus of the song when I stepped out of the shower. I grabbed the towel and dried myself. I realized that I forgot to bring some clothes to change into inside the bathroom. My closet was in my room. And if I wanted to change, I needed to pass Will again.


I didn’t want a repeat of what happened a few minutes ago so I firmly wrapped my lower body with my towel and went to the door. I slowly opened it and peeked out. I didn’t see Will at my desk anymore. Instead, he was lying down on my bed. I opened the bathroom door a little more and found out that he was already sleeping. He was lying on his left so he was facing my direction. He had both hands under his head as some sort of pillow.


I shook my head in disagreement. I bet he was too shy to use my pillows. Poor guy. But I couldn’t help but smile at him.


I slowly tiptoed my way towards my closet at the other end of the room. I grabbed myself some black boxers and a white tank top before turning around to look at Will. He still was out like a light. I wanted nothing more than to go to my bed and wrap my arms around this wonderful brunette. But first, I needed to take care of something…


I tiptoed myself towards my bedroom door and locked it. I didn’t want anyone barging in my room while I was cuddling with Will. When we did it at his house, his brother almost busted us. I am fucking making sure it doesn’t happen here. As soon as I locked the door, the next song started playing and I froze.


Paramore’s ‘The Only Exception’ started playing. Shit, I turned around looked at Will. This song hit me like a ton of bricks. It perfectly describes the situation Will and I are in.


When I was younger I saw,

My daddy cry and curse at the wind

He broke his own heart and I watched,

As he tried to reassemble it


And my momma swore, that she would

Never let herself forget,

And that was the day that I promised,

I’d never sing of love if it does not exist


I couldn’t believe it, but I found myself singing the lyrics softly to myself.


“But darling, you are the only exception. You are the only exception. You are the only exception. You are the only exception…” I sang out softly as I walked towards my bed and sat beside Will’s sleeping figure.


“Maybe I know somewhere, deep in my soul, that love never lasts. And we’ve got to find other ways to make it alone or keep a straight face,” I sang as I caressed Will’s cheek.


He slightly moved before he opened his eyes and turned around to face me. He smiled at me.


“Hey,” he said to me as he pulled me down beside him.


I didn’t respond. I just looked him deep in his eyes as mine started to water.


“Hey, Tyler… What’s wrong?” he asked me concerned.


I choked back a laugh and just shook my head. I grabbed his hands as I started to sing to him softly, “I’ve got a tight grip on reality, but I can’t, let go of what’s in front of me here…. I know you’re leaving in the morning when you wake up, leave me with some kind of proof it’s not a dream…” And then tears started to fall down my face. Fuck. I’ve always thought this song was cheesy, but God tonight, I seem to be having a change of heart.


Will just smiled at me, wiped my tears with his thumb and sang, “You… are the only exception. You… are the only exception. You… are the only exception. You… are the only exception.” And then he kissed me softly on my lips at first. He lifted his right hand and cupped my face before slipping his tongue in my mouth, which I gladly accommodated.


When he pulled back, I finished singing to him the rest of the song, “And I’m on my way to believing… Oh, and I’m on… my way to believing…”







P.S. What should be Tyler and Will’s first date be like? I’m curious to what you guys think.