I Think I’ve Flipped Chapter 12

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Disclaimer: First of all, I was above the age of 18 when I wrote this story and I own all rights to this. Any resemblance to actual living persons and places within this story is purely coincidental. If you are underage or it is illegal to view this story in your area, please hit the back button now. This story includes scenes of male teenagers engaged in male/male sex when permitted in the narrative. If you are uncomfortable with this, kindly exit now as well. Anyway, here goes:



I Think I’ve Flipped. Chapter 12.



(Will’s POV)


The following day went better than I could have imagined. Tyler and I managed to avoid each other in school. The only time we acknowledged each other was either a small greeting or a nod whenever we pass each other in the hall.  So far, this seems to work.  It seems that none of my friends are aware that something is going on between the two of us. However, every time we greet each other, Rocky scowls at Tyler. This is one reason why I ‘m not looking forward to my friends finding about my secret relationship with the football stud.


The only other problem I have at the moment is Sterling. He keeps hitting on me. He never does it where anyone can see. It’s a grab here and a feel there.  It’s getting a little to close for comfort. Not only that, he is constantly texting me asking when our next date is going to be. He has become a little clingy, and we’re not even dating. I really need to talk to Tyler and see what he thinks I should do about it. Other than Sterling, everything seems to be going well. Tyler and I are, for the moment, doing great.


I am now sitting in my room waiting for Tyler to call me. We agreed to talk on Skype at 11:00 p.m. tonight. We decided to talk later because everyone will most likely be asleep, and we wouldn’t be bothered. And by  “We”, I mean myself since no one barges into Tyler’s room. My brothers seem to constantly knock on my door every thirty minutes or so. At times, it can be so fucking annoying.


Every time I am with Tyler, I get this strange almost giddy like feeling inside of me. It’s like I have butterflies in my stomach or something.  I guess my wildest dreams came true or something. Hell, listen to me, I sound like a love struck teenage girl for crying out loud. And to think, when we first Skyped yesterday, we ended up talking for two and a half hours.


I wonder if we’re going to top those two and a half hours of talking tonight… I doubt it since Tyler has a football game tomorrow evening and I don’t want to be the reason why he loses by keeping him up to all hours of the night.


I walked off to my desk and opened my laptop. Once it was booted up, I immediately logged in to Skype. Hey… What can I say? I’m excited can you blame me? It was still five minutes to go before 11, so I opened up my e-mail to pass the time.  There wasn’t anything interesting or important except for something from Claire.


I wrinkled my eyebrows in confusion. Huh… Claire sent me a link with a message attached to it saying, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Curious, I clicked the link and another tab popped up.


I immediately recognized it as the school gossip blog. While it was loading, I was asking myself why on earth would Claire make me visit this website. It wasn’t until the page finally stopped loading I knew why.


“Holy crap,” I muttered as I stared at the webpage she sent me. It showed Tyler and I walking out of the detention room. He was walking up front while I was behind him.


What the hell? When was this taken? Was it today? If it was, then whoever took this photo probably saw Tyler kiss me in the hallway. Holy shit! How the fuck did this happen?


I scrolled down the rest of the page waiting for the photo to surface, but there wasn’t any. It was just that single photo. Oh my god, that was such a close one.


In all my paranoia, I didn’t even notice that the clothes we were wearing in the photo were the ones we wore two days ago. Holy shit! If it had been yesterday, then someone would have gotten a photo of our little public display of affection in the hallway. I let out a small laugh in relief. Fuck, That almost gave me a heart attack.


I also noticed the obscenely large title above the photo. It said, “Neighbor causes quarterback detention.” What the hell? How did they know about this?

I sat upright as I began reading the article. The entire article recounted how Tyler ended up in detention room with me. They even got the part why and how we ended up in there. Hell, there was even a small portion about the part when coach confronted Tyler this morning in school.


The thing which had me he real reason what’s bothering me was how on earth did this end up in the school gossip blog?


How in the world did people know about the reason Tyler and I got sent into detention? I know that none of my friends would have spilled the beans on us… Could it be because Tyler’s friends spread that around?


Nah, it couldn’t be… could it? I mean, Jason and I have pretty much gotten into some sort of understanding already. The other guys, well, I can’t really say for sure… Other than Scott of course. That guy is such a douchebag, he could easily be the one behind this.


When I finished the article, I scrolled down more and found myself at the comments section… Reading that section probably wasn’t such a good idea… Yeah, it definitely was not a good idea.


Long story short everyone was blaming me for getting Tyler into detention.  It seems that everyone is saying that if our school loses the game tomorrow, it will be my fault. Instead of practicing, Tyler is stuck in detention. The very worst part of it all is how they say that if we lose then I’m going to pay for it and I’ll be sorry.


I shuddered after reading that last part. I can’t believe that they’re actually going to blame a loss on me… That’s fucking unfair! I can’t believe how people could be so naturally shallow and ignorant!


Fuck, now I know why Claire sent me the link. She’s giving me a heads up on how the student body thinks. Great. I’m the one being portrayed as a villain here and now everyone wants to beat my head into the ground… literally.


I was going over it all in my mind when I heard Tyler calling me up on Skype. I quickly minimized my window and answered his call. I guess I was still angry when I answered.


“What?” I snapped.


“Whoa! Someone’s in a bad mood!” he replied as he was laughing.


I glared at his image. I noticed he was topless. The camera cut him off right about his collarbone. I wasn’t too sure if he was naked as a jaybird or just from the waist up.


“It’s nothing,” I replied back… “Are you naked?” I asked him.


“I’m just in my boxers. Just stepped out of the shower a couple minutes ago,” he replied as he brought a towel on screen and began drying his hair with it.


“Oh,” I said.


“What’s with the ‘oh’? You wish I were naked? I can totally take off my boxers if you want to play that game,” Tyler said with a sly smile.


I gave a small laugh, happy that Tyler managed to cheer me up slightly. He laughed as well. However, my happy moment didn’t last very long.


“Hey… you alright?” Tyler asked me as he his laughter faded when he noticed how serious I was.


“Yes,” I quickly replied.


“Will…” Tyler said as his expression turned deadly serious all of a sudden. “What’s wrong?” he asked.


“Wait… I’m going to send you something,” I said as I copied and pasted the link to him. I watched him read the webpage for a couple of minutes before he turned to me once again.


“Will… we need to be careful,” Tyler said gravely. “Can you imagine what would happen if this person took a photo yesterday?”


“I know,” I replied.


“I think it would be best if we ignored each other a little more,” he said.


“What do you mean? We’re doing that already. We don’t talk as much in school anymore,” I pointed out. Where the hell is he going with this?


“I mean we need to ignore each other and distance ourselves more in school. Now that we’re pretty much in the headlines in the school blog, people are going to watch the two of us even more closely. I don’t want to indulge them any further. If they see us remotely talking, they’re going to figure things out eventually. I think it would be best if you don’t attend the game tomorrow,” Tyler answered as he looked at me to gauge my reaction.


I stared at him in disbelief. “What? Why??” I asked in surprise, a little bit of anger mixed in there as well.


“Will, did you see those comments those people made? They’re going to blame you if we lose tomorrow. I don’t want anything to happen to you. I just want you to be safe,” he said.


“I can’t believe this. You’re taking their side! Do you actually think that you’re going to lose tomorrow?” I asked in frustration.


“I’m not! But I just want to be safe. If we lose, you don’t know what people may do to you. Will, I’ve seen this in the news. People get really riled up from a football game and some people end up getting hurt. I don’t want you to be one of them,” Tyler explained.


I rolled my eyes in response. Whatever, I can’t believe this!


“Stop rolling your eyes at me Will. I’m only looking out for your safety,” Tyler snapped through the other end of the line.


“You’re right… I’m sorry,” I murmured in reply. Tyler after all, was only looking out for me in retrospect. And we did kind of after all agreed to keep this on the down low no matter what. I guess it was harder than I thought it would be.


“Now, promise me… You won’t go to the game. Just this once… as a precaution. I’ll find a way to make it up to you,” Tyler said.


I looked at him for a few minutes before I spat, “Fine.” And when I said spat, I mean that in a literal way. My computer screen has watermarks on it.


“Okay good,” Tyler said with a smile.


I rolled my eyes at him. “Whatever… I should go,” I said.


“What? Why? I just got on Skype!” Tyler said in surprise.


“I need to go to bed,” I huffed at him as I gave him a glare.


“Will, you’re not mad are you?” Tyler asked with a look of concern in his eyes.


“I’m not,” I lied to him.


“Will… Don’t lie to me,” Tyler threatened me as he narrowed his eyes at me.


“I’m not,” I repeated.


“Look, Will, we both agreed-”


“I know what we agreed on okay?” I said a little too hotly.


Tyler bit his lip in response. He had a hurt expression in his eyes. Great… We’re fighting… as usual.


“Look,” I sighed, “I get it… I really do… I just… I need to rest okay?”


“Will. Stop doi…”


“Goodnight Tyler,” I interrupted him before signing out.


I stared at my desktop wallpaper. Okay… I just hung up on Tyler. Great, this is just great.


Shit, I jumped slightly from the sudden ringing from my cellphone on my right. What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction was playing out loud. I know, I know… One Direction isn’t technically indie by any means, but hey they are fucking cute! Oh my god! Especially Niall, that blonde one!


I picked up my cellphone and looked at the person calling me. No surprise, it came from Tyler. I stared at the screen for a few more seconds before I pressed the ‘ignore’ button.


Okay… Will… You hung up on Tyler twice now. You’ve outdone yourself this time.



Tonight was warmer than I expected. Wearing this now seems to be a mistake.


“Why on earth are you wearing a hoodie and a baseball cap Will? Is that standard clothing attire for a football game in Los Angeles?” Claire asked me as she looked at me warily as we took our seats on the benches.


“Okay, number one, I never attended any football games in LA. And two, you know perfectly why I’m dressed like this!” I hissed at her. “I’m trying to go incognito so if we lose, I don’t get killed,” I added.


“And you think wearing that will help?” she asked me.


“Yes,” I whispered as I pulled the baseball cap down to my shield my eyes from the crowd.


“Except there’s only one problem,” Claire pointed out.


“And what is that if I may ask?” I asked in a snooty, little tone.


“The fact that you’re practically sandwiched between Rocky and me,” Claire said as she rolled her eyes.


I looked at my right and saw Rocky grinning while nodding his head in agreement.


“You could wear a mascot costume and people will still think it’s you under it as long as you sit in between us,” Claire announced as she drove home her point.


“Okay, switch with me then,” I said to her.


“No! I like sitting beside Taylor and chatting about people we see in and at the game.  ” Claire said as she pointed at Taylor who was busy texting. I gave her a deadly glare before turning my attention to Rocky.


“Switch with me then!” I said to him as I playfully punched his shoulder numerous times.


“Uh uh,” Rocky said as he shook his head. “I am not sitting beside Claire and listen to her and Taylor gossip throughout the entire game!” he said.


“That’s okay Rocky. Here Will, we can switch seats,” Sterling offered as he stood up from the other side of Rocky.


“Oh…okay then, thanks Sterling,” I murmured as I blushed a little from his sweet gesture. The Brit boy gave me a warm smile in return. From the corner of my eye, I can see Rocky smirking. I gave him a shove when Sterling and I exchanged seats. He fell backwards as everyone laughed. Rocky of course, was cursing the entire time… oh …  the sweet taste of revenge.


We waited a few more minutes for the game to start. Claire and Taylor were pointing at several people in the crowd, no doubt gossiping about them. Rocky and Sterling were discussing the chances of Ridgemont winning tonight. Both were incredibly optimistic about our chances, but Rocky mentioned he would like to see Tyler get mauled out there. I gave Rocky a death glare for that.


“What?” Rocky asked me when he noticed me staring icily at him.


I ignored his question and just rolled my eyes in response. Instead, I focused my attention to the field as our football team came running out of the locker room . The crowd around us was screaming as they cheered on our players entering the field. From the corner of my eye, I can see the cheerleaders along with our pet mascot, the Ridgemont Raven, helping to boost the spirit of the crowd and our team.


“Oh wow! First game of the season and the crowd is so adrenaline pumped!” Claire said before she started shouting along with the crowd.


I shook my head in embarrassment as I watched her and Taylor waving their hands in the air. Rocky and Sterling were shaking their heads as well.


I looked down at the field and stared at Tyler who wore number 3. I slunk myself down unto the seat and pulled the hoody to cover my eyes. I wouldn’t want him to see me.


Okay… Okay, so I technically promised him that I wouldn’t come tonight, but I really didn’t want to miss this for the world. I mean, it would be technically social suicide if they lost, but I have faith that Tyler will win. I just hope he has faith in himself.


I stared at the crowd who was cheering like there’s no tomorrow. In the corner of my eye, I can see a couple of students pointing at me and whispering to one another. Down a few more rows, I saw a male student and his companion cracking their fists as they glared at me.  Oh god. Tyler, you better not lose!



The lights in the football field started to dim as everyone made their way down towards the parking lot. The game was finally over.


“Alright!” Claire screamed as she bounced up and down in excitement as we headed into the parking lot.  It was filled with people talking about the game and ready to go home. From the corner of my eye, I can see a lot of students walking instead of driving. Place is crawling with students and parents.


“We wonnn!!!” Claire shouted in excitement as she gave students passing us with a very friendly wave. Jesus. This girl’s high on something.


“You’re making a scene,” I laughed at her.


“Oh shut up,” she said mocking me. “Aren’t you glad we won?” she asked us.


“Oh we are. Believe me,” Taylor said with a laugh.


“I still can’t believe we won,” Rocky said in daze.


We all looked at Rocky who had a look of disbelief on his face. To be honest, I didn’t believe it either. Ridgemont was trailing way behind in the first half. Heck, I thought we were going to lose then. But somehow, Tyler made some great plays which made it a more interesting and not to mention nerve racking game. We scored a last minute touchdown, which sealed the victory.


“I know. For a minute there, I thought we were dead meat. But I’ve got to hand it to Tyler there. He pulled out some bloody amazing plays! Especially that last one!” Sterling said in awe.


“I know. Even though I don’t like him, that boy has got some skills!” Rocky said in agreement.


I smiled behind their backs feeling a little bit of pride from the way Tyler played today. I knew he could do it! It was a good thing I decided to come to the game. It would have been tragic if I had missed his first game. Huh… He worried over nothing.




“Huh?” I replied as I snapped out my daze there.


Rocky and the others were staring at me.


“We were asking if you want to join with us for a late night visit at the malt shop?” Rocky asked, giving me a dubious look. “I swear you’re spacing out more than usual…” he whispered.


As much as I wanted to go and celebrate tonight, I declined. Tyler might visit my house later and I wouldn’t want to give away that I went to his football game when I promised him I wouldn’t go.


“What?… Why not?” Claire asked as she snapped at me. “What other plans do you have on a Friday evening?” she asked.


I laughed at her little outburst causing her to scowl even more. “Well, I’m sorry to say, but I need to be a good, little boy for awhile. The rents were pretty disappointed in me getting detention in the first month of school,” I replied.


Okay, that wasn’t a total lie. I mean, my parents were really disappointed in me when they learned that I got detention; that was a fact. However, they never grounded me and gave me a curfew or something.


“Oh, you’re no fun anymore!” Claire pouted.


I laughed even louder as I said goodbye and started to walk down the road.


“Wait. You’re walking?” Sterling asked me out of the blue.


“Uhh… yeah. In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t have a car,” I said with a laugh and began walking again.


“Wait! I’ll drive you home!” Sterling quickly offered.


“What?” Rocky and I both said the same time.


I cocked my head to the side as I stared at Sterling. He blushed and held a sheepish smile on his face. It doesn’t take a genius to know why he wants to bring me home. Even Rocky and the others could see that. That blush and smile on his face probably did him in.


“Sterling… you don’t have to do that,” I murmured, still very much surprised over his little gesture.


“It’s fine. I mean… I don’t want you walking in any dodgy neighborhoods at this time, you know?” Sterling responded as he exchanged glances between Rocky and me.


His gaze lingered a little bit longer on Rocky. Rocky, on the other hand just stared at him before his eyes went wide with recognition. I guess he finally understood why Sterling wanted to drive me home.


“Oh… I see…” Rocky said as he stared at Sterling. “Well, you go ahead and take Will home then,” Rocky said as he patted me on the back.


“Wait… What…hold on. I never agreed!” I interrupted Rocky.


“So, you don’t want Sterling to drive you home?” Claire asked me as she stared at me.


“No… it’s not… I…” I drifted off as I was met with everyone staring at me. Claire, Taylor, and Rocky pretty much were looking at me for an explanation as to why I didn’t want Sterling to bring me home. In fact, they had daggers in their eyes as if telling me I shouldn’t refuse. Sterling, on the other hand, had a look of hurt and rejection in his eyes that was too hard to bear.


Oh shit, the others are guilt tripping me big time into accepting Sterling’s offer. They knew how much he liked me and they figured he’d want some alone time with me. Oh…if they only knew what I was feeling.


“Fine,” I said as I forced a smile on my face. Sterling immediately light up like a light bulb at me with a smile of his own.


Rocky nodded his head in agreement as he said goodbye and led the girls towards his car. Sterling walked me to his SUV.


When we got to it, he was a gentleman and opened the door for me. I gave him a small smile in appreciation. His little act of chivalry is making this whole thing harder. He’s so nice and thoughtful around me to the point it’s almost sickening. In normal circumstances, I’d be head over heels for this guy, but Tyler Beaumont is not a normal circumstance. Its not right leading Sterling on, but I couldn’t find it in my heart to reject him altogether.


As soon as I settled in his SUV and put on my seatbelt, Sterling got into the driver’s seat and turned the engine on. He looked at me briefly before he gently reached out and touched my left hand. I looked down at his gesture, pretty much unsure of what to do or think. Instead, I just let him squeeze my left hand before he drove off into the night.


The first few minutes of the drive was awkward yet again. Sterling and I never had the chance to talk about what happened on our first date. I shook my head as I recalled what had transpired that night.


I looked out the window and stared at the moon…  I had to get my mind off things. Wow… It’s a full moon tonight!


“Full moon huh? I wonder if the Alpha is coming out?” Sterling asked me out of the blue.


“What?” I asked him in total cluelessness. I turned my attention back at him and found him craning his neck forward and looking at the moon.


“Alpha, Full Moon. Get it?” Sterling asked me. He must have noticed the crease of my eyebrows because he immediately followed it up with, “The Alpha is a character from the show Teen Wolf, and he transforms during a full moon… You don’t watch the show?”


I shook my head in response.


“Well… You have no idea what you’re missing,” Sterling replied.


“Oh really? Just what am I missing?” I asked him back.


“Well the guys there are bloody attractive,” he said.


I waited for him to continue only to realize that there was no follow up coming.


“What? That’s it? The only reason why you watch Teen Wolf is because of the guys?” I asked him with a smile on my face. I gotta admit, I this this whole conversation is funny as hell.


“Pretty much,” Sterling answered before glancing at me with a wicked gleam in his eyes before he started laughing.


“So anyone in Teen Wolf you find really attractive?” I asked as I tried to lighten up the mood I was in.


“Oh man. It’s so hard to choose, but there’s this one bloke. His name is Colton Haynes and he’s such a damn good looking fellow!” Sterling said, a little too excitedly. I gave a small laugh over his enthusiasm.


“Oh really? I’ll be sure to look him up in the internet,” I said to him.


“Well if you want to know what he looks like, just look at Tyler,” Sterling said with a laugh.


As soon as he mentioned that name, the smile disappeared on my face and my guard was instantly up.


“What did you say?” I asked him slowly.


He must have not noticed my somber expression because he kept on laughing before he answered, “I mean, Tyler looks like Colton Haynes. If you dyed Colton’s brown hair into blonde, you’ll be staring at Tyler Beaumont before you.” And with that, he just laughed once again.


“Oh… Really? He looks like Tyler a lot?” I asked again, wanting to clarify that he was indeed serious and that there wasn’t any underlying hidden layer or meaning to his statement.


“Yup,” Sterling answered as he turned around a corner.


That bothered me a little. If he thought Colton was attractive, does he find Tyler attractive as well? I just needed to know…


“So, does that mean you like Tyler?” I asked him out of the blue.


“Oh he’s attractive alright,” Sterling answered, without missing a beat, “But from the stories that Rocky and Claire shared with me, he’s not really a nice fellow as he pretends to be. I mean, you’d know that firsthand right?”


I was slightly taken aback with his question. Was this a trap? Was there a right or wrong answer here?


“But that was a long time ago. I’ve already forgiven him for what he’s done. If I didn’t, then I’d be having the past dictate my future,” I explained to him.


“Right,” Sterling responded.


I’m not really sure what he meant by that… I guess I didn’t want to find out either.


Things started to become serious once again. Sterling kept glancing back and forth at me as he drove through the night. For most part, I just glanced out the window. I mean, how would you act around a guy who likes you? I’m pretty much at a loss. I mean…


Wait a minute. Were those my brothers who drove by? I turned around and looked at the license plate of the car that drove by. Yep, that was definitely them. I thought they had a gig tonight?!


“Well… We’re here,” Sterling said as he slowed his SUV to a stop and stared at me at my house.


I looked back at him and murmured, “Thanks… You really didn’t have to do that, you know.”


“Oh, but I wanted to! Besides, I wanted to ask you if you want to go out again some time?” Sterling said as he stared in my eyes expectantly.


I really should say no. After all, I am seeing Tyler in secret so I’m afraid I can’t totally give myself to Sterling the way he wants or expects me too. But for some reason, I couldn’t say it out loud. I just nodded. I wasn’t even thinking about it… It just sort of happened… And I’m kicking myself over it.


Sterling just smiled, leaned in, and kissed me on the lips. When he pulled back, he got a shitfaced grin on his face. He was happy. Actually, he was elated. But if he’s so happy, then why do I feel so fucking bad?


I guess you know why… It feels like I’m cheating on Tyler.


I returned his smile with one of my own before I opened the door and stepped out into the sidewalk. As soon as I closed it, Sterling gave me a small wave before drifting off into the night… probably off to meet Claire and the others in the malt shop. No doubt, she’d be all over him gathering information on what happened during tonight’s drive.


Sigh… This is just messed up. Can someone please shake me and tell me to get it together? I’m digging myself a hole here and I don’t know how to climb out of it.

I dragged myself towards my house as I fumbled through my pockets to get my house key. No one is home right now. My parents are off on a much needed date and my brothers have a gig somewhere in the swanky part of town. It’s just me all alone in the house tonight… Or at least that’s what I thought.


“About time you got home.”


I jumped out of my shoes and dropped my keys onto the wooden floor. I clutched my chest as I stared at the direction of the voice. There, sitting on one of our wooden benches by the patio was Tyler dressed in his football attire. I could see smudges of dirt on his face as well as on his pants. But what really caught my attention was the scowl on his face.


“Tyler, what are you doing here?” I blurted out after I caught my breath. Oh god. I have a sneaking suspicion that this wasn’t going to end well.





(Tyler’s POV)


I’ve always thought that dating girls was hard. I mean there’s having to constantly deal with their mood swings, not to mention all the emotional drama they bring to the table, and let’s not forget their overbearing self-esteem issues.  However, they don’t care compare to dating a boy by the name of William Lakewood.


Will surely takes the cake on this one. He’s such an enigma. One minute you’re fine with him, and the next, you’re on the outs. Jesus, I feel like I’m living Project Runway’s slogan in real life. I’m imagining Heidi Klum telling me, “One day you’re in. And the next day, you’re out.” And dammit, I couldn’t agree more!


Take last night for example. We were doing our usual routine of talking on Skype.  He then showed me a link about the two of us on the gossip blog. Call me paranoid or whatever, but that photo really sent me a message. That no matter how it may seem that no one is around, there will always be someone lurking about. And that candid photo of us walking out of the detention room proved that. I mean, what the fuck would happen if someone caught a photo of me kissing Will’s forehead that one particular time after detention? Fuck, all hell’s going to break loose! That’s what’s going to happen!


So I did what other normal, closeted athlete would do… Ask him to stay away from me in school more than the usual. I know it’s selfish of me to ask him that, but I made it perfectly clear to him that I can’t afford to let anyone else know about this. Not now.


The end result is that Will is definitely not talking to me right now. Heck, when we passed each other in the hallway today, he didn’t even acknowledge my presence with a smile or even just a fucking lingering gaze… Dammit!


Okay, so I’m not making any fucking sense here. On one hand, I don’t want anyone finding out about the two of us. But I don’t want to alienate Will in the process. I feel like I’m pushing him away… I don’t mean to, but it seems it’s coming down to that. Shit. I’m in a bind. He won’t take my calls or answer my texts either… Hopefully, I could smooth everything out after the game tonight.


“Yo Tye! Why aren’t you dressed up yet?”


“Huh? What?” I said out loud as I snapped out of my little pondering session.


I saw Jason giving me the WTF look I know all too well. He stood in front of me decked in his football uniform. He was clutching his helmet with his right hand. His left hand was flailing around in the air waiting for me to answer.


“Sorry, dozed off for a second there,” I said as I stood up and opened my locker to retrieve my equipment. Jason just kept staring at me with a weird expression on his face.


“Dude, you need to get a grip. We’re having a game in half an hour. You need to get your shit together!” Jason scolded me before he slapped me hard on the back. It was all in good fun of course.


“I know, I know,” I answered him as I stripped my shirt and dumped it in my locker.


“Seriously man. You’ve been not yourself lately,” Jason said.


My back tensed up in reply. What does he mean… exactly?


“It’s like you’re turning into Logan here,” Jason said as he looked at Logan who was busy munching a protein bar on the bench.


“Heyyy!” Logan interrupted as he gave Jace a deadly glare. Jason and I laughed. He was pouting while chewing with food in his mouth. As much as I hate to say it, Logan can be adorable most of the time. He does it without even trying. Heck, I don’t even know if he knows he’s being adorable.


Vince was beside Logan and he was watching the redhead with embarrassment. “Logan,” he began as he shook his head, “that was a joke.”


Logan looked at Vince with a sheepish smile. “Oh. I see,” he replied. As soon as he said that, bits of pieces of food came spouting out of his mouth and onto Vince’s face. Everyone who saw that laughed out loud… well, with the exception of Vince of course.


“Sorry,” Logan said looking downright apologetic. He was flashing his best puppy dog eyes at Vince. I doubt he knew that he was doing that. It’s just Logan’s natural innate ability to be cute. Seriously, no one can ever stay mad at this lovable redhead for too long.


“It’s fine,” Vince said through gritted teeth as he stood up and went to the sink to wash off his face. If that were any other person, Vince would have swore at him, but since it was Logan, he kept his anger in check. Give him a few minutes to cool down, and he’ll be back throwing jokes around us once again.


As soon as that little exchange was over, I headed towards the toilets to take a piss. I always get nervous before a game and whenever I get nervous, I need to take a leak. Tonight was no exception.


As soon as I entered the toilets, I saw Scott there coming out of one of the stalls. As soon as we locked eye contact with one another, we both scowled. In unison too. How fucking crazy was that?


I glared at him as I went to the nearest vacant urinal and unzipped my shorts. As the piss started to flow, I could tell Scott was still there. He’s probably staring at me too.


“What the fuck do you want Scott?!” I shouted behind me.


“Oh nothing. Just thinking quietly over here,” Scott said. I could practically feel a sneer o his face the way he said that to me.


Once I was done, I flushed my piss down and turned around to face Scott.


“What the fuck do you mean?” I asked. Truth be told, I am getting a little bit tired of playing these games with this jackass. But for some reason, he never seems to let up.


“Just wondering what would happen to your dear boyfriend in case we lose,” Scott said with a sly smile.


My brow creased in response. Scott gave a small laugh at my reaction.


“Well, I’m sure you know what everyone’s talking about. That it’s all that little faggot’s fault that you were stuck in detention instead of practicing on the field with us. I personally know a few people who see that way. I’d hate to see what they would do to him in case we lost tonight,” he explained to me.


“You dirty little fuck,” I told him. I was fuming beyond belief as Scott just stood there looking like he didn’t have a care in the world. Fuck, I wanted to punch the living daylights out of this creep, but with my recent academic problem, I don’t think Coach would be very understanding at this point.


When he realized that I wasn’t going to start anything, Scott just laughed and walked away. I just glared at him as my fists started to shake in anger.


Please Lord, let us win… We need to win… Not only for the school, but for Will’s sake as well.



“FUCK YEAHHH!” I heard someone scream out loud as we entered the locker room in euphoria. Everyone was either jumping up and down or pumping their fists in the air in excitement. In case you haven’t noticed, we won tonight’s game. It was such a tough battle! For a minute there, I really thought we were going to lose, but somehow, we managed to pull through.


As soon as I stepped inside, people started coming over to me, patting me on the back and started congratulating me. Someone later doused me with water from his jug because I felt ice-cold water streaming down my backside. Not very comfortable.


“Alright men,” Coach bellowed as he entered the locker room with the assistant coach. Everyone stopped horsing around and stood still as we waited for him to make his usual after-game speech.


“By some sort of miracle, we managed to win tonight. It’s all thanks to Logan and his really quick feet (everyone started cheering at Logan who gave a small bow) and to our captain Tyler for being taking it like a champ out there and excellently making out plays out there (now, everyone started cheering for me) even though this little dipshit didn’t follow the plays I told him to set-up,” Coach said as he looked at me with a smile.


I looked down at the floor in embarrassment. Okay, I admit. I was pretty guilty in that department.


“In the end, we won and that’s what matters. Now take a shower cause you guys stink!” Coach shouted as he exited the locker room together with the assistant coach.


As soon as they left, the room burst into cheers once again. Take note, this was only the first game of the season. Imagine what it would be like if it was the championship match already.


I laughed and cheered along with my teammates. As I made my way to my locker, I saw Scott scowling in the corner. The little fuck looked actually disappointed that we won. He must have wanted us to lose so he and his posse can fuck up Will. Little shit. Like I’d ever let that happen. I was about to give him a piece of my mind, when I felt a hand grasp my shoulder.


“Dude! That was a close one with Coach!” Jason said as he beamed at me.


“I know. I thought he was going to chew my ass out for not following his plays,” I said with a chuckle as I looked at Jace. He had a shit grin on his face, obviously ecstatic that we won today. When I turned my attention back at Scott, he was gone. Huh. That’s weird… I peered around the locker room to try and find him, but he just disappeared.


“Who are you looking for?” Jason asked me.


“What? No one,” I said as I turned my attention back to my best friend. He was half naked already as he chucked his stuff into his locker.


“You’re spacing out again? What’s wrong with you?” Jason asked as he eyed me suspiciously.


“Nothing’s wrong with me,” I said as I grabbed my car keys from inside my locker and made my way towards the exit.


“Hold on. You’re not going to shower?” Jason asked me.


“Nah, I’ll just do it at home,” I said.


“Dude, you reek!” Jason said to me.


I rolled my eyes. I know I reeked. I know I should have a bath right now… Problem is… I want to see Will right now. I need to fix things with him right away.


“I know… But I’m in a hurry,” I told Jason.


“Well… okay, whatever man. Call me up in the morning,” Jason said as he shrugged his shoulders and shooed me away with his hands.


“You know I always do man,” I said to him with a smile before stepping out of the lockers and into the hallway.


As soon as I stepped into the parking lot, I got a lot of greetings and congratulations from several parents and students who were still lingering around. I gave them a smile and an absent minded wave as I proceeded to my truck. I could hear a few screams and giggles from several girls around me. I chuckled at the irony of the situation. Oh girls, I’m sorry, but I’m dating a boy. Wouldn’t that just crush them?


Once I stepped inside my truck, I immediately turned the engine on and drove off towards the Lakewood residence.


It wasn’t a long drive before I finally reached our street. I parked on our side of the road. You know, just to be safe and all. I turned off the engine and stepped down. I left the window half open because the insides of my truck smelled like sweat. The last thing I want is my parents assuming I had sex in there.


I looked over at my house and saw that none of the lights were turned on. Both of them weren’t home yet. My dad had an out of town business meeting and my mom was probably over at her mom’s house uptown. My parents usually attend my games religiously, but tonight was an exception. Dad is on the brink of a promotion so he always attends meetings no matter what the time or where it may be. Mom, on the other hand, had to visit grandma because she’s sick right now. Hopefully, it’s nothing serious. And my sister… well knowing Emily, she’s probably on a date right now.


I jogged my way across the street. Hmm… The lights are still on so Will should be home. He mentioned to me the other day that he would be alone tonight. Apparently, his parents have this date night or something and his brothers are working at a bar across town. So it’s just the two of us… Oh man… I wonder if tonight will be the night…


As soon as I stepped onto the patio, I made my way towards the main door and rang the doorbell… Huh. That’s weird. Will should be at the door by now. I wonder if he’s still pissed. I paced back and forth around the patio waiting for Will to open up. I had my back turned towards the door when it opened.




I turned around to see one of Will’s brothers at the door carrying a few instruments in their hands.


“Oh… Blake? Or is it Marco… Is Will home?” I asked them.


He just stared at me. I looked down at myself and I remembered that I was still in my football uniform. I think I blushed right there and then.


“It’s Blake. Will’s not here. He went to watch your game. Didn’t you see him there?” Blake asked.


Wait… Did he say Will went to watch the game?


“He went?” I asked, wanting to clarify this. After I specifically told Will not to?


“Yeah, I thought you knew,” he told me.


“He didn’t…” I trailed off.


“Well, he probably wanted to surprise you or something. I’m sorry, but I gotta go. We’re late for our gig and we sort of left a few of our instruments. Marco’s stalling the crowd to buy some time. I’ll see you later,” Blake said as he hurried towards the car out front.


“Uhh… okay,” I said as I watched Blake get inside the car and sped off.


Will went to the game? I can’t believe it. We agreed to it that he wouldn’t go! Dammit. He lied to me! Will fucking lied to me! I felt my anger rising. Shit. Tyler, you need to calm the fuck down before you do something stupid.


I spied their wooden bench at the side of their patio. I took a seat and took a few deep breaths… Okay, much better. So Will went to the game? It’s not like it’s the end of the world. I guess it was good that we won in the end. I got scared at what might happen to Will after my encounter with Scott earlier this evening. I’ve told myself that I wouldn’t get mad at Will over this. It was pretty selfish of me to ask him for that. Didn’t really blame him.


Suddenly, I hear a car approaching. That must be Will. Okay, I’m just going to apologize to him and-


Wait… Tell me that didn’t just fucking happen. Tell me that Will didn’t just kiss Sterling Wolfe. Fuck. Okay, Will lying about going to the game was one thing, but kissing another boy behind my back? Fuck. Now, I’m getting really angry!


I sat down in a jiffy as I watched Will get out of Sterling’s stupid SUV. I don’t think they saw me at all. When Sterling sped off, I stared at Will who approached the main door. He was busy fumbling with something in his pockets. Shit. I couldn’t hold it in any longer.


“About time you got home,” I spat out, not surprised at all with the venom present in my voice.


That must have scared Will because he dropped his keys and gave me a frightened look.


“Tyler, what are you doing here?” he asked me while clutching his chest in fright.


“Oh, I came straight here after the game to spend time with someone who said he would be home. By the way, we won… But I guess you already knew that,” I scowled.


Will seemed visibly surprised over my comment. “How long have you been here?” he asked me.


“Oh believe me, long enough to see you making out with Sterling,” I said.


“Tyler… It’s not what it looks like,” he said as he approached me.


“No!” I shouted all of a sudden. Will stopped abruptly and looked me with hurt in his eyes.


“Tyler… Please… just listen-”


“Did you fuck him?” I asked plainly.


“What? No!” Will answered, appalled.


“Is this what you do behind my back? You fucking hook up with Sterling whenever I ignore you in school? I thought you didn’t like him!” I shouted at him, my eyes beginning to tear up in pain. I felt betrayed and hurt.


“I don’t. He likes me, not the other way around,” Will said.


“Then why are you kissing him?” I spat.


“Well, I can’t exactly tell him that I’m dating my straight neighbor who also happens to be the quarterback of our school’s football team,” Will replied as he felt his blood pressure rising.


I glared at him. He was challenging me on our little situation. God… Am I so fucking tired of keeping our relationship a secret. It’s way more difficult than I expected.


I let out a long breath as I slumped down on the wooden bench and buried my face in my hands.


“I’m sorry,” I said without looking up. I could feel my eyes beginning to tear up. What I was crying about? I have no clue. I heard Will approach me as he sat down beside me. He grabbed my right hand. I looked up at him and saw he had a sympathetic smile on his face.


“I’m sorry too,” he said as he gripped my hand a little tighter. “I should have done things right from the start and broke up with Sterling. I just couldn’t figure out the best way to do it. It’s not an excuse, I know, but I-”


I cut him off with a kiss as I cupped his face with my other free hand. He tried to pull away before he began to relax and kiss me back. When I pulled back, I saw that he was crying.


“Shh… Let’s forget all about it. We both made mistakes. I should have never forced you to stay away from my game. I had no right,” I said softly. Will just smiled at me as he accepted my apology.


“It’s just… everything is so hard… I can’t talk or touch you in school… It’s killing me,” I murmured as I stared deep into his eyes.


“I know it’s hard,” he replied.  “However, it’s necessary Tyler.  I don’t want to be the reason why your senior year and status to go down the drain. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are now…”




“It’s okay Tyler. Honestly, I… I really like you , and I’m willing to wait until you’re ready. I’ll be a secret because that’s how much you mean to me,” he whispered to me.


“I… I think… I’m falling in love with you,” Will whispered as he looked at me straight into my eyes. He held on to the hand caressing his sweet face. I smiled and gave him another kiss. This time a little bit more passionately as I slipped my tongue in his mouth.


“I am too,” I told him when we pulled apart from one another’s mouths. He just gave me a smile before he glanced behind him.


“Do you want to… you know? No one’s here except us,” Will pointed out to me.


Now here’s where I may surprise you. In normal circumstances, I would have rushed to have sex and get off, but again, as you all know by now, William Lakewood is not a normal circumstance.


“No… No… Not yet… I want to take you out on a few dates first before we have sex,” I told him before giving him another kiss.


Will smiled with a level of sincerity I have never seen before. I guess he was surprised that I refused to have sex with him.


“But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun along the way,” I announced  with a wink and a devilish smile before I pinched his nipple through his shirt.


“Hey!! Oww!” he said in pain before swatting me on the shoulder. I feigned a look of pain before bursting into laughter.


“You ass!” he said laughing as he started to wrestle with me down onto the bench. I was surprised at his strength because he actually overpowered me.  Me, the muscled quarterback, pinned down on a bench! Who’d knew?


Will was straddling me on top of the bench. This little position we were in… got me… uh… a little excited if you know what I mean…


“I thought we agreed to wait for sex?” Will asked me looking smugly.


“We did,” I replied.


“Well then tell your dick to stop poking my ass.”


I gave out a small chuckle before replying, “Hey, it’s not his fault he likes what he sees.”


“Flatterer!” Will replied before lying on top of me, his head resting on my chest. It was quite a surprise we both fit on top of the bench. I started stroking his deliciously, smooth brown hair through my fingers. I looked down at him and found his head lifting up to the sync of my breathing. This was perfect… or pretty much close to perfection as it could get.


“Hey,” I said after, perhaps ten minutes in that position. “What are you doing tomorrow?” I asked.


“Me?” Will said as he lifted his head and looked at me. “Nothing, why?”


I looked down at his beautiful face and said, “I want to take you out on a date.”


When he heard the word ‘date’, Will immediately sat up.


“Really?” he asked me somewhat puzzled.


“Yeah. I want to,” I said sincerely.


“Okay… I’d love to,” Will said with a blush. “But what do you want to do?” he asked me.


“Anything you want…” I said with a smile.


Will smiled again. God. I can’t get enough of his smile. “Well, let’s talk about it later,” he said before he scrunched his nose.


“What?” I asked.


“You seriously need to take shower,” he said before pinching his nose shut.


I laughed. Huh. I guess I really need a bath. I forgot I was still dirty. “Fine. I’ll go to my house now… Come with me. I’d like to cuddle in my bed with you afterwards,” I said.


“How can I say no to that?” he replied back with a chuckle.


I led Will across the street to my house. Thank goodness no one else was home right now. As soon as I opened the front door, I gestured Will to step inside. He gave me a quick peck before stepping inside.


We headed up to my room shortly afterwards. As soon as we stepped inside, I made a beeline towards the bathroom. Before I shut the door, I looked back at Will and said, “Make yourself at home. I’ve got some new music on my laptop if you want to take a listen.”


“Oh, I would love to!” he said, genuinely excited before bouncing towards my laptop on top of my desk.


I smiled at him before closing the door and stripping off. A few seconds later, I hear him shout, “OH MY GOD!”


Alarmed, I opened the door and asked, “Will! What’s wrong?”


Will turned to me and his eyes went wild like saucers. “Oh… uh… I’m just surprised you have… uh… the new song from Florence and the Machine…”


“Oh yeah…” I sighed. Jesus, I thought something bad actually happened. “What? What’s wrong?” I asked him as I caught him exchanging glances between my laptop and myself.


“Err… you’re… naked,” he said point blank.


“What?” I asked in alarm. I looked down and indeed, I am naked. In all of the panic a few seconds ago, I forgot I fully stripped inside the bathroom. I blushed a deep shade of red before closing the bathroom door. I could hear Will laughing from the other side.


“If it helps you feel any better, it’s bigger than I expected!” Will shouted, still laughing from the other side.


“Shut up!” I shouted, turning red even more. Oh god… This is embarrassing. I can’t believe Will saw my dick already.


I could hear Will still laughing from the other side.


“It’s not funny!” I shouted.


“Okay, okay. I’ll stop now!” he shouted, still laughing before he started playing ‘What The Water Gave Me’ by Florence and the Machine. He was playing it rather loudly… I bet he’s using the song to drown out his laughter… Whatever.


I bent down, picked up my clothes, and chucked them into the hamper before stepping into the shower and turning it on. I let the water jets hit me for a few minutes before I grabbed a bar of soap and started lathering my body with it.


By the time I was done soaping, the song finished and the next song started playing. It was ‘You and I’ by Lady Gaga. Shit! I fucking love this song! I didn’t really like the new songs from her latest album, but this one was pure gold. Before I knew it, I was singing along to the song as I was shampooing my hair.


“Sit back down on the couch where we made love the first time and you said to me… Something… Something about this place… Something ‘bout lonely nights and my lipstick on your face… Something… Something about my cool Nebraska guy… Yeah, something about… Baby, you and I…”


Fuck. I remembered seeing the video of this song for the first time and my mouth dropped from seeing Taylor Kinney naked. Jesus Christ, the sex he had with Gaga in that bathtub… Lord, his ass. I found myself stroking my dick as I remembered how awesome he looked.


I tried to remember Taylor Kinney’s sculpted tattooed back in that bathtub, but found myself imagining making love to Will in the said bathtub a few seconds later. This made junior throb even harder.


Is it weird that I’m jerking off to the boy sitting in my room? Where the only thing separating the two of us is the bathroom door? Perhaps… But at that point, I absolutely didn’t care at all. I was too fucking horny to stop.


I was stroking myself as You and I continued playing the background.


Something, something about the chase (six whole years),

I’m a New York woman, born to run you down,


Shit. Now I’m imagining myself fucking Will on top of a piano in the cornfields. Me and my perversions. I could practically hear Will’s breath in my ear, “Harder… Fuck me harder.” I started stroking my cock even faster than usual. It was slick from the soap in my hand. It felt like I had lube in my hands. I imagined my hand to be Will’s ass.


“Oh shit…” I moaned as I let my head fall back.


So put your drinks up for Nebraska

For Nebraska, Nebraska, I love you


“Tyler… fuck me… there. Oh shit. There! Harder! Oh… Fuuuuck… That’s so good,” Will whispered in my ear once again.


You and I, you, you and I

Baby, I’d rather die without you and I


“Oh shit… You’re so fucking tight!” I moaned


You and I, you, you and I


“Oh fuck! I’m cumming… Shiiiiiittttt!” I said as I let out a final moan as the pressure in my cock finally reached its limit and I began cumming onto the floor.


Nebraska I’d rather die without you and I


I was breathing so fucking hard by the time I opened my eyes. Shit… That was intense… Fuck… I looked down and saw the remains my cum drifting around on the shower floor. Damn. I shot a lot tonight.


It’s been a long time since I came around

Been a long time but I’m back in town

This time I’m not leaving without you


I grabbed the soap once again and started soaping myself once again… or more specifically, my cock. As You and I finished playing, I wondered what the next song Will would play be. A few seconds later, I heard a piano playing in the background. Oh good. He’s playing Diana Vickers’ ‘Once’ now.  Even though I hate to admit it, but it is another one of my favorite songs.


It was during the chorus of the song when I stepped out of the shower. I grabbed the towel and dried myself. I realized that I forgot to bring some clothes to change into inside the bathroom. My closet was in my room. And if I wanted to change, I needed to pass Will again.


I didn’t want a repeat of what happened a few minutes ago so I firmly wrapped my lower body with my towel and went to the door. I slowly opened it and peeked out. I didn’t see Will at my desk anymore. Instead, he was lying down on my bed. I opened the bathroom door a little more and found out that he was already sleeping. He was lying on his left so he was facing my direction. He had both hands under his head as some sort of pillow.


I shook my head in disagreement. I bet he was too shy to use my pillows. Poor guy. But I couldn’t help but smile at him.


I slowly tiptoed my way towards my closet at the other end of the room. I grabbed myself some black boxers and a white tank top before turning around to look at Will. He still was out like a light. I wanted nothing more than to go to my bed and wrap my arms around this wonderful brunette. But first, I needed to take care of something…


I tiptoed myself towards my bedroom door and locked it. I didn’t want anyone barging in my room while I was cuddling with Will. When we did it at his house, his brother almost busted us. I am fucking making sure it doesn’t happen here. As soon as I locked the door, the next song started playing and I froze.


Paramore’s ‘The Only Exception’ started playing. Shit, I turned around looked at Will. This song hit me like a ton of bricks. It perfectly describes the situation Will and I are in.


When I was younger I saw,

My daddy cry and curse at the wind

He broke his own heart and I watched,

As he tried to reassemble it


And my momma swore, that she would

Never let herself forget,

And that was the day that I promised,

I’d never sing of love if it does not exist


I couldn’t believe it, but I found myself singing the lyrics softly to myself.


“But darling, you are the only exception. You are the only exception. You are the only exception. You are the only exception…” I sang out softly as I walked towards my bed and sat beside Will’s sleeping figure.


“Maybe I know somewhere, deep in my soul, that love never lasts. And we’ve got to find other ways to make it alone or keep a straight face,” I sang as I caressed Will’s cheek.


He slightly moved before he opened his eyes and turned around to face me. He smiled at me.


“Hey,” he said to me as he pulled me down beside him.


I didn’t respond. I just looked him deep in his eyes as mine started to water.


“Hey, Tyler… What’s wrong?” he asked me concerned.


I choked back a laugh and just shook my head. I grabbed his hands as I started to sing to him softly, “I’ve got a tight grip on reality, but I can’t, let go of what’s in front of me here…. I know you’re leaving in the morning when you wake up, leave me with some kind of proof it’s not a dream…” And then tears started to fall down my face. Fuck. I’ve always thought this song was cheesy, but God tonight, I seem to be having a change of heart.


Will just smiled at me, wiped my tears with his thumb and sang, “You… are the only exception. You… are the only exception. You… are the only exception. You… are the only exception.” And then he kissed me softly on my lips at first. He lifted his right hand and cupped my face before slipping his tongue in my mouth, which I gladly accommodated.


When he pulled back, I finished singing to him the rest of the song, “And I’m on my way to believing… Oh, and I’m on… my way to believing…”







P.S. What should be Tyler and Will’s first date be like? I’m curious to what you guys think.


I Think I’ve Flipped Chapter 11

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Disclaimer: First of all, I was above the age of 18 when I wrote this story and I own all rights to this. Any resemblance to actual living persons and places within this story is purely coincidental. If you are underage or it is illegal to view this story in your area, please hit the back button now. This story includes scenes of male teenagers engaged in male/male sex when permitted in the narrative. If you are uncomfortable with this, kindly exit now as well. Anyway, here goes:



I Think I’ve Flipped. Chapter 11.



(Will’s POV)


“Get down under the bed!” I frantically said to Tyler as I pushed him down unto the floor. As soon as he hit the floor, my bedroom door fully opened. I quickly turned my attention towards the doorway and found myself looking at Blake.


“Hey, are you okay?” he asked me, a bit groggily.  He looked as if he was sleep walking as I noticed his eyes seemed to be half closed. I must have woken him up.


“Uhh… yeah, I’m okay,” I replied as I tried not to look down at Tyler. I don’t think I could come up with a good enough explanation as to why Tyler was in my room at this time of night.


“What was that noise? I heard a crash,” Blake asked with a yawn.


“Oh….Umm… I had a bad dream. I kinda knocked over my lamp onto the floor,” I answered.


“Well….. Stop having nightmares! They’re waking me up,” Blake announced.


“Okay,” I replied. Normally, I would have argued with Blake and tried to tell him a person isn’t able to control what they dream, but I decided against it. I just wanted him to go away.


“Hmph… Okay… night,” Blake mumbled as he closed my door. After he closed the door, I walked towards it and stopped to listen for his footsteps. Once I was sure Blake was back in his room, I locked it and turned around.


“That was so fucking close!” Tyler replied as he jumped out from underneath my bed. He was rubbing his forearms. “I was practically squeezed to death under your fucking bed! I think I scraped my arm.”


I rolled my eyes at him. I never knew football players were such pansies. This one especially.


“Well that kinda killed the mood,” Tyler joked as he gave me a small smile.


“Yeah… ” I replied with a smile of my own.


“So… what now?”” he trailed off as he looked at me expectantly.


We were so caught up in the heat of the moment before we were interrupted, but now we’re pretty much level headed again, and I find it rather difficult to wrap my head around this situation.


I stared in his eyes and not only found a sense of longing in them but also a touch of fear as well. Could it be he was regretting this once again? I stared at his blue orbs a little bit longer. No, he was just scared.


I walked towards my bed and sat down on it. “We need to talk,” I told him as I patted the space beside me. Tyler hesitated at first before he sat down beside me.


He looked at my face a bit anxious. “Uhh… Okay,” he replied.


“Why did you kiss me?” I asked him bluntly. I needed the answer to this before we moved on.


“What?” Tyler responded.


“I’m not talking about tonight. I’m talking about that night when I was at your house. Why did you suddenly kiss me that night?” I asked him again.


“I honestly don’t know,” Tyler answered with a shrug of his shoulders. “I can’t really explain it. You’re unique… You’re different.”


“Different?” I asked as I cocked my head to the side.


“Yeah… You’re totally different from everyone else I’ve met. First of all, take a look at our taste in music. All of my friends hate the music I listen too, but you don’t. In fact, you like many of the same artists as well. Secondly, you’re the only person who has ever stood up to me or challenged me.  And lastly, you’re the only person I can’t figure out. I not only find you interesting person, but also sort of mysterious,” Tyler answered.


“So you kissed me because… I’m mysterious?” I asked in confusion.


“Well yes, but not only that, you’re also one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. You don’t follow the status quo. Didn’t I tell you already that night in my room just what a catch you really are?” Tyler asked me with a grin.


“Oh yeah,” I said as I blushed. I looked at him and found him smiling back at me. He reached out, grabbed my hand, and gave it a playful squeeze. What followed was an awkward silence until I broke it with a question.


“If you like me so much then why did you go on a date with that girl?” I asked him as I looked straight into his eyes.


“You mean Ellie? Jason and the guys set me up on that date. I didn’t ask her out. I mean sure, we went to a movie and dinner, but nothing happened between the two of us. She tried getting into my pants, but I didn’t let her. You’ve got to believe me. Nothing happened!” Tyler said replied he stood up and started pacing around the room.


“Look,” he said as he kneeled down beside me and stared into my eyes. “I didn’t do anything with her because I like you. Don’t give me that look. You know I’m serious! Will, you’re all I could think about. That letter you received, it wasn’t finished or well-written, but everything I said in it is true.”


I looked into his eyes and found sincerity in them. I felt guilty for the way I not only acted, but also for the thoughts that were going through my mind.


“I’m sorry,” I said, my voice barely even a whisper.


“Sorry… Will, you don’t need to apologize for anything!” Tyler replied.


“I do. If I only talked to you about this sooner, then we wouldn’t have had all these misunderstandings,” I announced as I looked away.


Tyler sat down in front of me and turned my head so that I was facing him.


“Don’t apologize okay?” he said, as he looked straight into my eyes.


“O… okay,” I stuttered as I blushed a deep shade of crimson.


“My turn to ask a question,” He replied.


“Uhh… okay?” I responded a bit anxious and nervous over what he was going to ask. Please don’t ask when I started liking him. Please do—


“When did you like me?”


Fuck, there was the one question I didn’t want to have to answer.


“I mean, you kissed me back that night in my house so I guess it’s pretty obvious you like me back,” Tyler pointed out. I could have smacked him right there. He was giving me such a smug look… and he looked so sexy  it.


“I’ve always liked you Tyler,” I answered as I looked down in embarrassment.


“What?” he asked as my answer seemed to surprise him.


“It started when we were kids and I still like you” I explained.


“Really? But why? I mean after what I did to you-” He asked as I punched him on his right shoulder.


“Oww! What the fuck?” Tyler shouted as he looked at me like I was some sort of crazy person.


“I told you to stop bringing that up!” I replied


“Okay! Okay!” he said as he rubbed his right shoulder. I chuckled at his discomfort.


“So,” Tyler said. “How are we going to deal with this?” he asked me.


My laughter suddenly settled down as I thought about the seriousness of his question started. He’s asking where we’re going to go from here. After all, he can’t come out in school. He’s the quarterback after all.


“Will… I’m sorry I can’t let anyone else know about us. I just can’t… I wouldn’t be able to handle it,” Tyler said as he looked at me.


This means we’re going to have to keep this a secret. Am I willing to go along with this, and be nothing more than his dirty little secret? How am I going to keep this away from my friends? Oh shit, Then what am I going to do if my brothers find out.


“I see,” Tyler said. He stood up and proceeded towards the window. Where is he going? I didn’t answer his question yet.


“I’m sorry. I wasted your time,” he said sadly and began climbing out of the window.


“Wait!” I shouted as I sprang up on my feet and raced towards him.


He was surprised as I grabbed his arm and pulled him away from the window.


“Don’t… Don’t go,” I begged him.


“Okay,” he said softly.


“Listen. I get it. I really do. You can’t afford to out yourself in school. And that’s okay. I don’t mind,” I said to him.


“I’m sorry. It’s a selfish thing of me to ask of you,” he replied as he looked down to the floor in shame.


“Tyler! I said it was alright with me. I don’t mind seeing you in secret because you’re worth it, okay? Besides, I’ll find ways for you to make it up to me,” I said with a smile.


Tyler looked at me before he leaned in and gave me a kiss on the lips. It wasn’t a deep tonsil hockey kind of kiss, but rather a small affectionate one. When he pulled back, he was smiling from ear to ear. And I am pretty sure I was doing the same.


“Well…I better get back,” he said with a laugh.


“Why don’t you just stay over?” I asked him as I flashed him my best puppy dog look.


“You want to have sex?” he asked nervously.


I looked at him dumbfounded. “I was really just asking if you want to stay over and cuddle or something.”


“Oh,” Tyler responded, quite embarrassed. “Uhh… sure. I’d like that.”


“Good,” I said as I tiptoed and gave him a kiss on the lips once again before I went to my bed and pulled the covers. I lied down on the right side of my bed and patted on the remaining space.


Tyler smiled and got into the bed. I faced him and we stared at each other’s faces before he leaned in and gave me a kiss. I reciprocated back by slipping my tongue unto his to which he happily accommodated. When I pulled back, I gave him a small smile before turning myself to the other side and closing my eyes for some sleep.


I felt Tyler inch himself closer and draped his arm over me. I opened my eyes in surprise. His hand grabbed mine before intertwining our fingers together. I felt his chin rest on top of shoulder before he whispered, “Goodnight Will.”


I looked back and found his eyes closed and breathing heavily. I smiled and squeezed his hand before falling into slumber myself.



“So Will… Do you want to go out to the mall after school today?” Claire asked me during lunchtime.


We were sitting in our usual table and we were talking about how bored we were lately. Apparently, Claire had the idea of going to the mall and playing a couple of rounds of laser tag.


“I can’t… I have detention afterwards,” I said as I took a bite out of my sandwich. No shitty cafeteria food for me today. I brought my own packed lunch.


“Detention!” Rocky exclaimed. Everyone else in my table started staring at me. I was still munching down my sandwich when I suddenly realized there were four pairs of eyes looking straight at me. It was really scary.


“How on earth did you, Will Lakewood get detention?” Claire asked perplexed.


“Err… Sir Irons caught me and Tyler kind of not doing our paired homework,” I explained after I swallowed a bite out of my sandwich.


“How exactly did you get caught?” Taylor asked me.


“We both submitted our own version of the assignment,” I answered.


“Oh,” Taylor responded.


“Will can’t you see Tyler is nothing but bad news. He’s always getting you into trouble! You need to stay away from him!” Rocky said as he glared at me.


Rocky’s overreacting again. I swear— Wait, did he just tell me to stay away from Tyler? Could he be the one who sent that message in my locker? I looked at him in disbelief. He was still staring at me with that intense look on his face. He couldn’t be the one who sent me the message! He’s my friend. He would never do that… right?


“I’m going to kick his ass right now! I can’t believe this! Dragging you down with him,” Rocky said as he stood up in pure rage. Sterling and Claire were trying to hold him down.


“Calm down!” I hissed at him. Rocky looked at me as though I was insane. Actually, all of them did. They stared at me as if I had gone mental.


“Listen, it wasn’t his fault okay? It was my fault why both of us ended in detention together. Tyler kept asking for us to finish the project together, but I kind of never did. Okay! Just leave him alone,” I said as I glared at Rocky. He sat down annoyed that I stopped him. Everyone was quiet after my little outburst until Claire ruined it.


“So… wait… this means that Tyler is going to skip a lot of football practices,” she noted.


“Well, not really. He’s just going to be late to practice, that’s all,” I said.


“Well, we better win or else everyone is going to hate you,” Claire said seriously.


“Wow! Thanks for the warning!” I said sarcastically as I turned to her. What the hell? Where did this little outburst come from?


“I’m just pointing out the facts Will. If Tyler loses the football game this Friday, everyone is going to blame you for making him go to detention,” Claire pointed out.


“Whose side are you on anyways?” Rocky asked Claire in annoyance.


“Hey, I’m just stating the facts,” Claire answered.


“Well, stop it. It’s not very comforting,” Sterling scolded Claire to whom she just rolled her eyes in response. Sterling glared at Claire for a minute or two before turning to me and gave me a really warm smile.


Oh Sterling, stop that. You’re making me feel really guilty here. My heart belongs to someone else. Stop making me feel so bad.


But of course, I didn’t say that. I just smiled at him and mouthed out a small thank you.


Everyone went back to eating his or her food after that. Taylor and I were smart enough to bring our own lunches. The others… not so much. All three of them were trying very hard to chew whatever blob of food they’re eating.


“Ugh,” Claire said before she spat out the food she was chewing.


“Eww, Claire!” I disgustingly replied.


“I’m sorry, but whatever this thing is, it’s incredibly nasty,” she said grimacing the entire time.


“What is that?” Taylor asked as she leaned closer to that lump on top of Claire’s tray.


“I don’t know some pork thing,” Claire said.


“Pork? I thought that it was chicken!” Rocky exclaimed.


“No… seems like fish to me!” Sterling said while chomping through the food in question. “Nope,” he added, “it’s more like garbage.”


Everyone laughed at Sterling’s statement. Not that I could fault him for it. It did really look like garbage.


I was busy laughing when I noticed Tyler from across the room. He was sitting at the football team table. He was pretty silent and mopey. That seems odd, he was feeling pretty good when we talked this morning.  I wonder what happened.


I stared at him. He was basically wearing the same thing he had on yesterday. You know, varsity jacket over jeans. Still, he still looks pretty hot today.


When Tyler caught my eye, he suddenly gave me the biggest smile ever. I slowly mouthed, “Are you okay?” at him wondering if anything was bothering him. He gave me a nod and mouthed off, “Fine,” before he gave me another one of his million dollar smiles. Holy shit, I could have melted right there and then.


I think I did quite a bit though as I sort of fell out of the chair I was sitting on. I think I must have swooned a little too hard because I lost my balance and fell backwards. Everyone around me looked at me.


“Will! Are you alright?” Sterling asked me with a shocked and concerned expression on his face. He along with my other friends, were standing up and looking over at me with concern.


“I’m… fine,” I huffed at him. I looked at Tyler’s direction and found him laughing at me. I glared at him causing him to laugh even harder. Well at least, I made him smile. I let out a small chuckle as Sterling and Rocky helped me up.


When I stood up, I noticed there were several people staring at me. Eyes belonging to people I don’t know.


Okay… Well that was embarrassing.




(Tyler’s POV)


I was on cloud nine. Last night was great. I managed to talk to Will and we finally got to hash it out. I also slept over in his bed while I held him in my arms. God, I think I can get used to that.


I strolled into school with a stupid grin on my face and walked off to see Will. I found him at his locker as he sorted out his books. He was wearing a blue and yellow plaid shirt over some khaki pants. Fuck, he’s looking more and more adorable with each passing day.


“Trouble sir?” I asked as I leaned against the locker beside his.


He slightly closed the door of his locker to take a peek at me before he whispered, “What are you doing here?”


“What am I doing here? I’m here to say hi to my favorite guy,” I said as I raised my eyebrows in confusion. Why was he so agitated?


“I thought we agreed to keep this on the down low?” he asked me.


“We did. As I recall, there’s no touching or lingering gazes or flirtation,” I answered. “Is it bad for a friend to talk to another friend at his locker before class?” I asked as I emphasized the friend part more and more.


Will sighed before he answered, “No, it’s not, but if you make this a habit of yours, people are going to suspect. I know my nosey friends will and I bet as hell, Jason won’t be far off either… Do you really want people to know you really like me?”


I looked down onto the floor in response. Fuck. This is harder than I thought it would be. I want to hold Will really badly, but I can’t do it right now. It sounds so easy, but it’s an absolutely difficult thing to do.


“I think it’s best if we stay away from each other as much as possible. You know, until the dust has settled or something,” he said.


“Yeah… I guess you’re right,” I answered sullenly.


As soon as I said that, Richard Jones walked by and looked over at Will and me before walking off into the hallway.


“Okay, he,” I pointed at Richard’s departing figure, “is definitely one of those we need to look out for.”


“Richard Jones? That little pipsqueak? Why?” Will asked as he craned his head to take a good look at the retreating figure.


“Sure he’s a pipsqueak, but that little fuck runs the school gossip blog,” I said through gritted teeth. That little son of a bitch has practically made a hobby of spreading false rumors about me over the years that took a long time to be forgotten.


“Him?… Really?” Will asked as he looked at me in surprise.


“Yes,” I said as I turned to him, “be careful… especially with that creep lurking around… Promise me you won’t say anything to anyone.”




“Will, I’m serious here. I can’t let anyone know. It’ll ruin me,” I said hastily. “I mean, it’s not that I don’t want to. You know I do, but given the situation we are in, I just-”


“Tyler,” Will said menacingly with a venomous look on his face. “I said okay already. Geez.”


“Sorry,” I replied.


“It’s fine,” Will said as he shook his head. “So I guess I’ll see you after school or something. Let’s just distance ourselves in school from now on okay?”


“Okay, okay. I get the point. It’s just… I’m itching to kiss you right now,” I whined.


“Acting like a baby is not a turn on Tye,” Will chuckled.


“How about you and I skip lunchtime? We can do something fun in the meantime,” I said in an attempt to come across even remotely sexy.


Will looked at me strangely before he replied, “Look Tye, if all you want to do is have sex then I’m afraid I’m the wrong guy for that. I don’t hook up easily.” Then he turned around and walked off leaving me alone and pretty much dumbfounded at his locker.


“Wait! Wait!” I cried out as I raced past him and blocked his path. “Okay, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way…”


Will just gave me a look. You know that don’t-you-dare-fuck-with-me look.


“Okay, so maybe I did… I’m sorry! It’s just that you really, really turn me on okay? Please give me another chance!” I said frantically. I forgot this was Will we’re talking about and not some dumb bimbo girl.


“I don’t know…” Will said.


“Will, please… I promise it’ll never happen again!” I begged him.


Will took a moment thinking about it before he looked up to me and said, “Okay.”


“Really?” I asked back. I didn’t think it would be that easy.


“Yes Tye, stop acting all surprised. I’m a guy. I understand hormones as much as you do,” he said with a small chuckle. That’s when he leaned in and whispered, “Besides… we’ll get to sex… eventually.” He then gave me a mischievous smile before walking past me.


I turned around and watched him walk away. Shit. That made me hornier than usual.


After Will disappeared, I made a quick stop at my locker to get my books. Class will start in less than ten minutes and I kind of need to get ready. When I turned around the corner, I saw the coach standing in front of my locker.


Oh shit. Mr. Irons must have given him the note already. I do not want to get in his way this morning. I turned around slowly and tried to walk away when he noticed me.


“Beaumont!” I heard him shout from behind me.


Fuck, this is just what I didn’t need.


“Yes coach?” I asked as I turned around. He was walking up to me clutching a small piece of paper.


“What in hell’s bells is this?!” he shouted at me as he shook that piece of paper in front of my face. From the corner of my eye, I could see students stopping and taking a quick look. The coach noticed this too.


“What are you lots looking at?! If you don’t go to your classes right now, I’m giving you all detention for a week!” the coach shouted at the students in the hallway. That did the trick; everyone started scampering to his or her first class of the day.


Once the hallway was free of students, the coach placed his attention back at me.


“Well?” he bellowed at me. “What is this piece of shit that the new teacher gave me. Tell me you didn’t actually get two weeks of detention,” he said as he looked at me angrily.


I hung my head in shame. “I’m sorry coach but-”


“Tyler! What on earth would possess you to slack off on that project? You know I have strict guidelines about academics. I honestly thought you would know better Tyler especially that you’re the quarterback,” the coach said in frustration.


If it was possible to crawl under a rock and die, I probably would have done that. Listening to the coach say he was disappointed in me killed me.


“Now, I’m having thoughts of not letting you play this Friday,” he said to me.


“What?! But coach, that’s unfair!” I whined. This is really unfair! It’s not like I cheated on that paper. I just didn’t do it according to Mr. Irons’ guidelines. This wasn’t covered in any of the coach’s academic guidelines.


“But since you didn’t technically cheat on that paper, I’m letting you off the hook with a warning first,” the coach said as he clasped his hand on my shoulder.


My eyes widened in surprise and in relief. Thank god. I don’t think I can handle not playing in the opening game this Friday.


“But this better not happen again Tyler or else you’re going to get benched for damn sure,” the coach said as he started to threaten me.


“Yes coach. I promise,” I gulped.


“Good. Now I still expect the best out of you at practices. Even more so now that you’re going to be late for the next two weeks,” he told me.


“Ye.. Yes coach!” I replied.


“Okay, now get your ass into class!” the coach shouted at me as he pointed me to my locker.



“So…Are you ready for practice?” Jason asked me as we both stepped out of our last class.


“I can’t. I have detention remember?” I told him as we both walked down the hallway.


“Oh yeah,” Jason said as he momentarily stopped walking and stood there for a minute or two. “Man… I could kick Will’s ass right now,” he muttered in annoyance.


“What did you say?” I asked as I turned around and glared at him.


“Well, it’s technically his fault getting you in detention for crying out loud,” Jason answered.


This is not a good sign. The last thing I need right now is for my best friend to start hating on the guy I’m dating. That’s like an omen.


“Leave him alone,” I told Jason while I gave him a death glare.


“What’s up with you? He gets you into trouble and you’re not even an ounce angry at him? What the fuck man? Are you alright?” Jason asked me suspiciously.


“He’s going through some tough time now so lay off,” I lied to my best friend as I was balling my fists in anger.


Jason was about to say something when someone interrupted our little banter.


“Hey guys, what’s up?” Logan asked us as he stopped in between us.


“Nothing!” I said as I glanced quickly at Logan before turning my attention back at Jason,” “Wait… What the fuck Logan…Where did you get that ice cream?” I asked him.


“Hmm?” Logan mouthed out as he slobbered all over the ice cream he was eating.


I looked at Jason who had a similar look of disbelief on his face. He was probably thinking the same thing.


“Where the hell did you get that??” Jason asked loudly as he pointed at Logan’s popsicle.


“Oh you mean this?” Logan replied looking down at the cold treat he was holding in his left hand.


“Yes… that damn popsicle,” Jason said with awe.


“The ice cream truck just passed by outside school a few minutes ago,” Logan replied nonchalantly.


“The ice cream truck? Really? School’s barely out for more than 5 minutes and you tell me you managed to go outside and get yourself an ice cream?” I asked. I’m so confused… Fuck.


“Yup,” Logan said.


“Ho… how?!?” Jace asked.


“Yeah… How’d you do it so quickly?” I added.


“Well.. My last class is along the street so when the ice cream truck passed by after the bell rang, and I kinda climbed out of the window and chased it down,” Logan replied like it was not a big deal at all.


What the fuck? This kid is insane! I looked at Jace and I could tell he was thinking the same thing as well. We burst out laughing a few seconds later.


“Hey, what’s so funny about that?” Logan asked quite hurt.


“No… nothing!” Jason replied after his laughter died down.


“Huh?” Logan replied as he pursed his lips in annoyance.


“Just let it go Logan. You’re going to get your brain damaged with all that thinking,” I joked around as we started walking down the hall.


“Hey! That’s mean,” Logan said as he gave me a really sour look.


“Logan, he’s kidding,” Jason laughed as he pointed at me.


“Yeah,” I affirmed the situation. “Damn man. I can’t believe you were able to run that fast!” I laughed.


“But of course! That’s why I made the football team,” Logan replied as he took the last bite out of his popsicle.


Jason and I looked at each other before we started to laugh once again. Oh man… This is why I love this redhead guy standing next to me. He always manages to lighten up the mood.


“What are you guys laughing about now?” Logan asked us annoyed once again.


“Nothing!” Jason and I answered in unison to which infuriated Logan even more.


We kept this little banter going on until we reached the door of the detention room. I still can’t believe I’m here again.


“Guess I’ll see you guys later,” I said as I turned to them.


“I’ll see you at practice. Later,” Jason said.


“Wait! You have detention?” Logan shouted in surprise. I jumped slightly startled at his sudden rise in voice.


“Uhh… yeah,” I answered meekly.


“Why??” Logan asked.


“Fill him in please,” I said to Jason. I wasn’t in the mood to explain this to Logan.


“Sure,” Jace replied. Logan just exchanged glances between the two of us.


I gave a small wave before I turned the doorknob of the detention room and stepped inside. As soon as I did, I was surprised to see that there were other people inside the room. There were two guys sitting on the right side and a girl down at the very left. Will was looking at me with an all-knowing look as he sat at the middle row.


“Ahh… Tyler. Go take a seat,” the teacher at front ordered at me. It was the same guy who watched us yesterday. You know, the guy who had his car windows broken or something.


I nodded at him before turning my attention back to the room. Everyone was now staring at me as I began to wonder where I would take my seat. Will looked at me dead straight in the eyes before he glanced at the back of the classroom. Probably telling me it would be best if I sit at the back. That way, people won’t get the idea that Will and me are sort of involved.


I dragged my feet to the back and grumpily sat down at the back. I looked at front and found that they were all still staring at me. What the fuck people?, take a picture it will last longer.


I glared at them causing them to look away. Will on the other hand, gave me a small sheepish smile before facing forward. Sigh. This is going to be a very long day.


Detention went by really, really slow. Nothing much to tell other than it was fucking boring. At one point, I was actually hoping someone would smash the car windows so our proctor would be forced to leave and we can all just sneak out. Sigh…Yeah that would have been awesome.


When detention was over, all the other kids zoomed outside the room. Heck, even the teacher disappeared fairly quickly as well. Guess he didn’t like being stuck in detention either.


I was about to step outside the classroom when Will grabbed my arm and stopped me.


“Will,” I said as I backed away from his touch. “You know the rules. No touching. Didn’t we agree on that? Someone might be watching,” I said as I looked around in paranoia.


“Tyler, school ended an hour ago. There aren’t any students left here other than those who just walked out of this room,” he pointed out. “Besides, I wanted to talk to you. You seem pretty down today at lunch. Anything wrong?” he asked me.


“It’s nothing,” I said as I turned around and walked away.


Will suddenly stepped in front of me and cut me off. “Tyler, if we’re going to date, you need to be able to tell me what’s bothering you.”


I looked at him shortly before I answered, “The coach jumped my ass this morning about me getting detention. He was angry and not to mention disappointed in me.”


I noticed Will pursed his lips in response.


“It’s all my fault,” he said.




“Shit Tyler… If I only finished the assignment with you, you wouldn’t be in this mess!” Will said as he paced around the hallway.


“Stop it… Will, I mean it! … Come here!” I said as I grabbed him and pulled him towards me. “Stop beating yourself over this okay? What’s done is done. Let’s just move forward alright?” I asked as I cupped his face in my hands.


Will held onto my arms and said, “Okay…  I’m sorry.”


I punched Will on the shoulder.


“Hey… What the hell was that for? That hurt!” Will asked in anger.


“Okay… I told you to stop apologizing! Now, every time you apologize for getting me into detention, you are going to get a punch from me,” I said smugly at him. It was about time he got a taste of his own medicine.


“You sneaky little bastard! You can’t do that! That came from me. You can’t use it on me as well!” Will replied with a devilish grin.


“Oh, Yes I can… and you have no choice but to accept,” I added smugly.


Will glared at me for quite a long time before he rolled his eyes at me. “Fine… cheater,” he murmured.


“I heard that last part!” I said to him. Will just stuck his tongue out at me in response.


“Good!” I said as I looked around us before I kissed him on the forehead. You know, just to make sure the coast is all clear. “I’ll talk to you after practice okay?” I asked him as I looked him straight into his eyes.


“O-kay,” he said with a smile.


“Alright! Now I better go and try to catch up with whatever practice I can still get,” I laughed as I pulled away from him and started jogging towards the doors.


“Bye,” Will said as he waved goodbye to me.


“Later!” I shouted in the deserted hallways as I sped towards the locker room.






Okay, no intense cliffhanger here. Guess I wanted to give you guys a break from Will and Tyler’s very intense and stressful lives. Though that does not mean that the drama will be forever gone; you never know it may just be around the corner for these two.


Anyhow, hoped you guys liked seeing a little happiness and intimacy in the lives of these star-crossed lovers.


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I Think I’ve Flipped Chapter 10

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Disclaimer: First of all, I was above the age of 18 when I wrote this story and I own all rights to this. Any resemblance to actual living persons and places within this story is purely coincidental. If you are underage or it is illegal to view this story in your area, please hit the back button now. This story includes scenes of male teenagers engaged in male/male sex when permitted in the narrative. If you are uncomfortable with this, kindly exit now as well. Anyway, here goes:



I Think I’ve Flipped. Chapter 10.



(Will’s POV)


“So, how did your date with Sterling go?” Claire asked me with excitement. She was literally bouncing up and down beside me as I got stuff from my locker.


“Fine,” I said bluntly as I closed my locker and walked off.


“Just fine… Not great… Fun… Was it even special?” Claire asked me dumbfounded as she caught up with me.


“I’ve had a lot of things on my mind that night, okay Claire?” I snapped at her.


Of course, that statement was a complete understatement to what happened with me over the weekend. First of, I found out that Tyler still had feelings for me. So naturally, during the date he was all I could think about. And then, after the date, I found out that he’s seeing someone else. This confused me in more ways than one and I began to ask myself some important questions.


Was Tyler really serious about the email he sent? Or was that all a joke? Did he really have feelings for me? However, if he did, then why would he be on a date with a girl if he truly did like me? Was that a way to get back at Sterling and me? He wouldn’t know ran looking for him that night… or did he?  Shit, this is making my head hurt.


“Oh really.. Like what?” Claire asked me with genuine concern.


“Family problems,” I lied. There is no fucking way in hell I am talking about Tyler with Claire.


“Oh…” she said. “Do you want to talk about–?”


“No,” I answered her as I shot her a look which meant to drop it. I was thankful she got the hint.


When we rounded through the corner, I saw Tyler over at his locker with some of his football friends. They were laughing about something. I frowned; he must be talking about his hot date last Saturday.  I could feel my heart begin to break.


“Hey,” I said to Claire as I stopped walking. “I need to go the bathroom. I’ll catch you later okay?” I said to her as I walked the opposite direction.


“Uhh… okay,” Claire said as she watched me walk off.


The truth is, I didn’t really need to go to the bathroom. I just didn’t want Tyler to see me. After seeing him last Saturday on his date, I did my best to distance myself as far from him as possible. I haven’t answered any of his texts or his calls. Why?


Well, for one thing, I was angry at him. I have a gut feeling he sent that fucking e-mail just to toy with me. I mean, the jerk basically said he wanted to ask me out and what did he do? The asshole went on a fucking date with a girl! Honestly, can you think of a reason for that kind of behavior? I have gone over and over it in my mind, and I can’t.


Okay Will, you’re getting out of hand… You need to calm down and take a breath… Okay, that’s better.


The second reason why I’m avoiding him is because I’m hurt. Just seeing him makes my heart ache more. I don’t know if he intentionally sent that e-mail to spite me, but finding out he went on a date with a girl really stung. Jesus. Just thinking about him makes me want to curl into a ball and cry.


A second later, I found myself tearing up. Oh god, I can’t do this here not at school.


I ran to the nearest bathroom. I can’t let anyone see me like this! I need to wash my face.


When I walked inside the men’s bathroom, I immediately went to the sink and washed my face. Thank goodness no one else was in there. The last thing I needed was for someone to see my puffy red eyes.


I stared at my reflection. A cold, sad, and lonely individual stared back at me. Why am I beating myself up over this? I forced myself to smile. I’ve got history class later on in the morning. The last thing I want is for Rocky to start asking some questions why I’m acting so glum. When I saw how incredibly fake it was, I laughed.  I have to look on the bright side of things. At least I’m finding some amusement in all this drama.


I tore off some tissue paper off the dispenser and wiped my face before I walked into the hallway and to my first class.


Later on that day, Rocky also made it a habit to pester me over what happened on my date, I gave the vaguest details to him just as I had done with Claire. I wonder if Sterling had already talked to them about it. I wonder what he said about me. Maybe he’ll tell them that I was such a disappointment. Oh well, I’ll figure out soon. Lunch is almost here.


Rocky and I went to the lunchroom and quickly bought our food. Not that any of it ever looked good. I swear the school lunches are becoming more and more hideous every single today. Yet for some reason, I always forget to bring my own lunch to school.


When we got to our table, Claire and Taylor weren’t there yet. It was only Sterling. I frowned. Great, now Rocky will have  all the freedom in the world to ask us questions. I am not looking forward to this.


“Hey, where are Claire and Taylor?” Rocky asked Sterling as he sat down across from him.


“I’m not quite sure. I reckon they went to the auditorium for those positions in the school yearbook. They’ve been talking non stop about it since this morning,” Sterling said to Rocky.


When I sat down, beside Rocky, Sterling looked at me and gave me a shy smile.


“Hi Will,” he said with a blush.


“Oh… hello,” I replied quite awkwardly. Okay, this is so weird.


Rocky looked between the two of us before saying, “Okay! I can’t take this any longer! Can any one of you tell me how you’re date went? Claire and I have been trying to get you guys to talk, but no one is budging!”


I looked at Sterling who also stared back at me. Oh great, he didn’t say anything. He’s waiting to see if I thought the date went well.  He’s a sly dog.


“Well?” Rocky demanded.


“It was good,” I lied again. “Sterling took me to watch a movie and then dinner. I think I killed the mood a little.”


“What?” Rocky shouted, very much confused. A few students near us looked at us with mild interest.


“No you didn’t!” Sterling interjected. “Will just had a lot on his mind that night, but everything turned out all right in the end didn’t it?” he asked me.


I looked at Sterling in surprise. He was giving me an encouraging smile. He was basically saying that everything was under the bridge. I got a feeling he’s still very much into me.


“Y.. yeah,” I said, forcing a little smile.


“Did you guys kiss?” Rocky asked in a whisper.


I gave Rocky a look. He had a mischievous smile on his face. Clearly he was hinting at much more than a kiss.


“Yes Rocky. Sterling and I kissed,” I replied much to Rocky’s amusement. Sterling on the other hand frowned at my response. He didn’t think I would actually give away every little detail of our date.


“Ha I knew it! Claire and I-”


“And then after that, I sucked him off in my bedroom and let him fuck me. Then, my brothers came inside and got so turned on that they decided to watch. And while Sterling was giving me a good fuck, Marco went behind Sterling and fucked him too. It was such a hot night. We would have called you, but you probably couldn’t handle it,” I told Rocky.


I looked at both faces staring at me. Sterling was holding back some laughter while Rocky had a shocked expression on his face.


“Did that really happen?” Rocky asked as a bead of sweat fell down his temple.


“Of course not you dumbass!” I laughed thoroughly amused at Rocky’s discomfort. Sterling couldn’t hold it in either. He laughed out loud as well.


“Fuck you guys!” Rocky hissed annoyed and angry over being so gullible.


“I told you, we already did that!” I said as I innocently smiled at him again. Sterling laughed once again.


“Oh my god! Not listening!” Rocky said as he covered his ears in despair causing me and Sterling to laugh even harder.


Oh god, my stomach was hurting so much. Seeing Rocky in such an awkward situation was priceless.


I looked at Rocky again and saw that he was still basically covering his ears. I let out a few more laughs until I saw Tyler looking at me at the other end of the lunchroom. And as soon as we locked eyes on each other, my laughter died in an instant.


He had a strange expression on his face. To be honest, I couldn’t read if he was angry, bitter, or annoyed. His face had a rather vacant almost blank look about it, but there was this some sort of passion behind those eyes of his. Now as to what those expressions could be, I’m completely clueless.


I looked away from him and started talking to Rocky and Sterling. Every now and then, I’d glance back at Tyler’s table and found him still staring at me. Shit, This is creepy.


I have a feeling he’s angry or pissed. He’s been messaging me over the weekend when I’m free to do the project, but after seeing him on the date last Saturday, I can’t force myself to talk to him. If I do, I might regret things I may say to him.


When he stood up from the football table, I couldn’t help but stare at him. When he walked off into the hallway, he gave me a glance before walking off. When he did, I looked away in discomfort.


Okay, I saw it in his eyes. He was angry.



“What are you doing here?” I asked Tyler who was sitting on the steps of our front porch. School was over for the day and I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t run into the blonde for the rest of the day. But lo and behold, here he was waiting for me at my house.


“We need to talk Will,” he told me seriously as he stood up.


“No we don’t,” I said coldly as I walked past him up to the front door. I was about to open the door, when Tyler suddenly pushed it closed. I looked behind me and found him staring down at me with a serious face.


“Yes, we do,” he said slowly in a tone that meant he was all business.


Oh god, this was the moment I was dreading. I’m not ready to talk yet.


When he didn’t notice me protesting, he raised his hand off the door and stood against the railings on our porch.


“What’s your problem Will? Why haven’t you been responding to any of my messages? I’ve been trying to get us to finish that art studies assignment, but it looks like you’re not interested,” he told me as he crossed his arms against his chest.


I just looked at him silently.


“Look Will, I don’t want to fail okay? Do you want to finish it now?” he asked me.


“I… I can’t,” I said as I looked down on the floor.


“Why?” Tyler asked.


“I just can’t… deal with you now,” I snapped as I looked back at him.


Tyler narrowed his eyes at me before asking, “Are you pissed at me? Because the last time I checked, you’re the jerk around here.”


“Excuse me?” I asked him. How did I become the jerk here? He’s the one who fucking went on a date here. And here he is acting like nothing is wrong.


“Uhh.. yeah. I’m trying to get us to finish this project and you’ve been nothing but a little bitch to me lately by ignoring me,” Tyler said calmly as he stared at me.


“How dare you say I’m acting like an asshole when you’re the one…” I trailed off as I felt my body tremble in anger. William! You need to calm down and keep your temper in check.


“I’m the one who what? I knew it. You are angry at me. Well, go on. Tell me,” Tyler said as he egged me on.


I glared at him. “Like you didn’t know what you did,” I snapped at him.


“Me? What did I do?” he asked back.


I snorted at him. “And the fact that you’re here lying about it makes it so much worse,” I said as I shook my head in disgust.


“What the fuck are you talking about?” he asked me in annoyance.


“Don’t play dumb with me Tyler. I know what you did!” I shouted at him.


“What the fuck are you talking about?!” Tyler asked once again as he marched up at me. He was just a few inches away from my face. We both stared hardly at one another.


“Is there a problem?”


Tyler and I looked beside us and saw Blake standing against the doorway of the front door. He wasn’t looking at me though. He was staring icily at Tyler.


Marco appeared from behind Blake and he had a more menacing stare directed at Tyler.


“Blake asked you a question Will,” he said to me, but was still staring at Tyler. Tyler just narrowed his eyes at them.


“No, everything’s fine,” I told my brothers. “Tyler was just leaving” I told them as I glared at Tyler.


As soon as he heard me say that, Tyler gave me a glare before turning his gaze back to my brothers. They were still giving him a really cold glare although Marco was already cracking his fists at him.


Tyler grunted before he retreated down the lawn and back to his home across the street.


Marco came over to me, gave me a good shoulder hug before asking, “You okay?”


“I will be,” I replied with a sigh. That didn’t go so well.


“What was that all about?” Blake asked me.


“Oh you know the usual… Tyler breaking my heart again,” I murmured as I brushed past the twins to head inside. The twins looked at each other. They’re doing it again. Twin telepathy.


“What do you mean again?” Blake asked as he rushed inside beside me.


“I don’t want to talk about it,” I replied as I dragged myself up the stairs.


Marco followed Blake shortly and said “Will… You need to-”


“I said I don’t want to talk about it!” I shouted at them before running towards my room and slamming the door behind me. As soon as I locked it, I found tears falling down from my eyes.


Great Will. You’re crying once again. I slumped down against the door, hugged my knees and wept.


How could he act like that? How could Tyler act like nothing’s happened? He sent me that e-mail for crying out loud! He acted like he never sent it in the first place. I thought he liked me? Then why would he go out on a date and lie about that? Why? Why??




(Tyler’s POV)


“Fuck,” I let out a small snarl as I raced through the hallways of Ridgemont High. I looked at my watch. Okay, I am now ten minutes late for my art studies. For some reason, I can’t find the goddamn art studies classroom.


I stopped when I saw the plaque on a door that said “Room 204”. I frowned in annoyance. Normally, you would think that Room 204 would be in the second floor. But no, this Room 204 was on the fourth floor. Don’t ask me why. I don’t have a fucking clue.


I slowly turned the doorknob and poked my head inside to take a look. I can see a few faces stare at my direction.


“Aaaah… Mr. Beaumont. How nice of you to join us.”


I looked at my right and saw a really handsome guy standing in front of the blackboard looking at me. Holy shit. Is this our teacher? This guys is fucking hot.


“Sorry… I kinda got lost,” I said sheepishly as I fully opened the door and stepped inside.


“Well, I’ll let it slide this time. Go find an empty chair and take a seat,” the teacher said as he waved to the back.


I gave a small smile before I turned towards the rest of the class. I noted there were a lot of girls in this class. They probably signed up after finding out that their teacher was a hunk.


I saw Will staring at me from the back. He was sitting alone in the back row. When he saw me look at him, he rolled his eyes and looked outside the window. I gave a small scoff. No way am I sitting next to him over what happened yesterday afternoon. I found an empty chair in one of the middle rows and sat down.


I have a feeling Will is staring at me from behind. Honestly, I really had no idea what his deal is. Ever since we kissed, there was this awkwardness between us. That I get… But the part I don’t get is he’s been nothing but cold and a real bitch to me after the weekend. I don’t know why though. What’s his fucking problem anyway? He was him the one who said we shouldn’t be hanging out as much, but when I asked him to work on the assignment, the guy practically blew his top off. Then there is this nonsense of me knowing what I did to make him angry at me? Is it is time of the month or something? Do gay guys have that as well?


I shook those thoughts out of my head and concentrated on the lesson. Our teacher was talking about some other theories wherein we can use to study pop culture. Boring stuff if you ask me.


I found out from my seatmate that our hot teacher’s name is Vincent Irons. Pretty weird since I have a teammate whose name is Vincent as well.


Once the lecture was over, Mr. Irons asked the class to pass  the assignment to the front before we start on the class exercise. I rummaged through my backpack and passed my paper to the front. Since Will didn’t like to participate, I had to do the rest of the assignment myself. I still included his name though. I’m not that heartless. Besides, he was the one who drew the sketches of our house.


The exercise was pretty confusing. We were supposed to write an essay on what makes a certain thing be considered art. To be honest, I had no clue to the answer. I pretty much bullshitted my way through the assignment.


When class was over, I heard Mr. Irons say, “Will and Tyler, I’d like to see you before you leave please.”


Huh. Why? I looked at Mr. Irons with confusion as he waited for both me and Will to approach him.


I glanced behind Will who held a surprised and confused face as well. I approached the teacher’s desk. Once Will reached the desk, everyone else had left already.


“Gentlemen,” Mr. Irons said. “I’d like to know why you submitted two copies of your assignment,” he calmly said as he looked both at us in the eyes.


“What?” Will and I both simultaneously asked in disbelief.


Mr. Irons waved two pieces of reports in his hand before laying it down on the table. “This one,” he said as he pointed to the report on the left, “was the report I got from Will.” I looked at Will in surprise. Holy shit. Don’t tell me… “And this one,” Mr. Irons continued, “was the report I got from you, Tyler.”


I looked back at Mr. Irons who had a disappointed look on his face.


“Now, the only reason I can think of why you would submit two reports is both of you didn’t work as a pair and did these on your own,” Mr. Irons said  as he continued to look at us. “The reason why I made this assignment as pairs was that each one of you could learn something different and new about their partner. I was hoping you guys would be able to do just that. I’m greatly disappointed in the both of you.”


Will and I hung our heads in shame, but I couldn’t help but to feel annoyed at my neighbor. I specifically asked him over the last couple of days to finish the project, but he just kept blowing me off. I’d figured I’d finish the report myself. But no, Will does the exact same thing!


“Now, as your punishment, not only will you receive an unsatisfactory grade on your work, but you’re also going to spend two weeks in detention everyday after school,” Mr. Irons said as he began to write on a piece of paper.


“WHAT?!” I screamed out loud. Will visibly jumped and gave me a glare. Mr. Irons also was also surprised as he looked up to me.


“Is there a problem with this Tyler?” he asked me as he gave me a sordid look.


“Two weeks? That’s unfair!” I shouted at him. “Besides,” I said, cutting off Mr. Irons before he can speak, “I have football practice. I can’t show up late for those. The coach will kill me!”


“Well then, I guess I’m going to have to write the coach a letter regarding your tardiness at future practices,” Mr. Irons said with a mischievous smile. “Besides, you wouldn’t be in this predicament if both of you did the actual assignment together.”


I started protesting, “But-”


“We can make it three weeks if you want Tyler. Just say the word,” our teacher said.


“Tyler, shut up!” Will hissed at me. I looked at him with annoyance. He had a pissed off look. What the fuck are you getting all pissed about for? You’re the reason why we’re in this mess in the first place. Besides, it’s not like you have anything important to do after school.


Mr. Irons handed Will the detentions slip and told us to march our butts down to the detention room at the ground floor. Will walked out of the room first; I followed his footsteps.


This can’t be happening. Two weeks of detention? That’s just isn’t fucking fair. I glared at Will’s figure in front of me. It’s all his fault! Something is clearly up his ass nowadays!


When we reached the detention room, we found it deserted except for one of the substitute teachers inside. Will handed him the note. The teacher looked at both of us before telling us to sit down. Will sat at the very back, while I sat at the very front. I don’t want to look at Will right now. Just seeing him makes my blood boil.


“Okay boys, you know the rules. No talking, no cellphones, nothing,” the teacher said as he sat down behind the desk and started reading his newspaper.


This is going to be a shitty detention. I think I looked at the clock on the wall every five minutes or so. Fuck. Why does time move so slow when you’re not having fun?!


Fifteen minutes after we arrived, the door opened and a girl popped in. She looked at me and Will before turning to the teacher.


“Uhhh… sir. Someone accidentally smashed one of the windows in your car,” she said.


“WHAT?!” our detention proctor exclaimed as he sat up in surprise. “Shit! That car was brand new too! Dammit!” he shouted as he proceeded to the door.


“Oh! You guys wait for me to come back,” he said, looking at the both of us before disappearing into the hallway with the girl.


When he left, I turned around and face Will who was busy staring down at the floor in boredom. I stood up and marched all the way down the aisle.


“This is all you fault!” I shouted as I stood in front of him. I was eyeing him with contempt as he looked up at me in annoyance.


“Excuse me?” he replied.


“If you only agreed to finish the stupid assignment with me in the first place, this wouldn’t be happening. Now, I’m going to be late for football practice!” I said through gritted teeth.


“Oh boo fucking boo hoo. The football king is going to be late for practice. Alert the president; it’s the end of the world!” Will said in mocked amazement.


“What the fuck is your problem Will?! After the weekend, you’ve been acting like a jerk to me! I’m fed up with it all,” I shouted.


Will just rolled his eyes in response.


“What the fuck?! What’s your problem anyways?” I said as I slammed my fists onto Will’s table. He visibly jumped in surprise before looking at me with a deadly glare.


“Like you didn’t know what you did,” Will muttered in annoyance.


“You keep saying that to me, but I didn’t do anything to you! You’re the one with the fucking problem!” I shouted back.


“You didn’t do anything?! Bullshit!” Will shouted back at me. He stood up, slightly trembling and looked at me. “You didn’t do anything?! First you kissed me out of the blue, freaking me out. I mean this is the captain of the football team you’re talking about. He couldn’t be gay. That’s just not possible. So I pushed you away by going on a stupid date with Sterling. But then, you go on and e-mail me that you actually have feelings for me right before my date. So naturally, all I could think about was you. When I finally decided to tell you how I feel, I see you on a date with a girl!” he spat out, tears falling down the side of his face.


I looked at him in shock. What was he talking about?


“Tell me what I’m supposed to feel Tyler! Because right now, I feel like I’m nothing more of a joke to you. Someone you can play around with and make fun of!” Will announced. “Well, aren’t you going to say something?” he asked me, as he crossed his arms in annoyance.


I looked at him in confusion. Where was all this coming from? What e-mail was he talking about? I didn’t send him anything. “I didn’t e-mail you anything,” I told him.


He looked at me as if I was crazy. “What do you mean you didn’t e-mail me? Last Saturday, I received an e-mail from you saying that you liked me and that you wished we had a chance,” he said, getting more and more abrasive.


Holy shit. That e-mail I wrote for Will… That was the one? Shit, he wasn’t supposed to see that! Oh my fucking god. I must have sent it by accident.


“Well, judging from your expression, you know exactly what e-mail I’m talking about,” he told me.


“You weren’t supposed to see that…” I told him, my voice failing.


“What do you mean, I wasn’t supposed to see that?” he asked me in annoyance.


“That e-mail… I must have accidentally sent it by mistake… I… It wasn’t ready,” I told him as I looked him in the eyes. As soon as I said that, Will became awfully silent. Shit.


“Oh… I see. It was a mistake… Great,” Will said as he paced around the room, laughing to himself. “That’s funny Tyler. Oh look, here’s Will! I’ll make him fall in love with me and then break his heart by going out with a girl,” he said in mocked laughter. I could see him tearing up a bit.


This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. Just when he finally learned about my true feelings, he finds out that I went on a date. Oh god. What he must have thought afterwards… I could see him trembling either from pain or embarrassment.


“Will…” I said as I approached him as I raised my arms to offer him a hug.


“Don’t touch me!” Will said venomously as he backed away from me. My heart broke there. I could see tears falling down his face. Great… I hurt him again.


“Will, please… I’m sorry,” I pleaded.


“Just stay away from me!” he said as he stormed out of the detention room.


I sank down at the chair and buried my face in my hands.


Fuck!!! Why do I always seem to be hurting Will? Why can’t I get anything right?! I started cussing out to no one in particular. Tyler, you’re so fucking stupid! You should have stopped him and told him how you felt! Ugh.


I contemplated in silence over what happened and how this could have been avoided if I just told Will how I felt. None of this would have happened!


Good god, he must hate me!


I waited for the teacher to come back to dismiss us, but he never came back. He must be still having trouble with that car of his. I didn’t want to stay and wait for him so I just left and went home.



That night, I looked at my laptop and checked my-email. Sure enough, it said that I really did send that e-mail to Will. Looking back, I must have accidentally pressed the ‘send’ button instead of ‘save as draft’ when Jason and the others crashed last Saturday.


Sigh. Jason… It’s practically their fault why Will and I are in such a bind. Sent me on a date that didn’t turn out well. I know they probably meant well by setting me up, but I just wasn’t that into her as she was to me. Sure, we had a nice time earlier in the evening. I was friendly to her and all, but the moment she started getting frisky with me, I backed off. She tried to get into my pants, but I didn’t let her. She was disappointed to say the very least.


I mean, it wasn’t right when I still have these feelings for Will. If there was one thing that came out good from that date, was that I finally realized I wanted Will all along.




I still can’t get his hurt expression out of my head. It kept playing over and over again. It kept reminding me just how much of a douche bag I really am.


I was absent mindedly tapping my fingers on my desk when I glanced at the clock. It said 11:45pm. I stared at the computer screen for a minute before closing it and made my way to my window.


I carefully opened it and stepped outside onto the roof. This probably wasn’t such a good idea. I was just in my tank top and sweatpants and it was cold outside. When my bare feet touched the roof tiles and felt the cold tingle in my toes, I realized that I should have thought this through some more.


But I was running through adrenaline and not on reason, so I just let it go. I carefully jumped down on our lawn, carefully rolling myself down on the ground so that I wouldn’t hurt my self. Let me tell you, this wasn’t the first time I snuck out of the house. I then dragged myself across the street towards the Lakewood residence. Thank goodness no one saw me or else I would have been mistaken for a burglar.


Hmm… Okay, I clearly didn’t think this through. I looked at the Lakewood house and I found myself at a loss. How am I going to get to Will’s room? It’s like on the second floor! I moved around near Will’s room and found a tree nearby. Bingo!


I carefully climbed up. Ouch! Goddammit, I looked at my feet and saw that there were a couple of cuts from the tree branches. I should have at least worn slippers before doing this.


I hopped towards the roof and carefully crept towards Will’s bedroom window. I stared at my reflection for a few minutes. Okay, Tyler this is it. There’s no turning back now.


I knocked on the window loud enough for Will to hear, but soft enough so that the other people can’t hear. I waited for a few more minutes before I knocked again.


A few seconds later, I saw the curtains being pulled apart and Will stood in front of me with a surprised look on his face. I gave him a sympathetic smile, beckoning him to open the window. He could have left me crouching on his roof, but thank god he didn’t.


“Tyler! What the fuck?! Are you crazy? Why the fuck are you on our roof?” Will carefully shouted at me as he opened the window.


“I need to talk to you,” I said as I stepped inside his room. I didn’t even wait for an invitation. My feet were killing me and I needed to head inside to warm up.


“Jesus Christ! Can’t you do that during the day like a normal person? Oh my god, did anyone see you go up on our roof?” Will asked as he peeked outside his window expecting to see a police car or some sort outside.


“Don’t worry… No one saw me,” I said as I chuckled over Will’s paranoia. I looked at him and he didn’t have an amused look on his face. He was frowning and had his arms crossed over his chest. He was wearing a white t-shirt and some checkered boxers. I got to look at his toned legs. Well, well. This boy seems to always surprise me. Who knew he had those legs on him?


“You’re fucking insane!” Will said to me. “Well, if you’re expecting to apologize, don’t bother!” he said.


I rushed towards him and grabbed his arm. I stared at his confused eyes for a second before I kissed him. Will didn’t move for a minute, shocked and surprised over this I bet. I figured the best way to show him how much I care for him was this. Words weren’t enough nor were they necessary.


Will wrapped his arms around my neck as he kissed me back and sort of dragged me on top of his bed. When we both landed on top, I stopped kissing him and looked at him. He had a confused expression in his face, but his eyes told me that everything was alright.


“Will… I’m sorry I…” I tried saying, my voice cracking up in pain and remorse.


“Shut up. Just shut up,” he said as he touched my right cheek and kissed me again. And so I did.


His tongue parted my mouth and soon we were dueling with each other. His hand slipped underneath my tank top feeling my abs. Good god, I forgot what his hands felt like. I could feel my dick hard as a rock already. Will’s was too. Since he was just wearing his boxers, I could really feel the length and its girth as it brushed through my leg. Holy shit, that was so fucking sexy.


Will rolled over me, causing me to accidentally knock his bedside lamp on the floor. It made a crash, but we didn’t care. We were too caught up in the passion at the moment. I laid my hands and cupped Will’s incredible ass I began kissing his neck. Jesus Christ. I need Will now! I was about to pull down Will’s boxers when we heard something come from the hallway.


“Will! Everything alright?” we heard one of his brother’s call out.


“Holy shit!” Will said as he looked at me in alarm.


“Fuck!” I said as I pushed Will off of me in panic. “What do we do? What do we do?” I asked him. Oh god!


“Closet! Hide in the closet!” Will said, as he stood up in panic as well. He pointed towards the other end of the room. Jesus, that’s pretty far!


“There’s no time!” I said to him as I started getting really worried.


“Will! I’m coming in okay?” his brother called out.


Will and I looked at each other in panic as we both watched his bedroom knob turn.








Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I think it’s time for Will and Tyler to stop doing whatever it is they’re doing to each other and just admit that they fancy the other person. Don’t you agree? 😉


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I Think I’ve Flipped Chapter 9

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Disclaimer: First of all, I was above the age of 18 when I wrote this story and I own all rights to this. Any resemblance to actual living persons and places within this story is purely coincidental. If you are underage or it is illegal to view this story in your area, please hit the back button now. This story includes scenes of male teenagers engaged in male/male sex when permitted in the narrative. If you are uncomfortable with this, kindly exit now as well. Anyway, here goes:



I Think I’ve Flipped. Chapter 9.



(Tyler’s POV)


I looked over the note in my locker that said, “STAY AWAY FROM WILL LAKEWOOD.” I was baffled. Who could have sent this? I looked around the hallway looking for a prime suspect, but my eye didn’t catch anyone suspicious. I looked back at the note afterwards.


I wonder if this may be the same person who threatened Will last week. It’s pretty hard to tell, but the modus operandi was pretty similar. I had a gut feeling this was the same person. The message was written on a scrap piece of paper and then purposely left in Will’s locker and mine’s? What could this all mean?


This isn’t so much about Will’s proximity to me anymore. It is about our proximity with each other. Clearly, whoever sent these messages does not want Will and I to be friends or have anything to do with each other. I don’t understand why. It’s not like we’re hurting anyone by spending time together or could it be…


My mind suddenly went into overdrive. Fuck, unless this person knows what happened last night in my house… But that’s impossible! I didn’t tell anyone. I’m pretty sure Will didn’t tell anyone either… If this guy was talking about the kiss, I’m in deep shit here. If the school knew about it, my life would be ruined! Fuck!


I found myself shaking my head in frustration, mentally telling myself over and over to stop overreacting. If this person was talking about the kiss, it’d be on the gossip blog by now. Everyone would already be talking shit and throwing weird looks at me. Then it hit me! Will received his message last week before the kiss. It’s not possible this person knows about last night. Just calm down Tyler, take a deep breath, and relax.


I took a very deep breath of oxygen and exhaled slowly. Okay, all I need to do is to focus on finding out who sent the messages and why. And when I do, they’ll pay. My hands started balling into fists as I began to shake in anger.


From the corner of my eye, I caught Jason walking towards me with a lopsided grin on his face. When he saw my somber expression, his face suddenly etched a worried look.


“Tyler, you’d look like you’ve seen a ghost! Anything wrong man?” he asked me.


“It’s nothing,” I replied a little grumpily, while stuffing the note in my backpack. Good, Jason didn’t see that. At this point, I couldn’t afford to let Jason know about the message. If he found out that I got received one as well, let’s just say whatever he plans to do won’t be subtle.


Jason gave me a suspicious look, but decided to let it go. This was good since I am not in the mood to share anything.


As we both rounded through the corner, a small nerd accidentally bumped into me. His small frame made him fall on his ass. When he looked up and saw me, he sort of froze.


“Hey watch it asshole,” I snarled at him as I gave him a deadly glare. “You bump into me again, you’re going to get you ass beat do you here me?” I think the gravity of what happened is starting to get on my nerves a little bit.


“I… I’m sorry Ty… Tyler,” he stuttered as he cowered against the wall.


“Well the next time, I won’t be so forgiving,” I said as I stared down at his frame. The small student just gulped and scampered away. When he disappeared, I saw Jason staring at me with a shocked expression.


“Tye, what the hell is your deal? First you blow me off and now you’re taking it out on other students… Dude, your temper is outta control again,” Jason said with a disgusted look.


I hung my head down in shame. It’s true. My temper seems to be getting out of control lately. Dana was usually the one who’d reel me in before I can explode. But lately, all these things happening with Will has gotten me riled up. I think everything is cave in on me.


“You’re starting to become the old Tyler,” Jason added.


“I know… okay?” I said exasperated. “Its just things lately have been really shitty and I’m kind of overwhelmed by all of it.” I started walking away in shame.


“Hey, it’s okay,” Jason said as he caught up to me. “Do you want to talk about it?”


I looked at him and all I could see was the concern in his eyes. They were telling me that he was ready to listen and help in any way possible. Normally I would do that, but for some reason, my mind thought otherwise.


“You couldn’t help me,” I said sadly as I headed down the direction of my car. I left Jason standing in the parking lot with a frustrated look on his face.


“I’m sorry Jason, really, I am,” I softly said as I walked away.


That night, I didn’t get any messages from Will whatsoever. After what happened today, I wasn’t in the mood to talk to him either. I just found out that he’s dating Sterling and that really pisses me off. He led me on for crying out loud! I wasn’t really sure how this was going to affect our time working on the art studies assignment. I have a feeling that the entire thing is going to be one hell of an awkward sit down. Still, I didn’t want to fail the class. I needed to find a way to get Will to finish this assignment with me.


Jason never called or texted that night either. I guess he’s still mad or hurt over what happened after school today. I’ve been a dick to him lately and today, I pushed him away. Not really best friend behavior. Guess he’s giving me the silent treatment now.



“I’ll see you later at practice Logan,” I called out to the redhead as we parted ways in the school hallway. Lunchtime was almost over so everyone is heading towards his or her next class. Everyone was hurrying up, but it’s the football team who’s pretty much high strung at this moment.


Today was Friday. The entire football team is pretty much on the edge right now. We have a big football game next week and the coach is pretty much kicking us into high gear in practices. I’m actually looking forward to it. I figured I could work out this aggression I’ve been having lately into tackling some people later.


Jason still hasn’t talked to me yet. We did see each other earlier before the morning bell. It was a pretty tense moment. When he saw me, he just looked at me and then walked off in the other direction. It wasn’t hostile, but it wasn’t really friendly either. I guess that pretty much answers whether or not he was mad at me.


When I turned around the corner, I saw Will Lakewood taking a sip out of the water fountain. Just like Jason and me, Will and I haven’t talked either since yesterday’s confrontation. Will was wearing a red and white striped polo and some jeans today. I noticed his hair was slightly combed down… I frowned. I kind of missed his really messy brown hair, which gave him sort of a boyish charm. This is getting some kind of getting used to.


I didn’t really know what came over me at that moment, but I approached him. He was still taking a sip out of the water fountain when I snuck behind him.


“Hey,” I softly said.


He stopped drinking, wiped his face, and turned around. “Hey…” he trailed off as he stood up straight and looked up at me. I caught him glancing down at the floor every now and then. To say that this encounter was awkward would be an understatement. After what happened yesterday, I’m just not sure what’s in store for the two of us in the future.


“You look… different,” I said pointing at his hair. Good one Tyler, make some shitty small talk would you? Fuck, I’m so lame.


“Huh? Oh thanks,” he said and then silence followed. It must have been around two minutes of awkward silence and trying not to stare at each other. Those two minutes were probably the most painful I have ever experienced in my life.

“I need to… to go Tyler,” he said as he turned around and walked away.


“Will, wait!” I said as I grabbed his arm and yanked him backwards.


“Ouuuuuch!” Will yelped in pain. Whoops. Nice move Tyler, break his arm off would you?!


“Sorry! Sorry!” I hastily apologized as I let go of his arm. He rubbed his arm again to ease off the pain. He was now eyeing me in contempt.


“I’m really, really sorry. It’s a bad habit of mine I know,” I said once again, trying to calm the situation.


“It’s fine Tyler,” Will said a little too dryly. “But I really have to go,” he said. It’s so obvious that he’s trying to avoid talking to me. Well, that ain’t going to happen!


“Wait, I just want to know if you want to come over tonight? We still got that art studies homework to finish. Do you want to finish it already?” I asked him.


I could see panic rushing in his eyes. It was pretty hard to miss. I need to diffuse this ticking time bomb.


“We don’t have to do it in my house if you don’t want to. We can do it in your house if you want? Or a coffees shop in town?” I asked as I thought I might have been a little hasty in asking him.


“I… I can’t… tonight. I have a commitment with the twins,” he announced as he frowned at me.


“Okay, what about tomorrow?” I asked.


“I can’t do it then as well… I’m going to be pretty busy too,” he said looking away.


“What could possibly keep you busy on a Saturday?” I scoffed in response.


“I have plans that day Tyler,” he said staring at something behind me. “Listen, I need to go,” he said as he walked by me. I turned around and saw Will approach Sterling who was standing at the other end of the hallway.


Oh right. How could I fucking forget, he has a date on Saturday. I was such a fool kissing Will like I did.


“Let’s do it some other time, okay?” Will asked as he turned around to face me.


“Yeah… that would be great… Whatever,” I muttered coldly. Will didn’t hear me since I said it under my breath. Instead, I just gave him a stiff nod as I stared at the boy behind him. Will couldn’t see him, but Sterling was giving me a really nasty glare. What the fuck is his problem? I just stared back at him with a scowl. When Will turned around, Sterling’s angry expression quickly disappeared. He’s now giving Will a smile. Jesus Christ, that guy’s a fucking fake!


I felt my hands balling into fists and shaking really bad. Tyler, you need to get a grip on your temper. I took a few deep breaths watching Sterling and Will walk away together. I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something definitely wrong with Sterling.



The coach really pushed every one of us during practice today. He made us learn all these crazy new plays he’d concocted the past week. Let’s just say, everyone left the field with more than just bruises.


“Oh fuck. It’s really bleeding now!” Vincent, one of my teammates, yelled as he sat on the locker room bench messing with his newly acquired wound on his knee. Everyone could perfectly see the dark crimson liquid oozing out onto his chocolate skin.


“Damn. That dive must have hurt huh?” one of my other teammates said as we stared at Vincent and his wound.


“Something out there managed to fucking cut through my kneepads!” Vincent yelled in frustration.


“You should head down to the nurse’s office afterwards Vince,” Logan said as he dropped his towel on the floor and put on his underwear. I couldn’t help but stare at Logan’s pretty cute ass while doing so. It was pretty fit, but it was his dick that caught my attention. It wasn’t small by any means and it was nestled in a rather thick patch of red hair. I guess the drapes do match the carpet.


I quickly looked away. Shit Tyler! The locker room is not the place to be staring at guys. Especially if those guys are your teammates! I’m going to get busted if I continue doing this! I opened my locker and fiddled with the contents inside to get my mind off Logan’s impressive penis.


I looked back at Logan’s direction and found him staring at me with a strange expression. He seems to be studying me… Shit. Did he notice I was staring at him? Oh my fucking god… This can’t be happening right now.


“Tye, are you okay?” Logan suddenly asked me out of the blue.


“Ye… Yeah Logan. Why are you asking?” I responded before breaking into a nervous laughter.


“I dunno know. You don’t seem to be yourself lately,” he shrugged at me, giving me a rather pensive look.


“It’s… it’s complicated,” I said. Surely that must have been the understatement of the year. Complicated my ass, this entire thing or debacle with Will is a disaster.


“Dana?” he asked me.


“Uhhh… no, it’s not about her,” I answered back. Logan just looked at me before he shrugged his shoulders in response and then he started dressing himself.


I went back to my locker and started slipping my shirt over my head. Five minutes must have gone by when I turned back to Logan and said, “It’s about a friend.”


“Huh?” Logan asked me in confusion.


“I have a friend who has feelings for… someone. He really likes someone and wants to ask this person out on a date. The only problem is, the person my friend likes is already seeing someone else. He doesn’t know what to do. He wants to ask that person out but he’s not sure if that’s a really good idea,” I said, carefully avoiding Will’s name or even hinting about him.


Logan took a moment to contemplate what I said. “Is this girl in a relationship?” he asked afterwards.


“What?” I asked confused.


“This girl your friend likes, does she have a boyfriend already?” he asked me.


“Oh! As far as I know, she’s only dating the guy. They’re not in a committed relationship,” I answered.


“Well, I suggest your friend ask her out. She’s dating so it’s pretty fair game. Does your friend really like her?” Logan asked.


“Yeah… but my friend already hurt her once. I’m not sure she’d be willing to give him another chance and it’s eating him inside,” I replied sadly.


“Well then, your friend needs to find a way to communicate how much she means to him. You know… maybe like apologize and then explain how he truly feels about her,” he replied as he put on a shirt.


I contemplated over what Logan said and you know what, it wasn’t a bad idea. Sure, it’s going to be difficult talking to Will. He basically doesn’t want to do anything with me. I hope he just gives me a sec-


“Hey Beaumont!” I heard someone shout out. I quickly turned around and found Scott sneering at me.


“What do you want Scott?” I asked rather impatiently as I turned around to face him.


He was at the other end of the locker room, putting on deodorant. My eyes wandered throughout Scott’s physique. Scott has one of the most banging bodies here. He not only had a sex cut and 6-pack abs, but he also happened to be the biggest asshole around here. His overall attitude negated everything.


“I heard Lakewood is your partner for that stupid elective class of yours?” he asked with an amused look on his face.


“Yeah… so?” I asked back. I have a feeling I do not like where this conversation is going. Most of the team stopped changing to watch this little heated exchange between us.


“I wonder what kind of a cocksucker he is? Have you fucked his tight little ass yet?” Scott asked menacingly.


I slammed my locker door shut causing everyone to stare at me. I could see a vicious sneer on Scott’s face. He was looking really amused and pleased over this entire situation. Little piece of shit. This was the last straw.


“Wait,” Scott said. “Don’t tell me… it’s you who’s the bitch in the relationship?” he laughed at me.


The moment he said that, the entire locker room went to a standstill. Everyone stopped what he was doing and looked between Scott and me. I swear you could hear a pin drop. From the corner of my eye, I can see Vincent’s mouth drop open over Scott’s remark. Even Scott’s cronies were rendered speechless.


“Bet you got Lakewood screaming in pleasure!” Scott laughed.


He’s going to get his fucking face pounded. I found myself charging up at Scott liked a deranged psychopath. He seemed ready for me and put up his arms ready to duke it out. What he wasn’t ready for was Jason’s fist connecting with the left side of his face.


“Holy shit!” I heard Logan shout behind me as we all watched Scott fall down to the floor.


What the hell?


I stopped running and looked at Scott and Jason. Jason was standing over Scott and he was giving the bully the coldest stare I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I didn’t notice it then, but my mouth was open in shock.


“What the fuck??” Scott shouted at Jason.


Whoa. I saw that there was blood coming out of Scott’s mouth. Apparently Jason’s punch really did a number on that bastard. I was secretly relishing the fact he had been knocked on his ass.


“You talk shit about anyone else near me, you’re going to have more than just a bloody mouth. Next time, you won’t be able to play football anytime soon,” Jason spat.


“Fuck you!” Scott shouted as he wiped the blood of his mouth, grabbed a shirt and stormed out of the locker room. His lackeys followed his footsteps, glancing at Jason with a perturbed expression on their faces.


When they left, everyone just stared at Jason who walked past me towards his locker, which was right beside mine He was surprisingly calm about it and was pretty much ignoring all the stares aimed at him. I walked back to my locker and opened it to retrieve a few personal items. I couldn’t help but occasionally glance at Jason who was busy putting on a shirt. I’m sure he noticed that I was staring at him, but he didn’t acknowledge me in any way. I guess he’s still pissed off at me.


“Thanks,” I whispered at him as I gave him a sympathetic smile.


As soon as he heard what I said, he looked at me straight in my eyes and said, “No problem. No one insults my best friend like that.” I frowned a bit as I noticed that his eyes were completely devoid of emotions when he said that. This left me with an empty and not to mention painful feeling inside.


“I’ll see you later Tye,” he said indifferently as he closed his locker and walked out the room.



How the fuck am I supposed to go about this?


I keep asking myself that same question over and over again. I sighed in frustration as I stared at the computer screen in front of me. This seems to be a bad idea with each passing minute.


I’m in my room taking up the advice that Logan gave me this afternoon. It’s like what he said, it’s a fair game to go after Will. I mean, it’s not like he and Sterling are in an exclusive relationship with one another, right? I just need to show Will that I have genuine feelings for him, and they go beyond the platonic level.


The only problem is… I don’t know how to do that exactly. Sure, the premise sounds easy. Tell Will your feelings; ask him out on a date, blah, blah, blah. But it’s harder than it seems. I honestly have no clue how the fuck I am going to do that without causing a scene.


I’ve perfectly made up my mind that I am not going over to his house to directly talk to him. I… I don’t think I can handle rejection directly if it should come to that. I decided a phone call wouldn’t be a better alternative either. Hearing his voice probably wouldn’t be a good idea. The only option I found to be have the least disadvantages would be through an e-mail. Sure, it’s pretty much a cowardly thing to do, but it’ll be the least painful if things get rough.


Now I just have to find out what to say to him… Easier said than done, right?


I didn’t entirely process what was going through my mind; I simply started typing down whatever thoughts came through me. It was all a blur to be honest with you. I guess I’ve got a lot of things to say to him.


When I was done, I stared at it and began to have second thoughts about this. Was I too forward? Did I sound pathetic? All these and a whole bucket load of concerns started swimming in my head. Do I send it now?


After contemplating for a while, I hit the ‘Save as Draft’ icon. I’m sorry, okay? I chickened out in the last minute. I need to think this over some more. I’ll get to it tomorrow. I just can’t today… I just can’t…



The next day, after having a rather uneventful lunch, I went back to that e-mail for Will. I reread the entire thing and decided to change a few sentences here and there. Clearly, I wasn’t thinking straight last night as I noticed I’ve repeated several sentences over and over again in the course of the letter. It sounded stupid. And in the latter part of the letter, I came across really, really angry as I was accusing him of some rather mean things…


Ugh. I need to edit.


I was busy fixing my letter when I heard some rather loud footsteps going up the stairs. I noticed it got louder and louder. I swiveled my chair around just in the nick of time to watch my door fling open with Jason, Logan, and Vincent step inside my room.


“What are you guys doing here?” I asked them… okay, maybe more like yelled at them. This was certainly out of the blue. I had no clue as to why they were here.


“We’re here to visit you dummy,” Jason said, looking unfazed by my confusion.


“What’s that you’re looking at?” Logan asked as he approached my desk to take a look at whatever I was doing on my computer.


“Oh! It’s nothing!” I said a little hastily as I turned my attention back to my computer and started clicking these icons so that he won’t be able to see what I was doing. I clicked the ‘Save as Draft’ icon before hastily closing my browser. All that time, my hands were shaking like a leaf. That was a close call!


“Knowing Tyler, he must be looking at porn,” Vincent chuckled as he sat down on my bed.


“Ha ha. Very funny Vince!” I said as I flipped him off. Out of love of course. Vince understands that as he just laughed at me.


“But seriously guys,” I said, turning a bit solemn, “what are you doing here?”


Logan and Vince both looked at Jace who approached me and sat on my bed. We were facing each other, I guess separating ourselves by only a foot.


“Tye, Logan told us,” he said slowly as he looked at me in the eyes.


“Told you what?” I asked, clueless as to what he was talking about.


“He told us what you talked about in the locker room and we kinda picked up some hints from it,” Jace answered.


“Why didn’t you tell us about this?” Vince asked me before he added, “don’t you think we wouldn’t help you or support you through this?”


My eyes widened at Vince’s remark.


“I guess this explains all your weird behavior lately. You know what we’re talking about Tye. Don’t even try to deny it,” Jason said, a little too seriously for my tastes.


Fuck, the cat’s out of the bag now. They know I like Will. They’re going to think I’m gay. This can’t be happening! I never hinted to Logan that I was into guys at all. How the hell did he figure it out? I didn’t think Logan was that perceptive.


“Wait, let me explain…” I trailed off as I stood out of my chair in nervousness. I started pacing around the center of my room.


“You should have told us Tye,” Vince said.


“It’s hard okay?” I snapped back.


“Bullshit Tye!” Jason said as he rose up to his feet and stared at me. “Why didn’t you tell us that you were lonely? I’m your best friend for crying out loud. Why didn’t you fucking tell me? We could have helped you out!”


“Trust me, you couldn’t have helped me,” I laughed sadly.


“Well we are now!” Jason yelled as he approached my closet.


“What are you doing?” I asked him as I watched him pull out some clothes from my closet and throwing them on the bed.


“You need to get dressed. You have a date today!” Logan replied as he grabbed me by the shoulders.


“A what?” I asked.


“Listen,” Jason said as he faced me still holding onto one of my polo shirts. “We all talked about it and we think it’d be best to forget going after this girl who’s seeing someone. It’d be a disaster waiting to happen. Trust me, you don’t want to get into that especially what you went through with Dana.”


I blinked at him. Okay, now I’m totally fucking clueless.


“That’s why Vince found you a date tonight!” Jason said as he pointed at Vince across the room.


“You’ll like her Tye. She’s smart, funny, and drop dead gorgeous! She’s from the same school as you sister. As far as I know, she gives good head too!” Vince said with a smile.


Wait a minute… They’re not talking about Will?! Shit! I breathed out a huge sigh of relief. For a minute there, I thought my life was over.


“You’ve been mopy and distant lately because you’re still hung up on Dana. It’s time to move on man. We figured it’s time to start dating again. This is why we set-up this date for you!” Jason said as he smiled at me.


“And you’re not taking no for an answer!” Logan added as he gave me brotherly hug.


I gave a small laugh as he hugged me. He let go with a confused look on his face. I just shook my head at them. Maybe this is what I needed. Maybe this date would help me out figure out a lot of things about myself.


I need to figure out if I’m gay. But more importantly, I need to figure out if liking Will was just a fluke. I need to figure out if that kiss was, as Will said it himself, a mistake.


I went to my bed and looked through the pile of clothes before I looked at Vince’s direction and said, “She better be gorgeous or you’re a fucking dead man!”






(Will’s POV)


This is a good thing right? I asked myself that question over and over again as I stared at my reflection. It held a rather worried expression. I’m going on a date tomorrow. This is a sign right? I need to stop thinking about Tyler and move on.


From behind me, I could hear a toilet flushing and Rocky slowly walked up to the sink beside me. The morning break was almost over so we decided to freshen up a bit before heading back to class.


“So…” Rocky said as he glanced at my reflection, “What’s up with you? Anything new in your life?”


I scoffed and stared back at his smiling reflection.


“What?” he asked in feigned innocence.


“I’m sure you know already what is up with me so you can pretty much stop this charade,” I said as I turned on the water as a stream of water greeted my hands.


“I know… I just want to hear you say it,” Rocky said with a smile.


I flung the jets of water toward him causing him to yelp with surprise and amusement.


“Heeey!” he shouted at me as he looked at the water spots on his green sweater. “You got it all wet!”


“Well that’s what you get for being so nosy,” I replied with a devilish smile.


“Hey, I’m not nosy! It’s Claire who’s the nosy one! She’s the one who told me!” Rocky said as he tried defending himself.


“Shhh… Keep it down will you?” I told him, a little worried someone might overhear the fact that Sterling is into boys. The last thing he needs is to be ostracized by the student body. I don’t want to be responsible for his possible social suicide.


“Will, you need to calm down. No one’s in here. So tell me who asked who?” Rocky asked me as he grabbed tissue and began wiping the water stains off his sweater.


“Oh please Rocky. If you got Claire to give you the information, I’m sure she’s already told you who asked who… And where it took place and what words were said,” I pointed out to him.


“I know… but again, I just want to hear you say it,” Rocky replied.


I narrowed my eyes at him as I prepared myself to spray him with water. He raised his arms in surrender and said, “I’m kidding! I’m kidding okay?”


I laughed and shook my head at his discomfort. He swatted me at the back of my head before bolting out of the door, laughing the entire time.


I shook my head in annoyance. Just you wait Rocky. You’re going to be sorry. You can’t mess with me and get away with it!


I turned off the water knob off and stared back at my reflection. My laughter disappeared and was replaced by the same somber look as before. This is going to be fine. Your date with Sterling is what you need to get over Tyler. This is a good thing… right?



“Will! Come on. We’re going to be late!”


“I’m coming!” I shouted as I tied my shoelaces on the floor.


“Hurry up! We can’t be late or else we’re not going to get paid!” Blake yelled from downstairs.


I let out a small curse as I tied the shoelaces of my other shoe. I glanced at the clock. It said 8pm. Hmph. They have over an hour before the show starts, why are they rushing me?


See, today was Friday evening and I promised my brothers last night that I would attend their small music gig in a local bar. And by attend, I mean be their personal assistant the entire night. This means I have to make sure all their equipment is working, making sure they follow their set-list, and providing them alternative instruments should any break down. I arranged their song choices for tonight and I wanted to come down and make sure they don’t mess up.


Once I finished tying up my shoelaces, I stood up and looked myself in the mirror. I was simply wearing a white V-neck over dark blue denims and some red-black sneakers. I wanted to be as comfortable as possible as I’ll be stuck in a stuffy bar the entire night.


After checking myself in the mirror, I made my way downstairs to find the twins glaring at me.


“About time! Come on. We’re going to be late!” Marco growled as he stepped outside to start the car.


“Chill out. You have an hour before the show starts,” I told them.


“It’ll probably take us around 20 minutes to get there. Around 10 minutes to find a parking spot. Another 15 minutes to bring everything inside. And around 10 minutes to set-up,” Blake explained as we walked out of the house together towards the car.


“See? You’ve got 5 minutes to spare!” I pointed out to him.


Blake just gave me a go-to-hell look.


“I’m kidding! I’m kidding, okay”? And I’m sorry,” I apologized to him. “I’ll make it up to you guys I swear.”


Blake gave me a wicked smile and said, “You will. Trust me.”


I stopped momentarily and stared at him as I watched him make his way to the passenger seat.


“I have a feeling you guys are making me do something I’m going to regret,” I said as I stared at Blake. He just laughed at me and got inside the car.


“Blake, seriously what are you ta-”


“William! Get in the car!” Marco barked with ferocity. I knew that tone. It means he’s not messing around anymore. I quickly jumped inside the car and sat down. It wasn’t easy though considering the backseat was littered with several of their instruments. I barely had any room to sit down for crying out loud.


“Blake. I’m serious. What are you guys talking about?” I asked him, a little intrigued but mostly scared. Knowing my brothers, it’s probably something I wouldn’t like.


They both looked at each other as Blake just laughed. Then Marco looked back at me before grinning. Okay, this has got to be my creepiest experience of their twin telepathy. From the way things are going, it looks like they plan on killing me and dumping my body in a mineshaft somewhere… Okay… William, you need to lay off the horror movies!


My brothers drove through town into the main district. While doing so, we were just going through the set-list and the gig itself.


“So you sure Vahn is coming tonight?” I asked my brothers. Vahn Wilkinson was the twins’ best friend when they were growing up. I remember that the three of them were inseparable. He was always doing whatever the twins were doing. That includes teasing me during my crybaby phase.


“Yes dad. I called him up before we left the house. He’s there already,” Marco said as he rolled his eyes at me.


“You should have called him mom,” Blake corrected Marco causing his twin to laugh. I whacked Blake on the head with one of the guitars.


“Hey! Watch it! You’re going to break that,” Blake said as he grabbed the guitar from my hands.


“Shut up,” I told him, which caused the twins to laugh even harder. Ugh. Older brothers… What can you do?


“Okay. We’re here!” Marco said as he turned the car around a corner. “Vahn should be here somewhere.”


“There he is!” Blake said as he pointed to a rather chubby guy on in front of the entrance.


“That’s Vahn??” I exclaimed. He sure looked different from the last time I saw him. He’s gotten a lot fatter that’s for sure. He used to be really skinny as I recall.


“Yep, that’s him,” Marco said as he parked the car in front of Vahn to unload their equipment. Blake and I followed soon after.


“Is this little pipsqueak our little Will?” Vahn asked as he looked at me with a smile.


“Hi,” I said as I blushed a bit. Hey, I get nervous easily, okay?


Vahn just laughed before ruffing up my hair. I gave a small frown. I hate it when people do that. Do you know how long it takes for me to tame my hair? Thankfully Vahn didn’t notice my sour expression.


“So, help us unload this shit. We only got less than 5 minutes to set-up,” Marco said as he opened the trunk.


“No problem!” Vahn said as he approached Marco.


The four of us brought the instruments inside before Marco, Vahn, and I set them up. Blake, on the other hand, was busy talking to the manager and apologizing how late they were.


Once everything was set-up, I looked at the bar. It was a rather small bar than I thought it would be. It actually seemed a bit cozy. It was divided into two floors. The first floor was where the stage was located along with a few tables and chairs. The second floor, which was a bout a foot or so higher than the first floor, contained the other tables as well as the actual bar.


I noticed that the place was pretty packed. This is a good thing!


“So, who’s playing which instruments?” I asked as I whipped out my small notepad to double check all the instruments and the flow of the set list.


“Well… Blake will be playing the guitar and then Vahn will be playing the drums and I’ll be playing the bass,” Marco said.


“Okay. Who’s going to do the singing?” I asked them, not looking up from my notepad.


“That will be you,” Marco said.


“Oka- Wait!” I said as I looked up from my notepad at my brother. He had an innocent smile on his face. “What are you talking about? I’m not singing!” I said in exasperation.


“Yes, you are,” Marco said, this time his smile getting a little bit wider.


“No. I am not singing!” I said with finality as I crossed my arms against my chest.


“Look Will. You owe us. You’re the reason why we almost didn’t make it on time,” Marco said.


“But you made it on time!” I argued.


Marco just gave me a blank stare. Urgh. He’s pressuring me! The dumbass is making me feel guilty over this. I looked at Vahn for some help. He just shrugged his shoulders and went behind the drums ready to play. Sigh.


“Fine…” I said. Marco smiled at my response.


“What’s wrong?” Blake asked me as he approached us.


“Will agreed,” Marco said looking at his twin with glee.


“Oh, that’s good,” Blake laughed.


“You’ve been planning this all along haven’t you?” I asked them with disdain.


“Not really,” Blake answered.


“Yes!” Marco said.


They both answered at the same time. I glared at them.


“Okay, okay. We’ve been planning to make you sing since you gave us the set-list. You know the songs best and we figured you’d bring out the emotions the best among the four of us,” Blake said.


I looked at them with contempt. Vahn just stared between the three of us wondering if anything was going to happen.


“Whatever,” I said as I stepped up to the mic. “Just start!” I barked at them. The twins just smiled at each other before taking up their positions.



“See that wasn’t so bad was it?” Vahn asked me as he took a sip of water.


“Actually, I had fun singing up on stage,” I said to him. The gig was now over. We played around 15 songs. Initially, it was supposed to be only 12 songs, but the crowd really got into it and encouraged us for an encore. Got to admit… It was really fun.


“So now, you needn’t kill your brothers,” Vahn laughed.


“Yeah… Speaking of, where are they?” I asked as I looked around the room.


“Oh. They went to talk to some of their fans,” Vahn said with a smile.


“Groupies I bet!” I laughed.


“WILL! YOU WERE AWESOME!!!” a voice shrieked behind me.


I cringed in response. I know that voice anywhere. I turned around to see my brothers along with Rocky, Claire, Taylor, and Sterling standing in front of me.


“Wait… What?” I asked my brothers in surprise.


“We invited them over. After all, it was your big debut!” Blake said with another one of his wicked smiles. I stared at him and Marco with contempt. If looks could kill!


“Hey don’t be mad at them! You were fantastic!” Rocky said as he approached me and gave me a hug.


“Yeah! I was screaming so loud when you started singing Garands from Young The Giant! I never knew anyone else liked them!” Taylor said in excitement. I just stared at her.


“She’s an indie freak like you,” Claire pointed out as she gave me a big hug as well. “Oh Will! That was sooo good!” I almost choked from the ferocity of her hug. It’s like she was squeezing all the air from out of my lungs. I managed to look at Sterling and he just stood there with a huge blush on his face.


Claire let go of me, turned to Sterling and said, “Well aren’t you going to congratulate him?” He was about to say something but Taylor interrupted him.


“He’s too embarrassed to say something!” Taylor announced as Sterling just glared at her.


“You were great Will,” Sterling said before blushing again. I blushed at his comment.


“Awww… You guys are sooo cute!” Claire said as she pushed me to Sterling.


“Stop it!” I shouted at her causing everyone to laugh. Sterling just gave me a shy smile.


Oh god. I’ve got a feeling this was going to be a long night.



I woke up with a slight headache. I don’t think I’ve fully recovered yet from last night. After the gig, my brothers and I went for a couple of drinks back at home celebrating their success. They’ve made a decent amount of money for the gig. Normally, most parents would be totally against underage drinking. However, my parents are fine with me drinking as long as there was an adult to supervise me. And let’s just say, I couldn’t hold my liquor last night.


Ugh… I hauled myself out of my bed and proceeded to my bathroom to wash up. I could see a bit of an eye bag issue forming there. Crap. Then I went downstairs to the kitchen to drink some aspirin. When I arrived at the kitchen, everyone was already sitting down at the dinner table.


“Well look who finally decided to drag his drunk butt off the bed?” my dad replied as everyone seemed to laugh at my discomfort.


“Good afternoon dear!” my mom said to me.


“Afternoon?” I asked in confusion as I sat down at the dining table. “What time is it?”


“It’s 12:30,” Blake said as he took a bite out of whatever what he was eating.


“Already?!” I said. I jerked my head to face the clock on the wall.


“We figured you’d need all the rest you could get. After all, you have a date later,” Marco said as he took a sip out of his glass.


“You have a date later?” my parents asked in unison as they both looked at me in surprise. I glared at Marco for the nth time before turning my attention to my parents.


“Yes. We’re just going to watch a movie or something later,” I said as I began placing food on my plate. Oooh… Ribs and mashed potatoes!


“Who’s the lucky guy?” my mom asked me.


“His name is Sterling,” Blake answered for me. “We met him last night at our gig. He seems to be a very nice guy.”


“Well if he’s okay with your brothers, I guess that’s good enough for me. Just remember, use protection,” my dad told me.


“Daaad,” I said, quite embarrassed.


“What?” he asked me.


“Oh stop it Sean. You’re embarrassing our boy,” my mom said as she slapped my dad on the shoulder.


My parents asked a lot of questions about Sterling and that’s how lunch pretty much went. Once we were all done, I excused myself to take a shower and pick out something to wear at my date later.


After my shower, I opened my laptop to play some music. I then started picking clothes out of the closet when my laptop suddenly beeped weirdly. Curious, I laid out the clothes and my bed and then went to my desk. I clicked around and found that I’ve gotten new e-mail. Huh. It’s from Tyler. I wonder what he wants… I sat down and opened his mail.


I stared at the computer screen… I was in shock. This really can’t be happening. I found myself blinking away tears as I simply stared at Tyler’s e-mail and read it again:







I don’t know how to put this into words. Honestly, I don’t even know how to comprehend all of this. This thing between us has gotten me confused, it’s driving me crazy. You’re all I could think about day in and day out.


I can’t stop thinking about your laugh, your sense of humor, your ruffled hair, your adorable smile, and your lips. Ever since we kissed, there are these feelings that I can’t seem to explain. I won’t lie; I was scared over what happened. In fact, I still am. You said it yourself, I was the football captain and I was pretty much a king in the school. I think losing all of that scared the shit out of me. However, none of this mattered because all I could think about was you.


I love being around you because you bring out a different side of me. I liked kissing you that night, holding you in my arms, and having you run your hands through my hair.


The point is… I like you. I like you in a more-than-friends way. The following day, I was ready to tell you about my feelings. Then, you told me I was a mistake. Did you really mean that? I admit that I was hurt. No… I was devastated. Can you imagine how painful that was to hear? I mean I was ready to fall for you and then to hear I was nothing but a mistake. It still hurts when I think about it.


And then, I figured out that you have a date with Sterling… Yes, I know about you two and you don’t have to worry, I won’t tell anyone. When I found this out, it broke my heart. I felt used, unwanted, and alone.


I can’t help but think that this is your way of getting back at me for what I did to you all those years ago! It is taking everything I have inside of me not to feel this way. I don’t want to think of you that way, but I never know with you nowadays. Maybe you are still mad at me? I don’t know… I really don’t…


I not only wished you would have given me a chance to at least prove you wrong but also prove myself wrong. But above all this, I have wanted to kiss your sweet lips once again.



Tyler’s letter ended there. The ending seemed quite abrupt and unfinished, but I didn’t care because at that moment, I started crying.


Fuck. I couldn’t help it. My tears were falling down my face. I couldn’t stop them. It tore me up inside that I managed to hurt Tyler that much. I called him a mistake for fuck’s sake! When in his mind, I wasn’t!


I stood up abruptly and leaned on the railings of my bed. It just dawned to me… Tyler likes me! I don’t know how or why, but I now know for a fact that our kiss meant something to him. At that moment, in my mind, I wasn’t really processing how a straight guy who just had a girlfriend be attracted to a guy.


Will. You’re so fucking stupid! He likes you! And what do you do? You ask some other guy out! He was about to ask me for a chance and I tore that away from him. I started crying again as my tears began to fall once again.


Suddenly I heard Gayng’s song entitled, “Cry” play from my laptop. I gave a nervous laugh. Oh the irony!


I looked back at my computer screen and stared at Tyler’s e-mail.


Tyler… I’m so sorry.



“Hey, are you okay?”


I looked away from the window and back at Sterling. He had a concerned look on his face. He was driving me home from our date… Maybe date was pushing it too far as tonight had been a complete disaster in my eyes.


It wasn’t Sterling’s fault though. He actually was the only good thing about the night. He did his homework by picking out the things we did today. We watched Harry Potter today and ate in one of my favorite restaurants afterwards. He must have gotten notes from either Claire or Rocky. He was also sweet and thoughtful the entire night asking me how it was going and if I was enjoying myself. He was really good company.


I can’t say the same if he felt the same way about me though. I don’t know, but after reading Tyler’s e-mail, I can’t seem to get the blonde eyed boy out of my mind. No matter how hard I try, he keeps popping back into my mind. I wasn’t myself tonight. I was pretty distant with Sterling. I just couldn’t bring myself to be so happy and flirty around Sterling when I still had these feelings for Tyler.


Okay, I admit it. Tyler’s e-mail resurrected these feelings of desire for him. I wanted to get out of that date and go over to his house and tell him how I feel.


“Will?” Sterling asked once again.


“I’m fine,” I said tiredly.


“Are you sure? You were pretty quiet the entire date,” he told me sadly. “You didn’t have fun?”


“What? No! No! It’s not you. I just had a lot on my mind lately… I’m sorry if I was such a pill tonight,” I apologized to him.


“Hey, you were not a pill okay? I had fun,” Sterling trailed off, looking at me. I looked back at him. Why are you giving me that look? Oh! Wait.


“I had fun too!” I said as I forced a smile. Great. He was waiting to see if I too had fun or not. He smiled in return.


“Well, here we are,” Sterling said as he stopped the car in front of my house. He looked back at me.


“Thanks,” I told him with a smile. I then turned the doorknob, when I felt him grab me, turn me to him and kissed my lips. To say the least, I was a bit surprised as I felt his glasses squishing my forehead. He let go and blushed quite a bit.


“Umm… bye,” I said a little to hastily as I got out of the car and went to my driveway. Sterling gave me a small wave goodbye as he drove off. I watched him leave before I heading inside. Halfway to the front door, I looked back and stared at the Beaumont residence.


My mind was on steroids, and apparently me feet as well. I found myself heading over there. I didn’t know if this was really a good idea, but I needed to talk to Tyler.


I walked up the front steps and rang the doorbell. A few seconds later, his sister Emily appeared at the front door.


“Hi Emily… Is Tyler home?” I asked, a little too excitedly.


“Oh… hi… Will. I’m afraid not. I think he and a couple of his friends went out tonight,” she answered.


“Do you know where they went?” I asked her. I don’t care if I need to drag him away from his friends. I need to talk to him tonight!


“Oh! Umm.. Well they should have left the restaurant by now so he should be at the Malt Shop by now,” she said.


The Malt Shop? That’s not too far. I can get there in ten minutes or so… if I run.


“Okay, thanks Emily!” I said as I ran down the stairs and onto the street.


“You’re welcome!” she shouted behind me.


I think I’m going crazy. I can’t believe I’m doing this. I am actually running after Tyler like some crazed teenager in a romantic movie.


I swear I’m never making fun of those movies again.


I hopped up the curb and sped down the lane. People were giving me looks, but I didn’t care. I needed to- Whoa! Shit. That was close. I almost bumped into a lamppost there.


It took me a few more minutes to arrive at the Malt Shop. I stopped and grabbed onto my knees, trying to catch as much as oxygen as I could. My entire body was sweating, but I wasn’t paying attention to that. I started walking to the Malt Shop as I tried to find the words I wanted to say to Tyler when I see him.


That didn’t take long though. A few seconds later, I see Tyler exit the Malt Shop. He was dressed nice. He had his black blazer on over some khaki pants and his blonde hair was really combed down really nicely. I couldn’t help but smile like the Cheshire Cat at that moment. I was about to call out to him in glee when a girl suddenly wrapped her arms around Tyler’s.


She had shoulder length black hair and was really attractive. She was wearing a really figure hugging dress. Damn was she sexy! I was about to wave at Tyler when my hand froze in mid-air. That girl kissed Tyler on the cheek. I looked at both of them. That bitch kissed him. And that wasn’t a fucking friends-only kiss.


Wait a minute.


I hid behind a postbox and studied them. The girl was all over Tyler, rubbing her hands up and down Tyler’s arm. I thought Emily said he was with Jason and the boys? Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. This was a date… Tyler, the guy I was about to pour my feelings to was on a date… with a girl!


My mind was swimming with so many thoughts. I thought Tyler liked me? Otherwise, why would he send me that e-mail? I couldn’t think clearly. I just blinked away few tears from my eyes.


I watched both of them get into Tyler’s truck and drove off into the night. I stepped out from behind the postbox and watched his truck disappear into the night.


He’s on a date… I looked up at the nighttime sky in despair. Maybe the sky would be able to give me some answers. Tyler’s moved on, and it’s all my fault.








Oh man. These two guys just can’t catch a break, can they? Why does everything have to be so complicated? Well, that’s life for you.


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I Think I’ve Flipped Chapter 8

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Disclaimer: First of all, I was above the age of 18 when I wrote this story and I own all rights to this. Any resemblance to actual living persons and places within this story is purely coincidental. If you are underage or it is illegal to view this story in your area, please hit the back button now. This story includes scenes of male teenagers engaged in male/male sex when permitted in the narrative. If you are uncomfortable with this, kindly exit now as well. Anyway, here goes:



I Think I’ve Flipped. Chapter 8.



(Will’s POV)


“So… what should.. We do next?” I asked as I smiled at him. I began to feel awkward after hearing Tyler tell me the things which made me special. It was a sweet gesture on his part. On the other hand, I have to admit it came as a big surprise.


I held the drawings we had done earlier in the evening. I presumed he was reaching out to grab them when I noticed his hand coming towards my face. What was going on? I couldn’t move nor speak as I sat paralyzed on the bed. A few seconds later, I felt Tyler’s lips touching mine.


I must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights as my eyes responded in surprise. Fuck. I was in total shock as my hands were shaking uncomfortably. I tried to use them to push Tyler off me, but instead I found them running through his hair. I even surprised myself further by returning his kiss.


His hand slipped underneath my shirt as he felt my back and my torso. God, his hands felt so fucking good on my skin. There was a roughness to them, from all the sports he played. His actions were enough to bring my cock to a standing position. I ran my hands up and down his arms as I felt his muscles. He is so hot.

We continued kissing for a few minutes before our lips disengaged from each other. I opened my eyes and found myself staring at the most gorgeous blue eyes I have ever seen. I then pulled myself out of the trance I was under. What the hell happened? Did we just kiss? I was confused as I kept asking myself if this was real or was it just a fantasy. I couldn’t speak when I tried to ask him directly. Instead, I looked into his eyes for an answer.


What I did find was a confused boy sitting in front of me. A person conflicted over something he just done. His gaze seemed to bore through my soul as if it was sucking the air out of me. I found myself having trouble breathing. I couldn’t deal with it. I just couldn’t.


“I… I have to go,” I said hastily as I pulled myself free from Tyler’s strong arms and bolted out the door so fast he didn’t know what hit him. He didn’t even try to keep me from leaving. No words, no chasing, nothing! It him me that I should have never kissed him in the first place. I really fucked up big time.


I ran all the way home and locked myself in my room. Thank goodness no one was home when I arrived or else, they would have seen what a terrible mess I am.


I collapsed on my bed and buried my face in my pillow as the tears kept falling I could still see the hesitation present in his eyes after our kiss. It broke my heart that all I was to him was a mistake. I was a big mistake.


Shit. I can’t even deal with this. I shouldn’t have kissed him back. Instead, I should have pushed him away! I pounded my fist on my bed in frustration. God, William! You’re so fucking stupid!!!



“Morning!” my brother Marco said as he saw me step inside the kitchen. I didn’t reply as I made my way to the table. He gave me a suspicious look. I just glared at him telling him to back off, which earned me confused faces from the twins.


I barely got any sleep last night as I was pretty much emotionally drained over what happened with Tyler in his room. I was dreading going back to school and facing Tyler. I don’t know what’s going to happen and that fucking scares the shit out of me.


“Someone woke up in the wrong side of the bed today,” Blake said as he eyed me. I picked a bagel from the table and walked off back to my room, but not before giving him a really cold stare. He flinched at my gaze.


“Will! Don’t you want breakfast?” my mother shouted from the stove as she looked at my retreating figure.


“I’m not hungry!” I shouted before lazily walking up the stairs to my room.


By the time I stepped inside my room, I was pretty much done with the bagel. I went inside my bathroom to freshen up before changing into something appropriate for school. I grabbed a long sleeved green, checkered polo shirt, some khaki slacks, and green sneakers from my closet and slowly put them on. I tried combing my brown mop down as it slightly worked. I looked myself in the mirror. Sigh. I look like a hipster… Whatever.


I looked around the room for my backpack. The hell?! Where is it? I began lifting up the sheets and pillows from my bed. I crouched down to peek under my bed. It wasn’t there either. I approached my closet and opened it. I gazed up and down, but I still couldn’t find it. Goddammit! Don’t tell me I lost it? Most of my books were in there! Motherfu-


“Will! Hurry up little man! Blake and I are going to be late for these interviews in the mall. We still need to drop your ass in your school!” I heard Marco yell.


I pushed through the clothes on the racks, searching for a replacement bag. I don’t have the time to look for it now. Marco and Blake are going to be pissed at me for this. I’m pretty sure about that…


“WILL!” Marco shouted from outside the lawn. I heard a rock tap against my window. What in the hell does he think he is doing by throwing a rock at me!


“COMING!!” I shouted as I grabbed a rather small shoulder bag from the closet. As I made my way towards the door, I grabbed a notepad, a pen, and my wallet from my desk before I bolted downstairs.


I found my mom waiting for me by the door. “Bye sweetie! Have a good day, okay?” she said as she gave me a quick peck on the cheek.


“Bye mom!” I said as she kissed my cheek. I kissed her on her cheek goodbye as I looked ahead and saw my brothers already inside the car.


“Come on Will!” Marco shouted as he beckoned at me with his hand to get in the small car, which was a really banged up and really old Mercedes. We only have two cars. This one and my dad’s Ford Focus. Wasn’t really fancy stuff, but hey, it’s all we could afford in the moment.


I stepped outside and made my way to the car when I saw my dad sitting on the lawn tending to the grass and flowers. I looked over at what he had done and marveled how he was able to transform the ugly ass lawn we had before into something this beautiful.


He planted numerous flowers and planted a few small trees in the middle of the lawn. All the weeds were gone. The grass was green and well maintained. Hell, it looks good as the Beaumonts across the street!


“Bye dad!” I said as I approached him and gave him a quick peck on his head. I don’t know about you, but my dad has no qualms me kissing him goodbye. One would think it’d be weird showing this type of affection to one’s father, but for my dad and me, it’s pretty much fine. He doesn’t care that I’m gay or if anyone sees. We just have that sort of relationship.


“See ya sport! Have fun in school!” he said as he ruffled my hair in affection.


“Aww dad!” I said with a pout as I tried fixing my hair down. He bellowed a laugh. If there’s one thing my dad is good at, it’s laughing.


“What do you think about the garden? Looks nice eh?” my dad asked me as he pointed around the lawn.


“It looks really good!” I said ecstatically.


“Will!!” my brothers both shouted in surprised unison.


“Get going, before your brothers come out and hack me to death for keeping you!” my dad laughed as he shooed my away with his gloved hands.


I jogged my way to the car and stepped inside the back seat and dumped my bag beside me.


“About time you loser!” Marco sneered as he stared at me from the rear view mirror.


“Whatever ya prick!” I said, sticking my tongue at him before flashing him a grin. Marco just laughed at me and reached behind his seat and messed up my hair.


“Aww come on!” I said, annoyed at having to fix my hair again. If I didn’t fix it, I dare say, I looked like a hobo.


“Such a shame. Will’s going to have a bad hair day,” Blake said as he faced backwards, laughing at my discomfort as Marco continued to mess my hair as I tried swatting his hand away.


“Just drive!” I shouted in feigned annoyance as I lightly kicked the driver’s seat causing Marco to slightly jump forward.


“Alright, alright. Don’t get too violent man,” Marco said as he started the engine and sped off.


We drove in silence as we headed to my school. Well, silence wouldn’t probably the right word since Blake was playing his mix tape in the car. Perhaps, the better word would be that it was awkward. No one was talking. I was in a foul mood from losing my bag but also what had happened last night with Tyler. I could see from the corner of my eye that Marco was glancing back at me through the rear view mirror. I’m just waiting to see how long it will take him to ask me about it.


“So…, what got up your panties in a wad this morning?” he asked as he recalled our slightly tense standoff at the breakfast table.


“First of all, for your information, I’m wearing boxers,” I said with a smirk. “And secondly, I was being bitchy this morning because I couldn’t find my school bag anywhere in my room, and my school project with Tyler wasn’t going so well last night.”


“What happened?” Blake asked as he looked back at me.


“We just had different opinions on things. He was intense and unwilling to anything other than his vies,” I explained as I stared out the window lying to them.


“Intense?! He didn’t get violent with you, did he?” Marco shouted as he craned his neck back at me and stared at me.


“Watch where you’re bloody going!” Blake shouted at his twin as he grabbed the steering wheel and spun it so he wouldn’t go off road. “Are you mental?! Eyes on the bloody road!” he screamed at Marco.


“Okay, okay. I get it,” Marco said as he glared at his twin momentarily and then glanced back at the rearview mirror to me.


I had my elbow resting on the window sill when I replied, “No. He didn’t hit me or verbally attacked me. We just had a disagreement as usual. We weren’t seeing eye to eye.”


Marco narrowed his eyes at me, trying to figure out if I was telling the truth. I didn’t look back at him. I just stared outside the window. I had no intention of filling them in on what happened last night. We were silent once again. You could cut the tension with a knife. It lasted a couple more minutes though it probably felt like an hour.


I wrinkled my brow, this suddenly just registering to me now. I turned to Blake and asked, very much perplexed, “Did you just talk in a British accent?” Blake and Marco just laughed.


“Too much Skins and Misfits bro,” Blake said as he gave me a childish smile.



I stumbled into the halls without anything worthwhile happening. I haven’t seen any of my friends so far. I passed their lockers, but none of them were there. Huh. I guess they must have walked to class already. I walked towards my locker not really paying any attention to anyone around me. I did pass by a small group of cheerleaders and they just giggled at me. I rolled my eyes at them. Fantastic. It was too early in the morning to deal with this.


When I reached my locker, I opened it quickly as I tried to stuff the rest of my books into my small shoulder bag. It was smaller than what I imagined and not all my books and supplies were going to fit.


“Here,” a voice called out in front of me, as his outstretched hand held my backpack. “You left it at my house last night.”


I looked up and saw Tyler gazing back at me with an unreadable expression. There wasn’t the usual friendliness I’ve grown accustomed to, but then again, there wasn’t any form of hostility in his eyes either. He was wearing his normal school outfit: jeans, sneakers, and his letterman jacket.


“Thanks,” I muttered as I took my bag from him and began transferring contents of one bag to the other. I noticed Tyler just stood there looking at me.


“Will…” he began whispering. I stopped momentarily and looked down. Oh shit, here it comes. Here it fucking comes. He’s gonna say that yesterday was a mistake and how it should have never happened. He’s going to be repulsed by me. Shit, I can’t take this again.


“Will, we need to talk about last night,” he said, this time with more stern urgency in his voice.


“No,” I said as I looked up at him.


“What do you mean no?” he asked angrily. “Look, last night was…”


“A mistake,” I said, finishing the sentence for him. “I know that. I shouldn’t have kissed you back. It was a mistake. You’re straight. You’re the football captain. You’re king of this school. We were just lonely last night and we took that opportunity to find some company. I’m sorry for fucking it up, this sort of friendship we had. It was fun. It really was,” I continued, pretty surprised how calm I could be in this very moment. Dammit. How could he be so attractive?!


“Goodbye Tyler,” I announced as he looked away. I guess he feels the same way too. I closed my locker and left him standing there. When I turned around in the corner, my heart broke again for the second time. Once again, Tyler didn’t stop me from walking away.



“Hey, you okay?”


I looked up at Sterling with a bewildered look of surprise. We were in our afternoon Calculus class. I guess he must have noticed how I wasn’t paying any attention to our paired in-class exercise. Tyler was still on my mind. Sigh.


“Will, you sure you’re alright?” Sterling asked once again, this time his British accent more pronounced as usual. He gave me a sheepish smile.


I just shook my head. “Yep. Everything’s fine. It’s nothing,” I said as I tried immersing myself into the assigned exercise.


“That’s bollocks,” I heard him reply.


“What?” I asked, looking at him incredulously. What the hell is he talking about?


“You’re lying again,” Sterling said as he tapped his pencil on the table, looking at me, or rather studying me quite closely.


“How’d you guess?” I asked him.


“I have my ways of telling. You’re not smiling for one. Usually you’re all so chipper and talkative (I gave out a smirk when he said that part).  You’re not doing any of the work either. Normally, you’d be half done by now!” he said, still looking at me closely, but this time following it with a smile.


“I just had a bad day,” I sighed as I looked down at the sheet of paper in front of me for some sort of distraction.


“Want to talk about it?” Sterling asked.


I looked back up at him. “What?” I asked him as his statement surprised me.


“I’m a very good listener,” he said, flashing me a pearly white smile. I stared at his emerald eyes behind his adorably dorky black, framed glasses. I saw a sincere gesture within those orbs of his. It felt familiar.


“You know, for someone who got shot down for a date, you’re awfully friendly,” I said with a chuckle. Sterling got really quiet all of a sudden as soon as those words escaped my lips.


“Will, just because you didn’t go out with doesn’t change the fact that we’re friends. We’ll always be friends, okay? Besides, I reckon I still got plenty of chances with you down the road. After all, there aren’t many gay people as hot as me in Ridgemont,” he said, as he casually rested brushed my hand with his. That gesture didn’t take more than a few seconds. It was short. Very short, but the message came across pretty clear.


“I… I’m sorry. Was I a bit too forward?” he asked me, not really looking in my eyes.


“Thanks Sterling,” I whispered to him. I had a smile on my face. When he noticed that, he smiled back at me. “I’m sorry. I just got a lot on my mind lately,” I replied to him.


“Wanna talk about it?” he asked.


“It’s more like a him actually,” I muttered as I absentmindedly doodled on the exercise sheet.


“Tyler?” he simply asked.


I looked at him in astonishment. “That obvious?”


“Pretty much,” he replied, a sad look on his face. “He’s the only one who manages to bother you this much.”


I was about to ask how he knew that, but I thought better and just let it go.


“Did he do something to you?” he asked, looking straight in my eyes.


“No… not really… It was more of a miscommunication between the two of us,” I answered.


“Huh,” he said as he stared at my doodle on the exercise sheet. “Hey, that’s kinda cute!”


I looked down at my doodle. It wasn’t anything special. It was a cartoon caricature of an animal. I would have never considered it remotely cute.


I looked away from the doodle and back at Sterling. He was still staring at the cartoon with an amused smile on his face. I took that time to notice him. He was handsome no doubt. He had a chiseled square face, but you wouldn’t really notice it because of his super curly hair. When he caught me looking at him, he smiled back at me. It was then I only noticed how beautiful his green eyes were.


“What?” he asked me.


I just stared at him in silence before saying, “Sterling… Do you want to do anything this Saturday? Umm… I’m wondering if you’d want to go on a date with me.”






(Tyler’s POV)


It’s been ten minutes since Will left my room. I’ve been sitting on my bed in silence thinking about what had just happened.


I jumped up as it hit me. I had just kissed Will Lakewood. Holy shit! I ran my hands through my hair as I started pacing around the room frantically.


I just fucking kissed a guy! Holy… I needed to calm down and think through this rationally. I stopped pacing and stood still in the center of my room. I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths to calm myself down.


“Am I gay?” I asked myself, barely a whisper as I opened my eyes. I can’t be! I’m not! I’m attracted to girls, not guys! I’m not fucking gay! I told myself that over and over again.


I can’t be… can I? It’s just not possible! I’ve never been attracted to guys in my entire life! It’s only the women I respond too.


‘Then why did you kiss Will?’ a voice in my head asked me all of a sudden.


I sat down on my bed and buried my head in my hands again realizing the gravity of the entire situation. I kissed Will and t wasn’t just a normal kiss either. Our tongues were fucking wrestling with each other. I groaned as I lied down in the bed, my hands still covering my face. Shit, this isn’t right… Why the fuck did I kiss Will?!


‘Because apparently you wanted to,’ the voice in my head answered.


I opened my eyes and looked at the ceiling. Was that true? Did I really want to kiss Will? Somehow I think I already knew the answer.


There was an aspect of Will that I found extremely interesting. I couldn’t pinpoint it exactly, but there was something about him that made me want to get to know him better. I was intrigued by him and his personality, yes; however, I wouldn’t have known that it would lead to a kiss. I never thought it was that sort of attraction.


Was I really attracted to Will? Or was this sort of a way of getting back at Dana? Am I really gay? Or is this some sort of phase? Ugh. These questions started out swimming in my head all at once. Frankly, it was giving me sort of a head ache.


‘But you were hard as a rock,’ the voice smirked back at me.


“Oh god,” I responded as I covered my face with my hands once again. That’s right… My dick was hard as a rock when I was kissing him. Fuck. If this wasn’t a sign that I’m a homo, I don’t know what is.


“But I’m not gay!” I blurted out again. I’m not! I like girls! I don’t like guys!


‘Then why was your dick hard?’ the voice sneered.


“I don’t know, okay!” I answered in annoyance. It’s perfectly normal to get hard in awkward situations, right? I mean, I am just a teenager after all. We all have fucking hormones we can’t control…


That’s it! It was all hormones. I was just horny and Will just happened to be there!


I sighed as I realized my attempt to rationalize what had happened seemed to become more pathetic as each second passed. Even an idiot with half a brain wouldn’t believe that… I kissed a guy… Oh god. I think I’m going to be sick.


I ran through my bathroom and tried throwing up in the toilet, but nothing came out as I just gagged. However, all these thoughts, questions that were rushing into my head in a single minute made me very, very dizzy.


I flushed the toilet even though I didn’t actually puke. I crawled my way to the sink and washed my face.


I stared at my reflection afterwards. My eyes were swimming with so many questions. I raised my right hand to my lips and traced its outline, remembering the feeling of Will’s lips on them earlier this evening.


To my surprise, my cock started to harden while thinking about Will’s kiss. Were these just the hormones talking again? I couldn’t explain it in words, but I wanted to kiss Will again. I wanted to feel his body next to mine. Not only that, but I wanted to see him smile and hear his laugh as well.


“Shit,” I murmured at my reflection. I like Will… No, I want Will. I need to tell him that. But what does he feel? He kissed me back so that means he liked me. Does this mean he’s attracted to me all this time?



Well that was a bust…


I was in the cafeteria, sitting at the football team’s table replaying over what happened with Will this morning. When I woke up this morning, I told myself that I was going to talk to Will about what happened last night. I wanted to let him know that it was all right. I needed to know if he felt the same way I did. I needed to know if he liked me that way. I needed to know if last night was real.


I found out that it was all a mistake for him. He wasn’t entirely clear why it was, but I seemingly caught the message. I was just disappointed he didn’t give me a chance to explain, make things right, prove him wrong. I absent mindedly played around with my food, not really paying attention to anything around me.


It was a mistake for him! He made that loud and clear.


“Yo Tye!” Jason said as he threw me piece of his sandwich. He hit me smack on the forehead.


“What the fuck man?” I said as I glared at him.


“Well that got your attention!” Jason said as he took a bit out of his sandwich.


“What?” I snapped at him as I threw that piece that hit me back at him.


“We’ve been trying to talk to you for the last couple of minutes, but you just keep spacing out!” Jason said as he dodged the incoming piece of bread.


“Are you okay?” Logan asked me from my left.


“What?” I said as I looked at him. “Yeah, yeah. I’m fine. Just got a lot of things on my mind.”


“Aww… Is Beaumont still crying over his break-up?”


I looked to my right and saw Scott sneering at me from the other end of the table. He had this wicked gleam in his eyes.


“Fuck off Scott,” I threatened him, my eyes narrowing in anger.


“Oh you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Scott said, challenging me.


I was about to stand up and punch him on the face when I felt Logan’s strong hand grab my arm.


“Don’t, he’s not worth it,” he said as he looked up at me.


“Yeah. You’re just going to get yourself and the team in trouble. Sit down!” Jason barked at me.


I breathed a sigh of relief before sitting down. I could see the entire football team looking at me wondering if I was going to fucking fight Scott here in the lunchroom.


“Oh… how sweet… You a coward now too?” Scott laughed.


“Scott, fuck off will you?!” Logan shouted. “Or would you like the coach to know who vandalized the locker room last week?”


Scott stopped laughing as he stared evilly at Logan before grabbing his lunch tray and walking off.


“Wait,” I said as I watched Scott waltz away. “He was responsible for spray painting the lockers?”


“Fuck yeah dude! Vincent and I caught him ditching a can of spray paint whose color was the same thing as the graffiti,” Logan said as he took a bite out of his food.


“You should have ratted his ass out! That will teach the motherfucker a lesson!” Jason said, looking at Logan as if he’d gone mental.


“No way dude. If I did that, he’d be off the team,” Logan replied.


“Exactly!” Jason said.


“I’m not sure abut you guys, but Scott’s a very good football player. Without him on the team, we’d be up in our asses against Central,” Logan explained, again taking another bite out of his food.


Jason and I stared at Logan. Well would have ever know Logan was actually smart? I certainly would have done what Jason suggested in a frickin’ heartbeat.


“Well… aren’t you the smart one Logan!” Jason laughed, amused at Logan’s sudden burst of intelligence.


“Huh?” Logan asked as he was clueless as to what Jason just said.


Jason and I both laughed in response. Okay, I take that comment back. I scanned the room and when I saw him, my laughter suddenly stopped.


Will was sitting at his usual table with his friends. I noticed him laughing away like there wasn’t anything wrong. A small jab of pain suddenly surged through me. Doesn’t he care at all? Isn’t he hurt over what happened? Cause I certainly am.


I’m hurting because he said that it was a mistake. It didn’t mean anything to him. Is this why he can casually laugh right now? I studied him. I couldn’t pinpoint it, but something is pulling me towards Will. It’s like there’s an incessant need for me to know more about him. Did I kiss him because I was merely intrigued by this quality of his?


I then saw Will lean in closer to Sterling guy and shared a small whisper together. I found myself becoming angry as I sat and watched them. I wanted to go over there and punch the daylights out of that British boy.


I narrowed my eyes at the two of them and I accidentally let out a snarl. Fuck, I am jealous. I never did like that British boy. There’s something really off about him and I don’t like it.


“What are you staring at?” Jason asked me as he tried to see what I was preoccupied with. When he saw where I was looking at, he slowly turned to me and gave me an disbelieving look.


“He’s on your mind again isn’t he?” Jason asked with a serious look on his face.


“What? Who?” I snorted, trying to deflect the question.


“Tyler…” Jason murmured. “What’s wrong?”


“Nothing… Nothing’s wrong,” I said, looking away.


Jason just looked at me before rolling his eyes and said, “Whatever.” He stood up, picked up his tray and proceeded to the trash cans.


As soon as he left the table, I got a clearer view of Will. He was still laughing with his friends. From the looks of it, he seems to be having fun. I noticed how unruly his hair was today. I noticed the apparent muscles building on his upper body. I noticed his smooth skin and his deep, brown eyes. I noticed his posture, how utterly comfortable he was in that situation. I noticed how he looked at his friends. I noticed then just how handsome he looked.


Fuck. Did I just say that Will looked handsome? I suddenly looked away afraid of this newfound sensation washing over me.


I looked around the football table staring at the other guys there. Do I find any of them attractive? If I were gay, then I would have felt something right? I scanned the guys around me. They all seemed to be built and packed which is pretty much a given. However, I needed to find out here and now if they bring out any of the same feelings I have been experiencing with Will.


Vincent’s probably the most good looking in the bunch. He has that face of a model. And his chocolate skin is flawless. Cody’s not too shabby either. He had jet black curly hair. He’s definitely a looker.


I continued noting down the qualities of the guys down in my head before finding myself staring at Trey. He was busy reading a comic book at the end of the table. His brown wavy hair was falling down on his face, he constantly had to push it away with his hands. His hazel eyes were busy scanning the pages of the comic. When he turned the pages, I saw the muscles in his arms jump. He’s fucking gorgeous. My cock started to harden at the thought of what he would look like underneath his clothes.


Shit. I’m getting an erection from Trey. Fuck. I looked back to my front so I didn’t have to stare at him anymore. In doing so, my gaze went automatically back to Will’s table.


Will was quiet now. Their friends were laughing, but it was apparent that something was bothering him. I watched him fake a smile at them. There seemed to be something wrong with him. I was surprised none of his friends were able to pick that up. I wanted to go over there and wipe that dejected look on his face away as well as kiss him… again.


Tell me I didn’t just fucking think that! Oh shit. Freaking out, I stood up from the table and marched away. I needed some air. I needed to get away from here.


“Hey!” I heard Logan shout behind me. “You didn’t clean your tray!”



Ever since my awkward leave over lunch, I couldn’t stop thinking about Will. There’s this sort of emptiness when I’m not with him. It’s quite difficult to explain really. Furthermore, Will’s the only person who understands me. Hell, he’s the only one who has the guts to stand up to me. He’s also the only one who makes me feel… different. He brings out things in me that Dana never did.


I need to talk to him. I need to ask him to give me a shot. I want him to take a chance on whatever this thing we have. I need to tell him that this wasn’t a mistake. I just need to be discreet about this. I’m still the quarterback of the team. I’m still the head honcho here. I can’t go through the school talking shit about me again. I wouldn’t be able to live that down. I just hope Will understands that and will be able to deal with that.


My thoughts were interrupted by ringing of the bell. I slowly packed my stuff away as I contemplated about how I was going to approach Will. One thing’s for sure, I need to talk to him right away.


As I stepped into the hallway, I made up my mind to head over towards Will’s locker and explain myself. If I have to drag him outside so he’ll talk to me, then so be it.


I was about to turn around a corner when I saw Sterling and Claire talking. Curious, I stepped back so they couldn’t see me and listened in on their conversation.


“It finally happened,” I heard Sterling tell Claire.


“Oh my god! Are you serious?” Claire asked excitedly.


“Keep it down!” Sterling said.


“I’m sorry,” Claire apologized in a softer tone.


“Yep. I got me a date with him!” Sterling replied.


My eyes went wide when I heard that. Wait a minute… Sterling is gay?


“Can you believe it Claire? I finally got a date with Will!”


Wait… What the fuck did he just say?


“See? I told you. Will’s had a tough time. You just needed to be patient. So who asked who?”


“Will asked me during Calculus. We’re going out this Saturday evening.”


I… I couldn’t believe it. I literally felt my heart break. Sterling has a date with Will? How… how is that possible when he rejected me last night? Immediately asking myself that, my mouth went dry. Will… he… he doesn’t like me. That was the simple explanation. It was the only explanation. He had someone else in mind. He was attracted to someone else. I had been simply… a mistake.


A mistake. That word echoed in my head over and over again. Every time it did, my heart began to wither more and more. I swiftly walked away, keeping my head down as I made my way back to my locker to clear my head.


I was utterly deflated and broken. Then in a fleeting second, my dread turned into frustration. I was pissed at Will for leading me on, for kissing me back, and Sterling for catching Will’s heart. But more so, I was pissed at myself for falling over Will.


Still hurt and angry, I opened my locker. I was about to throw my books inside, when I noticed a small, folded, piece of paper inside. I picked it up and opened it up.










So you guys didn’t really actually think everything is going to go smoothly for these two did you? They have conflicting feelings for one another that some drama is bound to happen and this chapter certainly gives a dose of that.


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I Think I’ve Flipped Chapter 7


Disclaimer: First of all, I was above the age of 18 when I wrote this story and I own all rights to this. Any resemblance to actual living persons and places within this story is purely coincidental. If you are underage or it is illegal to view this story in your area, please hit the back button now. This story includes scenes of male teenagers engaged in male/male sex when permitted in the narrative. If you are uncomfortable with this, kindly exit now as well. Anyway, here goes:



Author’s note: There’s a certain song here titled ‘I Feel Wrong’ by Glasvegas that plays an important part in creating a certain mood within the narrative. So at this moment, I’d like you to hit up your browsers, head on to Youtube and search for it and load it. When the song gets mentioned in the story, play it immediately and continue reading. You won’t regret it!



I Think I’ve Flipped. Chapter 7.



(Will’s POV)


It’s Tuesday morning and once again, I am stuck in History class. I haven’t heard a word my teacher, Mr. Jones is talking about. Good Lord, I think I am going to fail this class. History has never been one of my best subjects and I don’t think this will ever change.  However, I did promise myself that I would do better. It seems harder for me to concentrate with so much on my mind.


“Will!” a voice sounded breaking me from my private thoughts as Rocky was giving me the eye. I asked him to keep an eye out for me and not let me doze off.   UGH! I’m kind of regretting ever asking him now.


I sat up straight in my chair upon the sudden mention of Tyler’s name. I looked over in front of me. Two girls who seemed to be friends were whispering to each other.


“No! No one has seen him. I heard he even skipped football practice yesterday,” the girl on her right whispered.


I swear if only looks could kill, they’d be dead already as my eyes looked right through them.


“Wow, then it must be really serious. You don’t think he did anything drastic, do you?” the girl on the left side of me asked.


“I don’t know…. I heard he was doing drugs at home…. and that he was kicked out by his parents,” the girl on the right side of me answered.


I was tapping my pencil furiously on my desk, as I was getting angrier and angrier by the second. Honestly, these girls make me so sick. They were spreading gossip around the school like wildfire. Tyler shouldn’t be subjugated to this type of cruelty. I can tell you all about it since I’ve been there myself.


I’m so worried about Tyler. I know it’s only the second day of the week, but I’m concerned about how he’s doing. The news of Dana leaving Ridgemont spread faster than a match thrown into gasoline. Everyone knew what had happened before school started this week. I couldn’t believe how they were still talking about it.

I expected Tyler to skip school yesterday; however, I didn’t think he’d drag it out this long. I’d picture him strolling around school today acting like nothing even happened. I guess I was mistaken. It’s just that I’m worried, because I know how much it hurts when people talk about you behind your back in the cruelest of way. Since yesterday, I heard enough of them. I guess people love it when the mighty fall.


“Will, I know what you’re thinking… Let it go,” Rocky muttered at my right as he followed my gaze to the two bitches in front of me.


I glared towards Rocky telling him to back off. He must have read my mind because he stared down at his notebook in response.


At last, the bell rang. I grabbed my books to go outside. In all this haste, I scratched my knee on the side of my desk. Shit! That really stings as I looked down at my knee and saw a bloody scrape forming.  This is what I get for dressing too casually in a grey t-shirt and some khaki shorts.


When I saw Rocky grab his books, I scampered towards the door. He gave me a weird look. I hated treating him like this, but I need to talk to someone first.

I made my way through the hallways and found Jason Harrington, the person I was looking for. The only problem is that he’s not alone. Two other football players who were bigger than him surrounded him. The two football players were talking to him, or rather trying to talk to him. He wasn’t really paying them any attention as he barely saying anything at all. I couldn’t hear anything of what they were talking about, but from what’s going on around school, it’s obviously about Tyler.


A few seconds later, the two football players said goodbye and left for the cafeteria. I guess they must have realized they weren’t going anywhere.


I walked up to him when the two jocks disappeared around the corner. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to say to him, so I just tapped him on the shoulder. I know this seems lousy and a wimpy.


“How many times do I have to tell you that I’m not talking about Tyler?!”  Jason said when he felt the tap on his shoulder!” Then he turned around to face me with an annoyed expression on his face.


“Er… Hello,” I said, making a small awkward wave.


“Oh Will! I didn’t know it was you,” said Jason with a surprised look.


“I imagine a lot of people have been bothering you, huh?” I asked.


“You have no idea. So many people have pestered me since Tyler’s absence yesterday. And on top of that, there’s been chaos within the football team too,” Jason said with a sigh.


“How is he by the way? I know you’re getting tired of being asked by the same questions over and over again. It’s just I haven’t seen him leave his house since Saturday evening,” I replied as I began to worry once again.


“It’s okay. It’s you after all. I don’t know man. All I know is that he’s in a deep hole that I can’t pull him out of. I’ve tried, but nothing’s working. He’s so depressed right now. He barely said a word to me when I visited him. On top of that, coach has given the team some shit lecture about Tyler’s absence in practice yesterday. After all, there’s no team without the quarterback,” Jason said as he rubbed his eyes in weary frustration.


I stayed silent, digesting this new bit of information.


“Say, why don’t you try and visit him?” Jason asked with a hint of hope in his eyes.


“Me?…. What can I do?… I barely know Tyler as it is,” I explained to him.


“I don’t know. It’s just I couldn’t get through to him. Maybe you can. Who knows?” Jason said.


“I don’t know Jason. I might make things worse,” I replied with apprehension. Okay, maybe I’m totally frightened. When I was depressed, I really just wanted to be left alone. Whenever someone bothered my moments of solitude, well let’s  just say I can be a real bitch. I know that someone needs to help Tyler snap out of this funk because this behavior isn’t good in the long run. I’m not convinced the right person is me.


“Oh well…. it was worth a try,” Jason shrugged as he walked to the cafeteria leaving me alone in the hall.


I sighed. Why do I always find myself in the thick of things? I followed Jason to the lunchroom shortly thereafter.


When I got to our table, Rocky didn’t waste any time and suddenly asked, “Why’d you leave so suddenly during history?”


“Gee whiz guys… I haven’t even sat down, and here I am getting interrogated already,” I said as I laid my lunch tray on the table. I could feel all of my friend’s eyes staring at me. I certainly got enough stares last week and I don’t need them now.


“Did you go anywhere Will?” Claire asked as she took a bite from her pasta.


“I went to talk to someone,” I nonchalantly answered as I took a bite out of my pasta as well. Hmm….  I think I better keep my answers as vague as possible… Yuck! Was this supposed to be pasta? It tasted like crap. I swear the lunch menu is getting worse and worse every day.


“Oh really?” Rocky asked, as he crossed his arms on his chest. He had an annoyed look on his face. I don’t like where this is going.


“Yes, really,” I said coolly at him as I opened punched my straw into my juice carton.


“So who’d you go see?” Claire asked once again. Taylor and Sterling were pretty silent the entire time. Oh I know where this is going. Claire’s questions may seem innocent enough, but sooner or later, if you continue this charade you’re bound to slip and she’ll eventually figure it out. I don’t want that to happen.


“If you all must know, I went to the nurse. I went to have her look at this scar on checked out,” I announced as I showed them my knee, “I got this when I stood up at the end of history class. I had the nurse make sure it wasn’t infected or something.” I did my very best to control myself from snorting. Claire says it’s a habit of mine whenever I lie.


“Oh….. That’s a pretty nasty looking scar,” Taylor interjected as she leaned forward to take a better look at it.


“How’d you get that?” Claire asked. Good she bought it. I need to be aware of this snorting habit of mine.


“I must have scraped it on my chair when I was about to leave,” I answered, this time again controlling myself to be silent and not make any unnecessary noises.


“Sorry Will,” Rocky said as he clasped my shoulder. Ha.  I Fooled him too.


“It’s nothing,” I said with a fake chuckle. Hey, I’m getting good at this! I should be in the drama club now. Okay, maybe that’s exaggerating too much.


We continued eating peacefully afterwards, making small talk here and there. That is until we saw a small commotion over at one of the tables. We saw Scott and his posse as well as a few cheerleaders tormenting a small looking male student.


“That’s so sickening…. Just because Dana and Tyler aren’t here, they find it perfectly okay to bully people,” Taylor said as saw them finally dump the student’s bag in the trash and left the lunchroom.


“Speaking of Tyler and Dana, have you heard anything about Tyler yet?” Rocky asked, looking back at me. That caught me by surprise. Rocky would have been the last person I would be expecting to ask about Tyler’s condition.


“No. I haven’t seen him,” I said.


“Huh,” Rocky just said as he finished the rest of his food.


“I still can’t believe it. Dana is actually gone? I mean Will and I went out with her last Saturday and everything seemed fine,” Claire said as she glanced at me and asked, “right?”


“Maybe that was her way of coping? You know, act all sunny and cheery?” Taylor asked.


“Who knows? All I know is that Tyler never saw it coming,” I said as I played around with my pasta. Sterling just watched me from his corner of the table.


“No shit! You think he’ll come back to school at all this week?” Rocky asked.


“I hope so because the team needs him. He can’t miss too much practices or coach might bench him.” Claire answered.


A few minutes later, we left all together towards our afternoon classes. Claire, Rocky, and Taylor walked to the far of the building. They had science together.  On the other hand, Sterling and I had Calculus so we hurried to class.


“Hey….are you okay? You were pretty quiet back there in the cafeteria.”  I asked Sterling.


“Why did you lie?” He muttered. He didn’t even look at me.


I stopped walking and stood still looking at him. How the hell did he know? I knew for a fact I didn’t snort during that conversation in the cafeteria. He stopped a few steps ahead of me and turned around.


“You didn’t go to the clinic because I saw you talking to Jason Harrington over at his locker,” he told me. “Why’d did you do it Will? I am having a hard time understanding why you would lie especially to your friends!”


I just looked down at the floor with shame. I was cold busted. I did not count on the fact that someone could see me talking with Jason.


“Bloody hell Will, what’s so important with Jason that you had to lie to us?”

Sterling asked again as he made his way towards me.


I looked up at him and found him pissed. I could see a little anger in his eyes. Honestly, I couldn’t find the words. I was taken aback with his accusation and I couldn’t speak. The only words that I could mutter were, “I… I-”


“Figures,” Sterling muttered as he rolled his eyes and stormed off.


“Sterling wait,” I cried out to him as he ignored me and kept walking.


This is just great….Sigh…. For some unknown reason, the universe refuses to give me a break.


I followed Sterling to class. When I arrived in the classroom, I found Sterling sitting in our usual seats. I sat down beside him and looked at him.


“Sterling…” I called out to him, but he just kept looking forward or towards the other direction. Okay great, the silent treatment I guess I deserved it.


Sterling ignored me for the rest of the class. No matter how much I stared at him or called out to him, he never once looked back in my direction. He’s mad that much I know. This is the last thing I needed. On top of that creepy message last week, the last thing I need is more enemies.


The teacher gave us a dozen of problems to solve. I quickly breezed through them. Out of all the subjects, math is probably one of my favorites. I know that’s weird, but I find math to be extremely easy. Guess that makes me a nerd, huh?


When class ended, Sterling quickly bolted out of the classroom leaving me behind. I wonder if he’s going to tell Claire and Rocky that I lied to the both of them. I guess I’ll find out soon. I grabbed my books and walked out the room towards my last class, which is an elective.


During senior year, every student is required to take an elective class. These classes are specialty classes, which are not offered in the standard curriculum. The administration says that it’s supposed to enrich our academic experience and we should take it seriously. This is why they allow the students to pick whatever class they want as an elective.


I picked art studies for myself. It just sounded like an interesting subject to take. I’m heading towards the classroom now. Today is technically our first day since we didn’t have class last week.


When I arrived in the classroom, I found a few students inside. Most of them were girls. I didn’t know any of them though, but they sure knew me. As soon as I stepped inside, they stopped talking and kinda stared at me for a couple of minutes. Guess their fascination with me returning to Ridgemont hasn’t completely died down just yet. As if there’s anything interesting about me. I am sure they would be so disappointed if they knew that I was a normal teenager. I walked to the back of the class to grab a seat. I did this so it would be harder for them to stare and gossip. I sat down in an available chair and whipped out a book to read. While doing so, my eyes glanced up and found the people in the classroom still looking at me. As soon as my eyes made contact with theirs, they quickly averted their gaze someplace else.


“Cowards”, I replied. No sooner had I said that, the teacher arrived.


“Good afternoon class!” he chirped as he placed his things on top of the desk and then faced us. When he did, I managed to get a good look at him. Is this guy really a teacher?! He was good looking for crying out loud! He had a chiseled, square shaped face and very smooth, chocolately, dark, brown hair neatly combed to one side. Even though he’s wearing a long sleeved dress shirt, I could make out the muscles in his body. I couldn’t help but stare. Holy shit, He’s hot as hell.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only person who noticed. Almost all the girls in the room were whispering to one another and giving the teacher their best x-ray vision.


“Okay class, settle down. My name is Vincent Irons and I’m going to be your art studies teacher this semester,” He announced as he sat on the teacher’s table.

“As you all may have noticed, I am new to Ridgemont High. I just recently graduated and now you guys are my very first group of students. Now before I begin, do any of you have an idea what this course is all about? Anyone?” He looked around the room and found absolutely no raised hands in the air. I shrunk down into my seat to prevent him from calling me.


Mr. Irons laughed as he stood up and said, “I had a feeling none of you would. Now, you would think that we would simply study contemporary and ancient pieces of art such as paintings, sculptors and the like. But that wouldn’t be really that fun now would it?”


I raised my eyebrows. What was he suggesting?


“For this class, I am going to chuck the boxed view of art out the window and focus more on what’s really important nowadays to you youth,” Mr. Irons beamed, “and I’m talking about music! Movies! TV shows! Videogames! Pop culture! We’re going to apply the theories used to study art into the modern age. We’re going to be comparing what makes a certain thing become art. We’re going to be comparing old art with new ones popping out nowadays. We’re going to be studying popular culture too and what makes things become fads. We’re going to determine who decides what art is and isn’t!”


When he finished speaking, he got the class into a buzzing frenzy. People in the classroom were talking excitedly with one another. Heck, even I was! This was certainly different from what I initially expected. And I must say, Mr. Irons’ enthusiasm is highly contagious.


“Glad I got you guys talking! Now,” Mr. Irons said as he grabbed a piece of paper from inside his folder, “before we start, I’d like to take attendance.” He whipped out a pen from his pocket and started calling out names. I’m sorry, but I can’t help but stare at his wonderfully, hot creature. Okay wait; did I just call my teacher wonderfully hot?


“Evelyn Banks?” Mr. Irons called out. A petite girl in the center of the room raised her hand in response.


“Okay… Tyler Beaumont?”


As soon as Mr. Irons called out Tyler’s name, the room got really quiet before breaking into hushed whispers.


“Mr. Beaumont, are you here?” Mr. Irons called out again, “Hmm… I guess not… Moving on… Bianca Callister?”


I was surprised to find out that Tyler enrolled in this class. I never thought he had the slightest inclination towards art. I’ve always thought of him as a sporty person. I figured he would have taken economics or something business related in order to make his father happy and now we’re classmates. Who would have thought?


“Okay, William Lakewood?”


I snapped out of my daze as soon as I heard my name. I awkwardly raised my right hand in the air. I saw people staring back at me. Will you all please stop?


“Alright. Next… Lisa Marymount?”


Mr. Irons finished the roll call before delving again into the subject. He passed around our course outlines before giving a short lecture about some of the theories art historians used to study art and popular culture.


To be honest, I had a hard time understanding it. Mr. Irons bombarded us with so many names and theories that it kinda made my head spin. He apologized for this “boring” part of the class. He promised that we would be doing fun things in the future, but for now, we had to go through these fundamental theories. As soon as he finished his lecture, I heard the room breathe out a sigh of relief. Clearly, the excitement and enthusiasm we had a while ago has now disappeared. Everyone, including myself, was pretty glad the lecture was now over.


“Okay class. With all the theories we learned today, I’m going to give you an assignment,” Mr. Irons stated, which earned him a unanimous groan from the classroom. He just laughed in response, “Oh I know that feeling pretty well. Don’t worry it’s not going to be as boring as it looks. Now, you’ll be working in pairs for this assignment, which is due next week. What I want you to do is to discuss through Foucault’s theories on discipline how a house can somehow influence the behavior of a person and how it may or may not mold him or her to the person that they are today. Since you’ll be working in pairs, you’re just going to have to pick which house you’d like to discuss. Any questions?”


A small petite girl from the center raised her hand.


“Yes Evelyn?” Mr. Irons asked, flashing a really bright smile. I think every girl in the room fainted. I wouldn’t blame them though, I nearly did as well.


“Do we get to choose our partner?” she asked with a squeak. Oh Lord, she sounded like a chipmunk.


“Well yes, technically, but we do have to fix up Mr. Beaumont with someone since he’s absent today. Does anyone know where he lives?” Mr. Irons asked. Okay, I see where this is going and I do not like it one bit.


“Will lives across from his house,” Evelyn chirped as she pointed at me.


“Well… why didn’t you say so Will? You’re going to be Tyler’s partner for this assignment. I’d like you to drop by his house later so both of you could start working on it as soon as possible. Is that alright with you?” he asked me.


“Sure…” I muttered with a small nod. I glanced back at Evelyn who was busy staring at Mr. Irons. I am so going to kill her. It’s not that I didn’t want to be partners with Tyler, but it’s just going to be difficult since I still find him so attractive. Now that we’re on speaking terms, it’s going to be hard to not concentrate on him.  I’m not even sure how Tyler’s going to respond to this predicament considering his situation.


After Mr. Irons paired everyone up, he dismissed class. I stepped out to the hallway dreading going over to Tyler’s.


A menacing laugh distracted me from my thoughts. I looked behind me and found Scott and his posse knocking a poor student on the floor. His belongings were scattered everywhere. It was the same boy they tormented at lunch. I carefully studied him. He was a short boy around 5’5” or so with mousy brown hair. He had a skinny frame, which made him a perfect target for bullies kind of like me. He was one the floor, trying to gather all his books and papers. He looked absolutely miserable.


I felt sorry for him. I knew what being bullied felt like and it was perhaps one of the most difficult times in my life. I couldn’t help but notice how none of the students passing by would help him pick up his belongings. Instead, they merely shared a sympathetic look at him like that would really help.


I approached him, crouched down, and began picking up his belongings. When he turned around, he seemed surprise to see me. He was cradling his books and papers in his arms. They were not very organized to say the very least. Papers and exams were sticking out from the sides of his notebooks.


“Here, you dropped these,” I said as I handed him the rest of his papers.


“Oh… uhh.. Thank you,” he said as he grabbed them from me and hastily stuffed them into his notebook.


“And here’s your… glasses,” I said as I crouched down again to pick up his black framed eyeglasses. It was broken in half and one of the lenses popped out. Scott must have stomped on them. “Sorry,” I apologized as I handed him his broken glasses.


“Aww Man… and they were brand new too!” he said in frustration as I dropped the glasses in his outstretched palm. He put them down into the pocket of his jeans before looking back at me.


“Thanks Will. You didn’t have to do that,” he said sadly exchanging glances between the floor and me.


“Of course I needed to. You needed help. It appalls me that no one bothered to help you,” I said as I glared at the people passing by. When they caught my eye, they hurriedly scampered away.


“If they did, then they’d be the next target,” the student answered, “It would spread over school the next day. Then they would be the ones who would be tormented and treated as an outcast.”


“Well, I’m already an outcast so it doesn’t really matter,” I replied back with a smile.


The boy looked at me before breaking into a smile.


“So I guess I’ll see you around,” I told him.


“Thanks again,” he whispered as he opened up his locker. I left him alone so he could organize his belongings I needed to hurry since I have to visit someone else today.



I pressed the doorbell and patiently waited for someone to answer. I took the moment to look around the porch. I couldn’t help but notice the abundant number of beautiful flowers on the windowsills. They looked really pretty and lovely.


I heard the door open behind me and found Mrs. Beaumont looking at me. “Oh Will, what brings you here?” she asked as she was wiping her hands on her apron. She must have been cooking.


“Hi.. Mrs. Beaumont. I was wondering if I could talk to Tyler. Apparently, we’re classmates in our elective class and we’re sort of stuck as partners for our first assignment. I was hoping we could start on it as soon as possible since it’s due next week,” I said.


“Oh. Sure, come on in,” she said as she opened the door and gestured me to come in.


“Thanks Mrs. Beaumont,” I said as I stepped inside and waited for her to close the door.


“You go on ahead to Tyler’s room. It’s the one on the far left. Tyler hasn’t been feeling well these couple of days though. He refuses to come out of his room. I’m really worried. Maybe you could cheer him up or something,” Mrs. Beaumont said as she headed towards the kitchen.


She wants me to try and cheer up Tyler? How the hell was I suppose to do that? We barely know each other after all. All I know is that he plays football and that he’s really good at Mortal Kombat.


I made my way up the stairs towards Tyler’s room. There were a dozen of family portraits displayed on every available surface in the hallway. I couldn’t help but stop for a moment to take a quick look. I saw baby and toddler photos of Tyler. I couldn’t help but smile. All of them looked incredibly adorable. I noticed how in every photo, Tyler had this big huge smile on his face. My favorite one was this small photo of him in a Power Rangers costume while holding a pumpkin basket full of candy.  It was really cute!


Once I was done, I finally made my way to Tyler’s bedroom door and gently knocked. I waited for an answer. A minute or so passed there was no reply so I knocked again.


“Leave me alone Jason! I know that’s you. I’m not in the mood to talk to you or anyone else for that matter,” I heard Tyler shouting from inside his room.


I contemplated for a bit if I should knock again or not.  Tyler just said he wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone, but I was kinda worried about him. This behavior won’t do him any good in the long run. Someone needs to get him out of this funk. I slowly turned the doorknob, surprised myself that it wasn’t lock, and stepped inside.


I saw Tyler lying down on the bed. He was facing away from the door, but he clearly heard me come in. “Jason, I told you I’m not in the fucking mood to talk,” he growled, turning his body around. “Oh…Will.. it’s you.”


“Hi Tyler,” I said as I stared at him. He looked like a hot mess. His blonde hair was flying in different directions. He was wearing sweatpants and a shirt.  This seemed to be the typical post-break-up attire for teens. My eyes managed to make their way towards the mess on the floor. There were papers, pens, and notebooks everywhere. Did someone fight?!?


“What are you doing here?” he asked grumpily.


“Well…. we’re classmates in our art studies class. We have an assignment due next week and we’re kinda partners. I was hoping we could start today,” I answered still standing by his bedroom door.


“Look,  I’m not really in the mood to talk to anyone right now. You should go,” he muttered as he lied back down on his bed, fiddling with his iPod.


“This isn’t healthy Tyler,” I said to him.


He looked up from his iPod and gave me a really cold stare. “You don’t know what you’re talking about Will. Just drop it and go.”


“Listen Tyler, I know you’re hurting right now and probably you’re angry …But this isn’t healthy. If you stay like this, it’s going to consume you. Believe me, I’ve been there. You’re not going to like the person you’re going to become. Jason, the football team, and certain people at school are worried about you.” I announced with concern.


“I said I didn’t want to talk to anyone, okay?!” Tyler shouted as he threw his iPod across the room. I slightly jumped at his sudden outburst. “Why can’t you guys leave me alone to feel miserable for a few days? Am I not allowed to be sad? Am I not allowed to be angry? Dana broke up with me, okay? We’ve been together for 3 fucking years. Can’t I be just a tiny bit upset that we’re basically over without people talking shit about me?!”


He stood up and started pacing around in his room. “I don’t give a fuck about anyone else right now! I just want to deal with this shit by myself for a few days. Is that a fucking crime?” he shouted.


I remained silent. How am I supposed to answer that?


He stopped pacing. “So everyone knows by now huh?” He asked sarcastically as he stared at me waiting for an answer.


“More or less,” I said.


He started pacing again, balling his hands into fists. “Great. Whoop dee fucking doo! I bet everyone’s having a fucking good time talking shit about me.”


“Tyler, that’s not true,” I replied.


He just laughed. “Oh don’t fucking lie to me Will. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. I’m sure everyone’s making crazy shit up about me. I know some of them already! What’s the best story you’d heard so far?” He stopped pacing once again.


I stared down at the floor. I really didn’t want to answer that one.


“Will!” he barked.


I looked up to him. “The worst one was that you’re doing drugs. That’s why you haven’t been to school.”


Tyler looked at me and just laughed. “Great. Fucking great. Who said that? Did Rocky say that?”


“No,” I said as I narrowed my eyes at him. “He’d never do that.”


“Oh come on Will. You and I both know he doesn’t like me. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did,” he said, rolling his eyes.


“That’s out of line Tyler,” I said, my hands shaking in built up anger.


“Oh lighten up Will. It was only a fucking joke,” he said. “That seems to be the current thing to do nowadays, Make-Tyler-Miserable. Dana sure started off great with that. She didn’t even want to give us a chance. Heck, maybe she’s found a new boyfriend by now. And now that gossip blog now have loads of new material on me. Look how the mighty have fallen! Stupid fucks! I bet the whole school is laughing at my pathetic ass. Tyler Beaumont being dumped by a girl? Ha! That’s such a laugh. Tell me Will, did you laugh about me with your friends? Rocky must have said some really colorful things to you! I bet he-”


“You sound like the old Tyler,” I suddenly said, interrupting his train of thought. No sooner had those words left my mouth, I gasped and immediately regretted them.


“What did you say?” he asked me slowly. I’m positive he heard me fine. I didn’t know why he was asking again for.


“Tyler, I’m sorry. It slipped. I didn’t mean it,” I hastily replied, fully regretting everything. He was angry with the school, not particularly on me, but I had been the one catching all the heat. I know he didn’t mean some of his words, but I couldn’t deny that he hurt me with the venom layered within them. Still, he didn’t deserve what I said to him.


Tyler eye’s danced with anger. He approached me, hands trembling in fury. He towered over me and stared at me with striking, angry, blue eyes. “Fuck. you,” he spat out before he headed into his bathroom. I heard the door slam really hard and loud. He left me alone in his room.


Great job Will. Why didn’t you think before you speak the next time?! Stupid! Tyler was upset and you just had to rile him up by saying something you didn’t mean.


Knowing that I wasn’t going to go anywhere with Tyler today, I decided to leave. I was about to turn the doorknob when I noticed Tyler’s iPod was still on the floor. I walked towards the foot of his closet, picked it up and laid it on his desk next to a small notepad. I looked at it, pondering whether or not I should write something to Tyler. I grabbed a nearby pen and wrote on it. When I made my way back to the bedroom door, I took one last look at the bathroom door. Tyler was making no sign or sound.


I let out a sigh as I opened his door and stepped into the hallway. It’s time for me to go home.


“I’m sorry,” I whispered to no one in particular as I made my way down the Beaumont staircase.




(Tyler’s POV)


What am I doing? I keep asking myself the same question since I woke up today. Today was Sunday and usually I’m out of the house the entire day. I glanced at the clock on my bedside table. It said 3:00pm. So I’ve been lying down on my bed for more than five hours?  This was just Fuck-ing fantastic.


I’ve been in this position since I had lunch. I wasn’t really in the mood to do anything, much less talking to someone. My mother noticed my rather quiet behavior over at lunch and asked me if there was anything wrong. I just avoided he her questions. There was something wrong. Actually, everything is just plain wrong. When Dana dropped her bombshell last night, she added salt to the wound by saying that we needed to break up. She said that a long distance relationship would be too much of a trouble. She didn’t even give us a chance to work this out. Fuck.


My phone started ringing again. I think I lost count onto how many times it rang today. This must have been the ninth time today… I think. I could care less anyways. I’m not really in the mood to talk to anyone. I ignored it completely and then they went straight to voicemail.


Beep. “Tye, this is Jason. I know what happened. Why aren’t you picking up your phone? I know you’re there. Anyway, I’ll be in your house in a couple of minutes.” End beep.


I turned to my left side and grabbed my phone. I checked its contents. I’ve had around 23 unread messages and 7 missed calls. I didn’t bother going through any of them though. I just nonchalantly dropped it on my bed. I guess half of the school probably knows what happened already.


I was still on my bed when I heard the doorbell ring. That must be Jason. And wouldn’t you know it, three minutes later he barges in my room.


“Dude, are you okay? You’re not answering any of my texts and calls!” he said a bit exasperated. I think he ran all the way upstairs to my room.


I gave him a dirty look. “You’re seriously asking me if I’m okay?” I slowly got up from the bed. “Of course, I’m not okay! Not only is Dana moving away tonight, but she fucking broke up with me as well. Do you honestly think I am fucking okay?” I scowled throwing a nearby football hard towards my closet.


“Dude, tell me what happened,” Jason offered as he approached me in attempts to console me.


“I don’t want to talk about it,” I said quietly as I turned around and look outside my window. Across the street, I saw Will and his brothers sprucing up their lawn. They’ve begun taking the weeds out and digging up the soil.


“Come on Tye, this is me you’re talking to. It’ll make you feel better,” Jason said behind me as he placed his hand on my shoulder.


I grabbed his hand, turned around to face him and said, “I said I don’t want to talk about it.” Jason’s face contorted in pain as it dawned to me that I was actually twisting his arm. When I let go, he rubbed his arm up and down in an effort to relieve some of the pain.


“Dude… what the fuck? I’m just trying to be your best friend and figure out what I can do to help you feel better,” he grimaced through the pain.


“You know what would make me feel better? You and everyone else to leave me the fuck alone!” I shouted at him.


“Tye, you don’t have to do this alone you-”


“Harrington… I’m warning you,” I interrupted him. Jason immediately shut up after that. Whenever I use his last name, he knows I am serious and I am not playing games.

He stared at me for a while longer before heading to the door. “I’ll see you tomorrow okay?” he asked as he looked at me for confirmation.


I just waved him goodbye, not really giving him a direct answer. He sighed and left the room.


Fuck. I love Jace as a brother, but I just want to be left alone for a while. Is that so hard to ask? It didn’t take long before my cellphone started ringing again. Annoyed, I climbed onto my bed and hastily turned it off. I just need some time to think. Actually I need some time to wallow in grief.



“Tyler, what are you still doing in bed? You’re going to be late for school,” I heard my mother say to me. She was at the foot of my bed wearing her favorite apron, her hands on her hips.


I gave her a fake pained look. “Mom, I’m not really… feeling very well,” I groaned.


“What’s wrong? Do you have a fever?” she asked as she placed her hand on my forehead to check my temperature. “You don’t have any fever though.”


“My head hurts really bad. I think I have a migraine,” I said and scrunched up my face in pretended pain. “I can barely stand and move, and talk as it is. It’s too painful. I think I’ll just rest for today here at home.”


“But what about football practice?”


“I’ll just tell Jace to talk to coach. I’m sure one football practice won’t hurt the team.”


“Well okay then… You just stay in bed while I get you some aspirin downstairs,” my mother said before leaving my room.


Today was a Monday and that meant school. Yesterday didn’t really go so well. I had a brief encounter with Jace yesterday afternoon, but I basically told him to fuck off. He left my house that afternoon, a bit dejected. He only called again in the evening to see how I was doing, but that message went straight to voicemail. I didn’t respond to him and the other phone calls and text messages I received that day. I think I’ve gotten over 50 plus texts yesterday and a total of 14 unanswered phone calls. I guess it’s safe to say that everyone in school pretty much knows.


I knew that when I get back to school, the coach will be lecturing me for missing football practice today. I didn’t care at that moment though. I was kinda… afraid of all the whispers and stares that will happen. I know it’s pretty ironic. The big quarterback afraid of something so superficial! I just don’t think I can handle it. I saw what Will had to go through when he first came back. All the stares and the constant backstabbing that had happened. Well I really can’t deal with any of that shit. Will handled it pretty well though. He held his head high throughout the halls. I wished I had his confidence.


I took my phone and texted Jason that I wasn’t coming to school today. I also told him to talk to the coach and tell him that I wouldn’t be able to attend football practice today. Five minutes later, I received a response from Jason.


It said: Okay, hope you’re doing well. I wished you’d talk to me though.


Once again, I didn’t reply.  I was still not in the mood to have a conversation with someone about my feelings.


I grabbed my iPod from my bedside table and began listening to some deep depressing shit. I can’t really explain it, but depressing songs make me feel better. It’s weird I know.


I just lied down on my bed once again. Heck, I haven’t even bathed since yesterday morning. I’m still wearing the same clothes: a fitted gray muscle shirt and some black shorts. I’m not even in the mood to change. I just want to escape the harsh reality of this world.


My iPod was on shuffle and when Ellie Goulding’s ‘Your Biggest Mistake’ played, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn’t realize that I was singing along to the song.  That’s a major bull’s eye.


You’re probably wondering how can one girl affect me so much? Truth was, Dana changed my life. Before I met her, I was the typical insensitive, playboy, dumb-ass football player. Would you imagine, I was worse than Scott? Yeah. I used to torment other people throughout the halls. I used to go out with different girls every week. Dana changed all of that.


When she moved here a couple of years back, I tried pursuing her. She didn’t bite.  I think she saw through my nice guy act because she didn’t go out with me until 6 months later. And that first date we had was disastrous. When I tried putting my charm and moves on her, she immediately bailed and went on a tirade about how juvenile I was. I was stunned. I never had a girl blatantly reject me before and she was the first person to ever do that to me. Really! I mean, no one had ever dared going up against me, and here’s a small redhead speaking her mind just how much of a douche I was before. I think it’s because of that incident, I began thinking of her differently. She wasn’t just another girl I could fool around with. She made me work just so that I could talk to her and well, that’s when I truly started to act more of a gentleman and more thoughtful. It took two months after that before she agreed to go on a second date. And well, let’s just say by that time, I already knew my lesson.

she’s gone. I’m not really the type of person to wallow in grief and be all overly sentimental about it. It’s just… I’m having a hard time dealing with the fact one of the people who managed to make a huge difference in my life isn’t here anymore.


Three emo songs later, I dozed off. Could you blame me? I didn’t really get a good’s nights rest the previous nights.


I woke up sometime after to the sound of a door knock. I didn’t realize that I fell asleep with my iPod still on. I looked at it and saw that it only had 18% of battery life left. Just how long did I sleep for? What time is it? I glanced at my clock. Oh. It’s two in the afternoon already? Guess I must have been more tired than I thought.




I turned around and saw my mom in my doorway carrying a tray and some food on it. Okay, I’m having a short guilt trip of having my mom bring me food when I’m not really sick at all.


“I hope you’re hungry. I didn’t wake you for lunch because I figured you’d want to rest. But then I realized, you needed to at least eat something. Here’s some hot chicken noodle soup, some bread, water, and some aspirin. Does your head still hurt?” she asked me as she laid down the tray on my bed.


“Ugh… Yeah, it still hurts,” I said in mock pain. I really should be in the drama club after this.


“Well just rest for now. I’ll come back and pick up the tray later. I still need to do the laundry for now,” my mom said with a smile. She then proceeded out into the hallway.


“Mom!” I called out.


“Yes honey?” she asked me as she turned around.


“If anyone comes by to see me today, tell them I’m not feeling alright. I don’t want to see any visitors for today,” I said as I grabbed a spoonful of chicken noodle soup.


“Even Jason?” she asked.


“Especially Jason,” I replied as I gulped down the noodle soup.


“O… Okay,” she said, her brows creasing in confusion before gently closing my bedroom.


I’m sure Jason’s going to get pissed at me for not talking to him. What can I do? I don’t really feel like talking to anyone and Jason’s not really the type to just let things go. He’s going to ask me how we broke up, how I’m coping, how I’m feeling, and what should I be doing to get over it. Jesus. I have a feeling he’s going to set me up with a new girl already. He’s that type of friend. I’m glad to have him, but now isn’t really a good time to go all brotherly love on me.


I ate my food in silence. Strangely enough, it was quite relaxing to some extent. However, after eating the soup, I was still hungry. I usually eat large portions of food regularly and since I’m not really sick at all, this soup and bread mix didn’t even come close to satisfying my hunger. I didn’t want to go downstairs and ask for more food or else my mother would know something was up.


I stood up from the bed and made my way to my desk. I pulled out a drawer and grabbed two protein bars, which I store just in case I need some midnight snack to munch on. Hey, it’s better this way so at night, I don’t have to go downstairs and pick something unhealthy to eat from the kitchen.


I wolfed both bars down in a jiffy. I’m not technically full, but I think I can manage until dinner. I threw the wrappers in my garbage can and looked around my room.


What am I going to do? I looked around my room for something. I can’t really open my television or my laptop. After all, I have a migraine and technically when I have a headache, I don’t usually use any electronic gadgets other than my iPod or else the throbbing would only get worse. The same thing for reading. I really don’t do a lot of  lot of that anyway, but you get my point. I need some activity that doesn’t require heavy brain cell activity to accomplish.


I raised my arms in frustration as I ran my right hand through my hair in frustration. As I did, I managed to get a whiff of my body odor from underneath my arms. Whew, did I stink! I haven’t bathed since yesterday for crying out loud. That’s what I’m going to do. A hot shower might be what the doctor ordered.


I chucked my muscle shirt and my sweatpants into one corner and stepped into the bathroom in just my boxers. I turned the shower on and waited for it to warm up enough to step in. While waiting, I looked at my reflection in my mirror.


I looked like shit. Even though I was just in my boxers and I have a good view of my abs and toned body, my face told a different story. The expression on my face was one of dejection. My mouth had a prominent frown. My hair was disheveled, with most of them sticking up and out. But I think it was my eyes that really told the story. My blue eyes seemed to have lost its sparkle. I could see a sense of loss within my own reflection. Well, that was partly true. I could also see heavy eye bags underneath. I guess I need more rest.


When the mirror started to fog up I knew that it was perfectly warm to step into the shower. I stripped off my boxers, stepped inside the shower, and closed the curtains. The warm jets of water hitting my body served some sort of therapeutic relief. I just closed my eyes and let the stream of water fall down on me. I stayed in that position for good five or ten minutes or so. I didn’t shampoo my hair or soap my body. I just stood there in silence with my eyes closed.


When I opened my eyes, I grabbed the shampoo and began to wash my hair. I didn’t bother turning the shower off as I normally do when shampooing. I just shampooed my hair underneath the jets of water. I grabbed the soap next and rubbed it all over my body. I took some time scrubbing myself from the neck down to my crotch.



I lathered my pubes with soap before making my way downwards towards my cock. When I reached my dick, I tried jacking off to relieve some stress. I haven’t really busted a nut for quite some time now so I thought it’s be a good idea to have a good orgasm. After a couple of strokes though, I stopped. I couldn’t even get it hard for Christ’s sakes. I guess this depression is eating at me more than I thought it would have. I just couldn’t get myself boned up at that moment.


I finished washing myself before turning off the shower and stepping out. I dried myself using a towel and wrapped it around my waist. I fished out my deodorant stick and applied it under my arms. I didn’t even bother looking at the mirror anymore. After all, I was just staying home so there was no need for gel and fixing my hair. I then went inside my room to change.


Not really caring about my appearance, I basically grabbed what was on top of my drawers in my closet. Those were a gray wifebeater and black shorts. Nothing really fancy but really comfortable.


I jumped back to my bed as I grabbed my iPod once again. When mom came inside, I forgot to turn it off. Now it only has 15% battery life remaining. Time to charge! I made my way to the right side of my bed where I had placed my black iPod dock charger on. It wasn’t really that fancy. It was as big as a Harry Potter hardbound book, but weigh considerably lighter. You can charge your iPod while listening to your music at the same time. I don’t use it to listen to music anymore. A year ago, I accidentally spilled water on it and the speakers have been whacked ever since. Jace tried persuading me to buy a new one, but the new models are just so damn expensive. I didn’t have the money to buy myself a new one. Besides, I can still use my earphones to listen to music so I really didn’t see what the problem was.


I plugged in my iPod into the dock and waited for the sign that it was charging. Once the lightning shaped symbol appeared, I laid down back on my bed and managed to let out a yawn. I think I’m going to take a nap again. For some reason, I’m still sleepy.



“Here’s your dinner dear.”


“Thanks mom,” I said as I grabbed the tray from her and laid it down on my bed. “This looks good!” I could smell the aroma and boy did it make me fucking hungry! My mom prepared me soup again, but this time she added some home baked lasagna and some meatballs on the side. It really looked yummy!


“Just be sure to eat it all okay? I don’t want you to become weak when you go back to school for football training!” she said as she gave me a smile. I watched her shut the door behind her. When she left, I turned my attention back to the food at hand. Time to eat! God, I’m starving.


I chowed down the soup in a hurry. I made my way down to the lasagna and meatballs. I ate them quickly as well. I must be hungrier than I thought. It didn’t even take me five minutes to finish my meal.


After dinner, I checked my phone for new messages and calls. Jason called me only once today, but left around five messages or so. He and the rest of the team dropped by this afternoon to come check on me, but since I told mom that I didn’t want visitors they had to leave. I got a really angry text message from him afterwards. Two minutes later, I received another text message, this time overly apologizing about his angry text message. Another two minutes goes by and he sends me a message saying how sad he was that I wasn’t talking to him about it. I didn’t want to come across as a douchebag, so I told him that I was sorry. Afterwards, he tried calling me, but I didn’t answer. I couldn’t get to the phone. I was in the bathroom when he called me. When I got back, he sent me another text. Ugh… It was so stressful figuring out a way to deal with this without hurting his feelings. I  texted back saying that it everything was fine.


I checked through the rest of my notifications page in my Blackberry. Most of them were people from the team and the cheerleaders asking me how everything was going. One particular girl yesterday even asked me if I was ready to date again. Uhh… no… What a heartless bitch. I am definitely not going out with you! Basically it was all from the same people who tried contacting me yesterday, but I almost jumped to my feet when I saw one particular name.


Huh. That’s odd… I never thought I’d ever get a message from him… I stared at the notifications page. Will Lakewood just texted me. Curious and rather astonished at this, I clicked his name. My phone immediately showed me his message.


He said: Hang in there 🙂


I looked up from my phone. Well that was unexpected. I made my way to my window and peered through the curtains. I looked at Will’s window and saw that it was lit. I glanced back at his message and then up to his window again. I didn’t expect Will to send me a message over this. I never thought he’d be the type to actually contact me off school premises about these things. It was such a nice gesture and perhaps in a way, kinda sweet. I stood up in a jolt and found myself pacing around my room.


Okay… What do I do now? Do I reply back or not? Dealing with my friends in school was easy. They knew that if I didn’t reply to their messages and calls, it meant that I didn’t want to talk about it. They know I still love them all the same. Will is a bit different though.


Will Lakewood is a rather complex guy. He’s perhaps the only person I really can’t gauge or read. I mean I try to be a jokester around him, but the truth is he kind of scares me a little. It’s bizarre but I every time I’m with him, I feel like I’m walking on eggshells. Maybe it’s because I feel guilty over what I did to him four years ago. He says it’s all water under the bridge, but I still can’t let it go for some reason.


I stopped pacing and stared at my phone. I keyed in my response.


I texted him back: Thanks


I waited patiently for his reply. Five minutes went by, still no word from him. I started pacing again in my room. Shit. Did my answer come across cold? What if he thinks I’m a snob? Oh man. I should have added a smiley emoticon. I mean, he did when he texted me. I should have- Oww!! Motherfucker, I just fell on the floor as I tripped over my football. Dammit. I looked back at my Blackberry. Hell, I should have included a period at end of my reply at the very least! Now he’s going to think I don’t care. Oh man. What if he-


“What are you doing on the floor?”


I looked behind me and found my sister staring at me with a what-the-fuck look on her face. She was at my doorway and she caught me down on the floor.


“I tripped over my football!” I lied as I kicked the stupid ball away. “Wait… What are you doing here?” I asked as I slowly stood up.


“Mom sent me to pick up this tray from your room,” she said as she picked it up from my bed. She gave me a really weird look. It was as if she was studying me. I’ve been finding her staring at me weirdly lately. Frankly, it’s pissing me off.

“What are you staring at?” I asked her as I crossed my arms in annoyance across my chest… “Shouldn’t you be at your dormitory now?” I asked her.


My sister attends an all girls’ school at the other end of town. My parents specifically enrolled her there because according to them, the school had good academic programs. My parents noted that if I weren’t a boy they’d enroll me there as well. Instead, I was enrolled in Ridgemont High. There was an all boys’ school near my sister’s school, but their tuition fee is expensive to what I pay at Ridgemont. Besides, I wouldn’t like it if all I see are guys everyday. That’s gotta be a major sausage fest if there ever was.


Emily eyed me suspiciously before responding, “I forgot something at home, but mom offered me dinner before I leave… You don’t look sick to me.” She stared at me a few seconds longer before heading out my room.


I was about to hurl my phone on my bed in frustration when it suddenly rang. I opened it and saw that it was from Will. My fingers were trembling. I didn’t know what he was going to say! Is he mad? Is he pissed? So many questions were running through my mind at that moment!


When I finally looked, all the message said was: Anytime 🙂


Okay, he gave me a smile so I guess he’s not mad… right? I looked up from my phone, made my way to my window, and peeked through the curtains. Will’s room wasn’t lit anymore. Huh… I guess he’s sleeping already. It’s still pretty early after all, my clock just hitting 9pm. I can’t believe a teenager in this day and age would be falling asleep this early.


I went back to my bed and began reading through the unread messages I’ve yet to receive. I got a certain text from one of my teammates to check the school gossip blog. Curious, I opened up my laptop and waited for it to load. The school gossip blog isn’t really a blog. As far as I can remember, it is being run by Richard Jones, some nerd from school, don’t ask. Sure, he may have a few ‘groundbreaking’ interviews here and there, but all the juicy stuff come from anonymous ‘tips’ or ‘sources’ as he called them. It is people writing shit about other people. I’ve checked it out a couple of times and I must say it’s really a nasty piece of work.


When I opened my browser, I didn’t expect to see what was on screen. I expected the gossip blog to have picked up on my breakup with Dana and all, but I never expected it to get this vicious and downright evil. Our breakup was the main topic online, and Richard started asking people what happened. Apparently, there was some really nasty shit being said about Dana and me… all coming from grey-faced icons. The more I read, the angrier I became. A lot of people were giving Dana some shit, commenting how they were glad that bitch, their words not mine, finally moved away. They also said how that she was such a fake person and that she had ‘problems’. My right hand was balled into a fist and was trembling with rage. Sure I was mad at Dana, but she didn’t deserve any of that! I know for a fact who she was and none of the things they said about her was true.


Then the comments were directed towards me. If Dana was basically chewed alive, I was chewed, spat out, trampled on, doused with gasoline, and  lit on fire. This was pretty much how I felt about the shit they said about me. Many of them were commenting on how ‘refreshing’ and ‘fulfilling’ it was to see the mighty fall… and let’s face it, no one was mightier in school than me. I saw that our breakup made a lot of people extremely happy which really made my heart sink. A group of students said that it was divine retribution for all the shit and pranks I used to pull on them. I thought how they were all cowards for hiding behind anonymity.


Okay, maybe I deserved that one. Before Dana came into my life, I was a real asshole. That much I knew, but the other stuff about me was really hitting below the belt.


There was a small discussion about me doing drugs, which is why I didn’t go to school today. Another one hypothesized that I tried to commit suicide. This was a bit extreme to say the least .The next one said that I was seeing not one, but two other girls the same time I was dating Dana. Someone mentioned t I had gotten Dana pregnant and her parents found out and they decided to move. The whole school has gone fucking crazy.


I closed the laptop. I couldn’t take it anymore. I could see both of my hands trembling. I didn’t know if it was from anger or from sadness. I can’t believe the fact that Ridgemont High hates me. Well maybe not the entire school, but rather a good chunk of it. It is one thing to know that you probably won’t please everybody and that there will be a group of people not liking you back. I mean everyone isn’t going to like you for this or that reason. This is pretty much human nature. I’m sure everyone has done his or her fair share of backstabbing in his or her lifetime. However, hearing it or in this case reading what they say about you behind your back. I can’t even begin to describe how the pain feels, and how your self esteem shifts to a negative percentage.


I just stared at my hands. They were still trembling. Dammit. You need to stop! I tried shaking the feeling away, but it didn’t go away easily. I was still shaking uncontrollably.


How the hell am I going to school now? I can’t face everyone knowing now what they think of me. How can I brave a smile when I know they just want me to be miserable and in pain.


Please someone tell me how to deal with this! I need to know.



I woke up Tuesday morning with a numbing pain. Not in my body, but rather in my soul. Stupid as it sounds, it seemed that my entire ego has been destroyed. It felt like someone shot it with a gun leaving a gaping hole. After all, that’s what I felt last night reading through those comments about me online. It merely took everyone a minute to shatter my ego.


I sat up from my bed, not bothering to get out from underneath the covers. Do I go to school or not? That was the question of the day. I was contemplating that when my dad suddenly entered my room.


“Dad?” I said in surprise.


“Tyler. Why aren’t you dressed for school? You’re going to be late!” he barked at me as he crossed his arms over his chest waiting for me to give an explanation.


I gave out a small, fake cough. Okay, I think I just decided then and there whether or not I was going to school. And you already probably know the answer. “I’m still not feeling well.” After that, I faked a coughing fit. I’m sorry, but I’m still not ready to go back to school. Especially now that I know how everyone feels about me!


“Are you coming down with the flu?” he asked me as he approached me. “I hope not. It’s football season. You can’t miss a game! The scouts for looking forward to seeing you play your best.” Nice knowing he cared so much about me! He then placed his palm on my forehead to check for my temperature, but it was normal.


“What’s going on here?” my mother asked the both of us as she appeared in my doorway. “Honey, I asked you to wake Tyler up. What are you doing?”


“Angie, he’s not feeling very well,” my dad said as he pointed to me. “He has no fever, but he’s giving off some really bad coughs.” I coughed up again. I need to keep this little charade going.


“Coughs? Well that’s fine. You can still go to school,” my mom said as she looked at me.  I think I failed.


“Oh no! Tyler will stay at home!” my dad said to my mom.


“Honey, he just has a cough. Going to school won’t really make a difference,” my mother pointed out.


“That may be true, but I’m not taking any chances. Football season is coming and Tyler needs to be in top condition! I’m not waiting for this cough to worsen. He’s staying home,” my dad said in his commander voice. In this household, we all know better than to mess when he’s in that state. My mom was overruled.


“Fine… Head downstairs Tyler for breakfast. Just don’t get anything cold!” my mother said as she shooed my out of my bed.



After breakfast, around 9am, I took a quick shower. This time I got to finally jerk off. It was okay nothing great.


I stepped back into the room naked. There really wasn’t any immediate danger of being caught. Dad was at work. Emily left for her school. And mom went to the farmer’s market to buy some fruits and vegetables. I was alone at home and it felt great!


I walked to my closet and got a shirt and sweatpants. I put them on and went to my desk to check some mail on my laptop. There wasn’t really anything new. Still the same old messages. Oh wait… I got new spam mail though.


I spent around 30 minutes browsing through the web, looking for new sounds worthy of downloading. I spotted a really cool looking band called The Sound of Arrows. Their song ‘Nova’ was really good… although the video was kinda gay. I didn’t mean it a bad way! It’s just… well, the video has these suggestive moments that there’s something going on between the two male singers. The video was all hipster-ed out though with the clothes and the cosmos shit. So I guess that was kinda good.


After that, I visited the school gossip blog once again. I didn’t know why. Curiosity got the better of me I suppose. I wanted to know if there was anything new about me. Wanted to see if people are still commenting negative shit. I wasn’t disappointed.


Today’s comments were far harsher and more severe than yesterday’s. I couldn’t bring myself to repeat what some of them have to say, but they were really awful. Instead of feeling sad and pitiful, I was slowly filling up with rage. I think this last batch of comments really ticked me off. I was getting tired of people talking shit about me and not have the guts to say it to my face. My hands were again shaking uncontrollably.


Then I read: Tyler Beaumont is a coward. He skipped school yesterday just so that he wouldn’t face the student body. Our football god is nothing more than a pansy. I bet he’s wallowing in grief right now. Fucking fag.


I think I totally lost it right there. I snarled like an animal as I knocked  everything on  my desk to the floor. My pens, papers, notebooks were all scattered around my chair. I stood up, kicking most of them again, the heavy ones flying across the room.. I want to kick whoever said that online. Okay, I’ll admit that I did kinda skip school because I was sort of scared, but to call me a faggot?! Where the hell did that come from?! That was uncalled for and damn right insulting! Not only to me but to any other gay person out there as well. Associating vulnerability with homosexuality? How narrow minded can you fucking be?


Fuck you! Fuck you whoever you are. Fuck you Ridgemont High! Just you fucking wait! I’ll show all you motherfuckers!


I snarled as I continued kicking stuff around my room. I was fucking pissed! And I doubt that this would disappear so easily.



I slammed my bathroom door behind me. I started pacing around in the confined small space of my bathroom. A couple of seconds later, I proceeded to the sink and began to wash my face. Somehow I thought, I could wash my anger away. Oh, wouldn’t that wouldn’t be so easy. I looked up at my reflection afterwards.


I was breathing hard probably because of the overwhelming feelings coming over me. Water droplets were forming at my chin and were falling down into the sink. My eyes stared at their reflection, a lost and confused soul found within them.


Will came over and let’s just say some words were said and I kinda stormed out of the conversation. Believe me, with all the frustrations I went through throughout the day, Will was lucky that I didn’t punch him… No I mean it!


He had the audacity to say that I reminded him of the old Tyler. You know the douchebag a couple years back. That was seriously uncalled for. I was angry that time. Obviously, I didn’t mean to say those things about Rocky and some of the others, but I was angry. Don’t you say things you don’t mean when you’re under the emotion of rage? I know it’s not the most appropriate thing to do when you’re angry, but it comes with the territory… right?


So… I cursed Will out… Was I proud of that? Fuck no. But how else would I handle what he said?


“Shit,” I muttered to myself as I wiped the water off my face with shirt. I placed my hands on either side of the sink and leaned forward to my reflection. Is this really me? I looked back at my reflection. I could see my anger in my face and the pain in my eyes.


No. That isn’t me. I’m not going to allow my anger issues to consume me. If that happens, I’m going to revert back to my old self. I… I don’t want that… I don’t want to be the guy who everyone hates or pities. I tried my very best changing my ways the couple of years and that’s how I want to keep it. Dana would be ashamed of me right now. I need… No, I want to make her proud of me. I need to prove them all wrong tomorrow… I’m going to prove Will wrong!


When Will popped back into my mind, I hung my head. Aw shit. I can’t believe I just told him to fuck off. We were slowly making our way back to being friends and now I screwed it up. Fuck. Can I still fix this?


I looked at the door and contemplated if I this was a really good idea. Sighing, I made my way to the bathroom door and slowly turned the knob. I peeked inside my room to find Will was gone.


He must be pissed at me. Dammit! I kicked my bed in frustration. Probably not the best idea! My foot hurt like hell now. I was jumping around clutching my foot in agony when I heard a knock on my door.


“Honey, is everything alright here? I saw Will hurry home,” my mother asked as she took a peek from the hallway.


“I’m fine ma,” I said as I limped my way towards my bed.


“Are you hurt?” she asked as she stepped inside and approached me.


“I’m fine mom. Really,” I said waving at her that the pain was gone.


“Are you sure? Will looked visibly upset when he left,” she told me. She stared at me with her blue eyes, looking back at mine. There was a great deal of love and concern that I couldn’t escape. Besides, I think I really could use some advice right now about this entire situation.


“Will and I got into a… heated discussion. I kinda blew my lid at him,” I told her as I looked down on the floor in shame. I felt my bed sink. I looked at my left and found my mom sitting down beside me. A little while later, she was patting my back.


“Did you guys hit each other?” she asked.


“What?! No!” I said, standing up in shock and disgust. I would never hurt Will again!


My mom simply looked at me, urging me to continue.


“There wasn’t any hitting! I just stormed out of the conversation. When I came back, he was gone,” I said as I sat back beside her down again. “I… I’m such a huge fuck up!” I told her, not really caring that I cursed in her presence. I was slightly distraught.


“There, there honey,” she said as she began rubbing my back again, “You do know what you have to do right?”


“Huh?” I blurted out as I looked at her.


“Tyler, you need to apologize to Will. It doesn’t matter whose fault it was, you just got to find a way to make things alright between the two of you again,” she said as she gave me an encouraging smile.


“O… Okay. I’ll call him right now,” I said as I got my cellphone and started dialing his number.


“No. No Tyler,” my mother said as she shook her head. She grabbed my phone and placed it on my bedside table. She then grabbed my hands in hers, looked in my eyes, and said, “You need to apologize to him directly. A text message and phone call will not do. If you do, it will come across as if you’re not genuine about your apology. You need to make an effort Tyler.”


“But what if he doesn’t want to listen?” I asked.


“Well, you just need to keep trying until he is ready to. Once he sees how genuine you are over the entire thing, he’ll come around. I know so. Will’s a good kid who has a big heart,” she said, still smiling.


“Okay,” I said.


“Okay good. Now why don’t you get ready for dinner? Your dad said he’ll be a little later than usual, so he told me we should eat without him,” my mother said as she gave me a big hug and proceeded to the hallway.


“… Mom?” I called out to her.


“Yes honey?”


“… Thanks,” I said sheepishly. I think I could have blushed a few shades of red from embarrassment.


She just smiled at me and said, “Anytime dear. Now go wash up! I’ll wait downstairs! We’re having roast beef for dinner.”


I stood up and went to the bathroom to wash when I saw something on my desk. It was a piece of paper. That’s odd. Where did that come from? I approached my desk first then picked it up. It was from Will. He outlined the rest of the assignment for me, basically explaining what we were supposed to do. I remember him telling me earlier that we were supposed to be working in pairs. Does this mean he doesn’t want to work together? Does he want us to work separately? This definitely means he’s pissed at me… right?


Ugh, Will… why are you so difficult to read?!?



Tyler, you need to get a grip. You’re the king of this school for crying out loud! I gripped my steering wheel a bit too tightly as I tried to compose myself before heading inside Ridgemont High. Today was Wednesday and I finally decided to go back to school. I didn’t want to be a coward anymore. I needed to face my fears of gossip and get through this. If Will could do it, so could I!


Will… Sigh. I hung my head down, eventually finding myself resting it on top of my steering wheel. I need to fix this thing with Will and soon.


“Okay Tye, you need to stop moping around and get in there!” I whispered to myself. I needed a bit of a pep talk, even if it was coming from myself.


I took a deep breath, grabbed my bag and slammed the door to my car. I had a little walking to do. I parked at the rear of the school, near the football field to be exact. I wanted to remain as incognito as much as I can before the frenzy begins.


I walked through the sidewalk, not really paying attention to anyone I come across with. I did manage to catch from the corner of my eye, people whispering when I passed by. I’m trying my best to not pay them any attention whatsoever. When I turned around the corner towards the main entrance of the school, the stares and hushed conversations intensified. Okay, Tyler. Get a grip. I just stared ahead, again ignoring everything around me. I could have sworn they were still staring at me as I passed them by. Jesus, is this what Will went through when he came back?! I now have a lot of respect for him.


As I neared the main doors, I took a moment to stop and look at it. “Here goes nothing,” I said as my hands reached for handle and pulled. I swear to God, once I stepped inside, everyone in there just dropped everything they were doing and looked at my direction. All conversations came to a screeching halt when I entered. I’m not joking. You could hear a pin drop.


“Holy shit.” I heard someone say from my left. I looked there and found a male sophomore, with his mouth agape. When I caught his eyes, he quickly turned away and fled.


When my gaze went back to the room, everyone went back to what they were doing. Or more accurately, tried to go back to what they were initially doing. When I started walking down the hall, I saw students fixing their lockers, girls re-striking a conversation, nerds fleeing the other direction. But in the corner of my eyes, I saw each and every one of them glancing at me every now and then. When I did catch their gaze, they immediately look away. I found that bit a little entertaining. I had a feeling they caught my smirk.


I made my way through the hallways to find Jason and apologize. I haven’t really spoken to him or any other of my teammates over the last couple of days. I needed to apologize to every single one of them, but I needed to say sorry to Jason first. He is my best friend after all… and if he found out that I didn’t apologize to him first before everybody else, he’d throw a massive fit. I know him too well not to.


When I round through the corner, I saw Jace standing by his locker with one of the other football players. He was talking to Logan, a lean looking redhead from the team. I know Logan. He’s a pretty chill dude although not really the brightest bulb out there. I guess that’s why he and Jason get along really well. Don’t tell him I said that!


Both Jason and Logan were wearing their varsity jackets over a jean which was the typical jock attire. Jason had his back facing me, so when I closed in on them it was Logan who acknowledged me first.


“Holy crap!” Logan said, his wide agape.


“What?…. What? Is there a hot chick?!” Jace said as he turned around with a laugh. When he saw me standing there, a few feet away from him, he immediately shut up. “Tye! You’re back!”


“Hey,” I said as I raised my hand for a little, pathetic little wave.


They both approached me simultaneously. They patted my back, gave me a few playful punches, and asked a whole lotta questions in ten seconds.


“Wait!” I said a bit too harshly. They both shut up. “Okay, before you guys go any further, I just want you to know that I’m really sorry ignoring all your text messages and calls the past couple of days. I was really depressed and I kinda needed to be alone for quite awhile. Sorry for being an ass!”


“Look Tye, it’s all water under the bridge, okay? You were hurt and angry. It’s understandable you want to get away from reality for a couple of days,” Logan said as he patted my back. I just had to give him a smile.


“Yeah, besides… you can repay your guilt by buying me Mortal Kombat!” Jason chimed in as he gave me a rather painful punch. We all laughed at that moment. Well, that went well. Now all that’s left is the rest of the team, the coach, and… him.


The devil must have heard me because no sooner had I thought of him; he comes walking around the hallway. My laughter died down after that. Will Lakewood was walking down the hall along with that British import, Sterling what’s-his-name! They were having some deep conversation when he looked up and saw me. I saw his eyes register surprise before turning his gaze away and back to Sterling. He simply walked past me. He ignored me! I caught Sterling catching glances back at me with a suspicious look in his eyes before both disappearing around the corner.


“Problem with the neighbor?”


I turned my attention back at my two teammates who both had inquisitive looks on their faces. “What?” I asked them.


“Logan and I saw how you and Will were looking at each other. There’s something going between the two of you. Spill It!” Jason answered.


“He didn’t… hit on you, did he?” Logan asked in a hushed voice.


“What?! Nooo!!” I said a little too loudly causing some students to gawk at me.


“Uh-huh,” Jason said, not convinced with my answer.


“Listen… Tyler… If you don’t want to share with us, it’s fine,” Logan said, raising his hands up in surrender.


I sighed. “It’s nothing like that okay. Will and I kinda had a heated conversation yesterday and I… uhh… kinda blew my top over it,” I explained to them.


“YOU PUNCHED HIM?!?” Jason shouted.


“Will you keep your voice down?!” I hissed, gesturing over the students passing by. The last thing I need is some student mishearing this conversation and spreading rumors in school that I beat will up.


“Well did you?” Jason asked once again, this time in a whisper.


I was about to answer this question when Logan interjected, “So he did flirt with you!” I gave him an exasperated look. “What?” he asked me when he noticed I was giving him a good stare down. I shook my head. I told you he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.


“Did any of you see a bruise on Will’s face? I didn’t hit him in any way. I said something that I really shouldn’t have said. We haven’t really communicated after that,” I said looking at both of them.


“Dang,” Logan muttered. Did I tell you he’s not really big on words either?


“Are you going to apologize?” Jason asked.


“Of course! I just need to find the right time and the right moment,” I said.


“When will that be?” Logan asked me.


“I don’t know… I don’t have a fucking clue,” I whispered as I looked back towards the direction Will walked off to.




(Will’s POV)


“Morning Will! About time you got down!”


“Good morning mom and everyone else,” I said as I stepped inside the kitchen. I was wearing a white band tee along with some black slim jeans as well as some black Converse. I didn’t really feel like dressing up today. I’ve got other things on my mind.


“Uh oh,” I hear one of my brothers Blake mutter to his twin as I sat down at the breakfast table.


“What’s with the uh oh?” I asked Blake as I gave both of the twins a questioning look. Both of them were sitting across me at the breakfast table. Mom’s busy cooking breakfast. And dad… well, knowing dad, he’s probably busy redecorating our improved lawn at front. I could hear him hacking away at 6:30 in the morning. He was my alarm clock for today.


Blake just looked at Marco and whispered something in his ear. I saw Marco look underneath the table and then back at me.


“What?” I asked them in annoyance. Ugh. They’re doing their twin synchronization telepathy thing again. This is way too early for that.


“Will, what’s wrong?” Marco asked, leaning forward across the table and placing his hands in front.


“What are you talking about?” I asked them as I grabbed a bagel from the plate on the table.


“Will do you want pancakes or just bacon and toast?” I heard my mom shout from the stove.


“Just bacon and toast mom!” I shouted as I gave her a wave. She smiled and nodded at me before going back to cooking. I looked back at my brothers and both of them had the exact same expressions on their faces. “Whaaaat?!!” I asked them, annoyance clearly present in my voice.


Blake sighed as he leaned forward, looked at me and said, “You’re wearing your black Converse shoes.”


I gave him a serious what-the-fuck look. “So?”


“You only wear your black Converse shoes if you’re really depressed about something or when you have a really, really big problem over your head,” Blake continued as he pointed at my shoes.


“What? Where the hell did you get the idea?!” I asked them.


“Well, the last time you wore that is when you broke up with Ethan. Yes, I perfectly remember that because you wore those shoes for an entire week after your break-up. Before that, you wore it when your pet bulldog, Chester died. You wore those shoes for three days… Even in the funeral when you specifically said to be in formal attire. And then before that-”


“Okay! Okay! I get it!” I interrupted Blake before he got a chance to say any more. He stopped and gave me a cocky smile. I just scowled at him.


“So, are you going to tell us what’s bothering you this time?” Marco asked as he took a sip of coffee from his cup.


“I uhh… got into a fight with Tyler,” I answered. Immediately after I said that, Marco almost choked on his coffee, causing it to spill a little onto his plate. “Are you okay?” I asked him as he began coughing a bit. Blake just patted his back.


“Did he hit you?!?!” he asked a bit angrily once he gained his composure. “Did he lay a finger on you?!” He looked at his twin with fury. “I told you he was a bad seed!”


“Chill out man,” Blake said, annoyed at his twin’s reaction.


“He didn’t hit me! Tyler would never do that. We just had a heated conversation and we both said some things that shouldn’t have been said,” I said as I looked down and poked my bagel with my finger.


“I told you,” I heard Blake say to Marco.


“Oh shut up!” his twin replied.


“What’s this about Tyler I hear?” I heard my mom say as she handed me my breakfast.


“Thanks mom,” I said as I grabbed the plate from her. She sat down beside me.


“So… what’s this about Tyler?” she said as she looked between me and the twins.


“Will and Tyler had a… disagreement,” Blake said to my mom.


“Oh!” she said looking at me. “Do you want to talk about it?” she asked as she placed her elbows onto the table, raised her hands and rested her chin on them.


“Well… His longtime girlfriend dumped Tyler and I’ve been hearing from one of his friends that he was into some sort of depression. Well I had to go to his house for a school project okay? Anyways, I tried telling him that he needs to snap out of it because prolonged depression isn’t very healthy. He kinda blew his lid. Then some unnecessary things were said from both of our mouths and well… yeah,” I said to all three of them. My mom momentarily looked at the ceiling before glancing at my brothers and gave them a small nod. They nodded back.


“What?” I asked them. Don’t tell me my mom has the twin telepathy power too?


“Will, will, will… remember that depression phase you went through when we left Ridgemont?” my mom asked.


“Yeah. How can I forget?” I told her.


“And do you remember how you would snap at your brothers every time they try to help and cheer you up?” she asked.


“Yeah, so? Oh… Oh!” I said, realizing what she was getting to.


“Yes. Even though you were depressed, your brothers tried their very best to help you out. You snapped at them because you just wanted to be left alone. You even got mad at some point in time. Tyler must be going through the same thing. He just needs time to deal with this on his own, much like you four years ago,” my mother said, giving me an encouraging smile. Thinking about it, there was a sinking feeling in my stomach that she was right. I forced Tyler to snap out of his depression which probably wasn’t the most considerate thing to do.


“So… I should apologize to him… right?” I asked her.


“If you think that’s what it takes,” my mother said as she patted my hand.


I was about to say some more when we all heard my dad cursing from the front lawn.


“What on earth is your father up to now?” my mother asked as she stood up to go to the lawn. Everyone just resumed eating their breakfast.


“It’s amazing how much you can hurt someone with good intentions,” Blake said as he sipped on his morning coffee.


I just stared at him. “You’ve been watching Pretty Little Liars, haven’t you?” I asked him. The twins just laughed at my question.


“Yes,” Blake answered, “although it’s not the exact quote word by word, the gist is still the same.”


I just rolled my eyes at him as I continued eating my breakfast. “You’re such a dork,” I muttered at him.


“Says the one who’s wearing black Converse,” Marco interjected causing Blake to laugh. I playfully stuck out my tongue at both of them causing them to laugh. Older brothers…



Okay, I made a mental note to apologize to Tyler today. The only problem is I don’t know if he’s going to school or not. If he doesn’t go to school, I doubt he’d let me in his home after our little spat yesterday. Sigh. This is getting quite bothersome.


I was at my locker thinking about this situation while absentmindedly re-arranging my things. I tend to be OC when I’m dealing with a problem.


“Locker’s a bit messy?”


I snapped out of my daze and looked at my left. I didn’t notice Sterling leaning against the locker beside mine. He was wearing a collared teal shirt, some slacks, and brown loafers. He had a smile on his face.


“Oh… you’re talking to me now?” I asked disdainfully. I’m quite pissed at him. Yesterday, he was all up my ass over lying to Claire and Rocky during lunchtime and now he’s all friendly! One minute, he treats me like dirt and the next minute he’s all angelic on me. The whole act is getting on my nerves, to be honest.


He looked quite taken aback with my response. He must have thought I would be begging for his attention after yesterday. Since he didn’t say anything, I just continued talking.


“Yesterday you treated me like shit over lunch and now, it’s as if nothing happened between the two of us. What? You suddenly had a change of heart?” I scowled at him as I began throwing random shit into my locker.


He looked at me for a long time before he said, “I heard you helped out Mitch yesterday.”


“Who the fuck is Mitch?!” I asked totally clueless.


“The boy Scott and his cronies were tormenting yesterday!” he said with a frown. Oh… him! I remember him. Kid with mousy brown hair! “That was really nice of you,” he added.


I slammed my locker loudly, causing Sterling to slightly jump. “So is that how it goes? Your anger at me disappeared because I helped someone out? I’m not sure I like this arrangement very well,” I said as I looked at him with anger.


“That’s not what I mean,” he said, looking at me nervously.


“Then what does it mean Sterling?” I asked him as I faced him and crossed my arms against my chest. “Please tell me because I don’t have any clue what you’re talking about. I don’t have a clue why you’re always so overcritical with me. Why, on some days, you suddenly have this prissy attitude to me and only me! Frankly, I’m getting really, really tired of the attitude. Do you have PMS or something?”


He looked down at the floor. “It’s just… it’s because…”


“Spit it out already!” I barked at him. My patience was clearly right over the edge.


“It’s because I like you okay!” he said in a hushed whisper. He then looked back at me to gauge my reaction.


… Okaaayy.. I didn’t see that coming!


When he noticed I wasn’t responding he continued, “I’m sorry, but I like you. Not just in a friendly way. I mean… really, really like you. I’m sorry that I may come across as a douche sometimes. It’s just I notice you more than any other person out there. I pick up on your habits quite easily and I tend to react to them in different ways.”


“So you’re gay?” I asked.


“Yes,” he said with a smile, “I was hoping if you’d like to go out on a date sometime. You know, so I can make up for being such a shithead to you from time to time.”


I stared at him, wanting to see if this was some sort of evil trick or practical joke. But when I looked at his green eyes behind his black glasses, I saw that he was genuine and sincere about the entire thing.


“Why?” I asked, completely dumbfounded at the certain ways things played out.


“Why what?” he asked me again, confusion etching on his face.


“I mean, why would you want to go out with me? You know my history in this school,” I answered.


“I don’t give a damn about that. You’re different, and funny, and you’re cute as hell!” he said with a blush.


It took me quite some time to process everything. Sterling was anxiously waiting for my reply. Now, he’s the one making me nervous!


“I… I’m sorry Sterling, but I’m not looking for a boyfriend in my life right now. I’m sorry,” I told him. That was half true. A part of me isn’t really looking for a boy right now. The other part of it was that I didn’t want to ruin Sterling’s life because he decided to go out with me… the school’s favorite gossip item.


“Oh… I see…” he said, desperately trying to hide the disappointment in his voice.

This isn’t turning out so well.

“Maybe in the future?” I asked him, trying to get his hopes up.


He looked back at me. I gave him a warm smile in return. “Sure,” he said as he gave me a smile back. There was an awkward silence between the two of us for a couple of minutes. Both of us didn’t really know what to say exactly. I decided to break off the ice.


“Now, why don’t you help me by holding onto this while I sort some stuff in my bag?” I asked him as I gave him my books to hold.


He looked at me for a minute before he smiled and grabbed my books from my hand. “Knowing you, this will probably take you around 15 minutes knowing how incredibly OC you are,” he teased.


I gave him a playful punch. “Oh shut up!” I said as we both laughed. This isn’t going too bad.



“I’ll see you guys later! I just need to go to the bathroom!” I said.


“Okay, we’ll see you!” Claire said as she, Taylor, Rocky, and Sterling waved goodbye at me.


It was the end of the day and everything went smooth. Well… almost everything. Sterling promised me he wouldn’t tell Claire and Rocky about yesterday. I promised him that I wouldn’t tell the others that he tried asking me out. There were a couple of times he would awkwardly stare at me throughout the day. When I caught him, he looked away instantly. I just smiled at him, silently telling him that I was fine with it. Both of us were good right now… Hopefully it stays that way.


I still haven’t talked to Tyler yet. I saw him at school today. To tell you the truth, I was quite surprised! We caught each other’s eyes this morning, but I kinda froze under the pressure and didn’t approach him. I guess I was bit of a coward since he had two football players with him at the time. Sigh. He didn’t even bother following me. I guess he’s still mad.


As I neared the male bathroom, someone suddenly grabbed my hand and dragged me into the janitor’s closet.


“What the hell?!” I shouted as I crashed into the shelf, causing numerous bottles of chemicals falling down on me. Thank god, none of them were open! My scalp would have been burnt by now otherwise.


“Oh shit. I’m sorry,” my assailant said as that person dragged me up to my feet. Okay, even though we were in a dark room where you really couldn’t see a single thing, I still managed to notice that voice.


“Tyler! What the hell are you doing?” I asked, out of breath.


He flipped the switch and I found myself chest to chest with the football player. He was wearing his varsity jacket over some dark denims. His blonde hair was a bit shaggy today. I had no idea why he dragged me into a closet. The only time this happens is when guys want to make out with girls. I highly doubted Tyler wanted to do the same to me.


“Listen Will, I need to talk to you… alone,” he told me as he slightly moved back from me. Not that it was a lot since the janitor’s closet was pretty small.


“And you figured that the janitor’s closet was the best place to do that?” I asked back, slightly annoyed over this situation.


“Well, this is the only place where no one can bother us. You always got your friends with you, especially that Sterling guy!” I noticed he grunted Sterling’s name out And my teammates are always tailing me around,” he explained.


“Wait, don’t you have football practice right now?” I asked him again.


“Doesn’t start for another 20 minutes,” he said with a sly smile. Oh god. There he goes again flashing his wonderful white smile again!


“Look… Will…” he began, suddenly turning very serious again, “I was such a huge ass to you yesterday! I shouldn’t have said the things I said. I said them out of anger and spite. And I know that’s a pretty lame excuse, but I’m telling you the truth. I was petty, selfish, and arrogant yesterday over everything that happened and I let it all out on you. I just want you to know that I’m really, really sorry about that. You don’t have to forgive me. I just really wanted to tell you that face to face.”


I stared at him dumbfounded at his apology. So he’s not mad at me then? I thought he’d be furious for sure.


“I forgive you,” I said.


“What?” Tyler asked, not because he couldn’t hear me, but rather because he didn’t understand.


“You forgive me? Just like that?,” he asked still in shock.


“Yes and besides, I owe you one as well,” I said to him.


“Owe me an apology?”


“Let me finish?” I asked him, my mouth turning into a slight frown. He zipped his mouth instantly. “Listen,” I said, “It was also wrong of me of trying to force you out of your depression. It wasn’t my place. I knew what those feelings felt like and it consumed me really bad. I didn’t want you to go through the same things  I did, so I tried talking you out of it. I guess I could have handled it better.”


Tyler looked at me for a long time before he stepped closer and enveloped me into a hug. This was such a huge surprise! I was so shocked that I didn’t even move. I just stood there like a statue as Tyler hugged me. If you were there, you’d probably see the confusion and utter embarrassment in my face. He let go a couple of seconds later, a blush creeping onto his cheeks.


“What was that for?” I asked giving him a bewildered look. Did he really just hug me right now or was that a dream?


“I don’t know. I just felt like hugging you for being so nice and caring,” he said blushing some more.


“You sound so gay,” I laughed at him. He laughed at my response and gave me a friendly shove. We laughed for a few minutes, just letting everything out into the open. It felt really good.


“Will…. about that homework assignment?… Do you want to use your house or my house as the main subject?” Tyler asked me once the laughter subsided.


I placed my hand under my chin and began to think. Using my house wouldn’t probably the best choice. First of all, we haven’t really unpacked everything yet. There are still some boxes left in the guest bedroom, kitchen, and even the backyard that we still need to sort out. That would hamper us from truly exploring the rest of the house. Second of all, my family isn’t really your typical American family. We do a lot of things normal families don’t really do. So explaining how the house influences our daily activities would be really difficult. The most important thing is that my brothers would be spying on us the entire time. I don’t want that to happen!


“We’ll do your house. Is that fine with you?” I asked, finally making up my decision.


“Okay great! Swing by my house after dinner. We can discuss how we’re going to tackle this homework assignment. Maybe we can actually get half of it done by tonight!” he said excitedly.


“Sure, why not?” I replied trying to hide my excitement.


“Okay, good. So I’ll see you later then?” he asked me. I  nodded in response. “Awesome,” he said as he opened the janitor’s closet door and sprinted out into the hallway. Yep, today everything was going smoothly.




(Tyler’s POV)


“Okay, so we finished drawing up the master plan. Now what?” I asked Will.


It was around 9pm in evening and we were in my room trying to get started on this project of ours for Art Studies. My room is technically much smaller than Will’s room so we had to do our work on my bed. I was positioned near the headboard while Will was on the other end. We had my laptop and a couple of papers and pencils between us. It was a comfy set-up and I was glad to hear no complaints from my neighbor.


“I don’t know. My brain is pretty much slush right now,” he said with a laugh. All this drawing has gotten me a slight headache.


“Do you want a break?” I asked him in concern.


“I’d like that,” he said quietly.


“Will don’t be shy if you need something, just say it!” I said to him as I grabbed the papers and neatly organized them according to floor plans.


“I think I need some aspirin,” he said as started massaging his head with his fingers.


“That bad huh? I’ll get some downstairs,” I said as I moved my laptop to the side to give him more space to move around on. I went out into the hallway and down the stairs to get him some painkillers.


Everything was going really well. Will and I managed to talk it out this afternoon about our disagreement yesterday. Even though the venue was slightly less than perfect, it turned out pretty well. Although, I wish I could say the same for football practice.

The coach pretty much gave me a long, good lecture before making me work out for missing practice out on the field. He didn’t like it that I missed school simply because I had a headache. Scott and his cronies were pretty much in heaven watching me suffer.  He is such an asshole. He’ll get his just desserts soon. Just you fucking wait!


I grabbed a glass from one of the cupboards, went to the sink to fill it out with water. I then grabbed an aspirin in our medicine cabinet and then proceeded back to my room. I carefully jogged my way up the stairs in just my black tank and grey sweatpants. When I entered my room, I found Will lying down on my bed looking at me expectantly. He looked pretty good in his white t-shirt and shorts. I could see muscle build in his arms and his belly. He’s definitely changed that’s for sure!


“Here you go,” I said as I handed him both the glass of water and an aspirin.


“Thanks,” he said as he took them from me. I watched him gulp it down. He gave me a smile afterwards.


“So, what do you want to do during this break?” I asked him, “I’m afraid we can’t play any Marvel vs. Capcom or Mortal Kombat!”


He laughed at my response. His laugh got me laughing too. You know those people who have infectious laughter that when you hear them laugh, you can’t help but join in? Will’s very much like that. It’s hard to explain through words. You just need to be there to fully understand what I’m saying.


“Well, let’s listen to some of your music!” he said enthusiastically.


“Okay,” I said as I went around the bed and sat beside Will. I grabbed my laptop and opened my iTunes. “Here, Listen to Glasvegas. I found them out a couple of days ago. I find them extremely awesome, although when I linked it to Jason and a couple of my teammates this evening, they hated the group.” I then pressed play.


‘Whatever Hurts Through The Night’ started playing and I watched Will for his reaction. I knew we had slightly a similar taste in music, but I’m not sure if he’d agree with me on this one. Will was slightly more into indie rock more than synth stuff, so I’m not sure how he’ll like this.


I saw him bop his head every now and then. Two minutes later, he turned to me and said, “Tyler. This is great! I’m not kidding. They are a bit different to what I normally listen to, but their sound is pretty rad! Are you sure you’re not a hipster?”


I chuckled at him, “I’m glad you like them. You’re the first person who told me so.”


He then got up and sat in an Indian position and said, “Jason found this bad? That boy has no taste in music! I swear Tyler, your music library is incredible! Don’t feel down that no one appreciates it. You don’t need someone else’ s   confirmation to know that this is a great artist.”


“Thanks Will,” I said, turning away from him because I found my cheeks blushing. That was nice of him to say. Shit. This kid’s got a hold on me.


“Tyler, I mean it. Don’t let other people tell you who you should like or what you should be. Just do what makes you happy,” he said as he reached out and patted my hand.


Glasvegas’ ‘Dream Dream Dreaming’ started playing in the background as I asked him, “I have a feeling you’re not talking about Glasvegas anymore…”


He looked at me for awhile, “I know that you’re upset about people making stuff about you. You need to know that what they say doesn’t reflect you or define you as a person. You alone know who you are and how special your relationship with Dana was. Don’t let other people dictate otherwise. Just treat it like your music. If they don’t like what they hear, then fuck ‘em.”


I laughed at that last comment causing Will to frown because he was entirely dead serious. “I’m sorry for laughing,” I said as I let my laughter subside, “But thanks Will. You’re a great guy. Whoever gets your heart is a lucky guy.”


Now it was Will’s turn to blush. “Whatever Tyler!” he said as he smacked my shoulder.


“I mean it,” I said to him in dead seriousness.


“And what makes me all special?” he joked around laughing.


“Well, for one thing, you’re not a pushover. It’s like what you said; you don’t let other people dictate who you are or what you should do. Take that kid Mitch for example. I heard through the grapevine that you helped him out when no one else would. That shows you just how much of a person you really are. You could have walked away from him, but you helped him out even though he was an outcast. Normally people would just ignore him because they’re afraid of being ostracized next, but not you.. You didn’t let cliques or popularity influence your judgment or your actions. You also voice your mind without caring what might happen. Do you know you’re the only person who had the balls to tell me to my face that I was being a jackass when I treated you badly? You’re kind, generous, caring, and funny. Who wouldn’t like that?” I said as I faced him.


Will looked at me and his face turned crimson in embarrassment. I guess he didn’t expect me to give such a detailed explanation as to why he was awesome.


“Thanks Tye,” he choked out as he tried fighting back tears which threatened to fall. He looked away trying to hide them but I saw them clear as day. He was touched.


“Let’s get back to the assignment, shall we?” he asked while he was still looking down. I watched him grab the papers from my bedside table. I stayed silent the entire time. He still wasn’t looking at me.


At this time, the song ‘I Feel Wrong (Homosexuality Part 1)’ by Glasvegas started playing in the background.


“So… what should.. We do next?” he asked me as he looked up to me with a smile.


I leaned forward, my hand reaching for the papers containing the floor plans, but I quickly stopped and looked deep in his hazel eyes. I don’t know what came over me, but I found my hand going up to his face. He just looked at me as a sea of confusion began to show in his eyes. I touched his cheek pulled him into a kiss. Will didn’t make any sort of movement for a couple of seconds. He must have been overwhelmed with shock. A few seconds later, he ran his hand through my hair as he kissed me back. He parted my mouth with his tongue as I leaned forward inching our bodies closer to each other.


We continued kissing for a couple of minutes, feeling each other up, and running our hands through each other’s hair. There wasn’t any sense of lust. However, there certainly was a passion between the two of us. Will gasped for a breath of air before placing both of his hands on my cheeks and kissing me again. I reciprocated back. I bit on his lip which caused him to moan a little.


When I let go, I opened my eyes to find him doing the same. We looked at each other’s eyes searching for some reason why and how this happened. When ‘I Feel Wrong’ stopped playing, it felt as if the world stood still as we continued to stare at each other.








Okay, first of all, I will apologize for the time it took me to post this. I said I would be posting this by mid-June after my 3 week vacation in Europe, but lookie here, it’s July already. Starting from this moment on, I am not going to tell you when the next chapter is going to be posted because chances are, I’ll be breaking that promise and disappoint you guys. I made this chapter really long to compensate for the time it took to post this. Hope you’re not disappointed by that at the very least.


Also, I’m thinking of creating a yahoo group for this story because my contact list (I accidentally typed in lust for a while there) is getting too large and it’s pretty difficult to add each and every single of your names to the send list. Besides, some of you guys may actually have stopped reading and may be getting annoyed at my e-mails about a new chapter upload. Still not sure whether this option is  better and more efficient, what do you guys think?


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Take care and have fun!















I Think I’ve Flipped Chapter 6

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Disclaimer: First of all, I was above the age of 18 when I wrote this story and I own all rights to this. Any resemblance to actual living persons and places within this story is purely coincidental. If you are underage or it is illegal to view this story in your area, please hit the back button now. This story includes scenes of male teenagers engaged in male/male sex when permitted in the narrative. If you are uncomfortable with this, kindly exit now as well. Anyway, here goes:

I Think I’ve Flipped. Chapter 6.

(Will’s POV)

Tylerhad a look on his face which seemed to be a combination of concern and anger as he stood holding out the threatening letter I found in my locker. Holy shit, he wasn’t supposed to find out about it.

“Will! Who the fuck sent you this?!?” Tylerasked as he aggressively inched his way up to me.

“I..,” I couldn’t say anything as I had a momentary stuttering problem.

“Well?” he asked, flailing the piece of paper in front of me.

“I… I don’t know okay?!”  I replied as I snatched the paper from his hands and tore it into a million tiny pieces.

I tried to throw them into the garbage can under my desk. However, I missed causing them to go everywhere.

I cursed myself as I kicked the garbage can causing its contents to go everywhere. This is great just what I needed, a bigger mess to clean up.

I was about to kick the garbage can again when I felt a hand clamp down on my shoulder. This sudden touch of human contact caused me to abruptly return from my sudden loss of sanity. I looked to my left at his hand and slowly traced it back toTyler. His blonde hair was a mess as he just stared at me with concern in his hypnotic blue eyes. I let out a huge breath as the frustration slowly dissipated from my body. Who could have guessed Tyler Beaumont would have this effect on me?

“Hey, take it easy…”Tylerreplied as he slowly let his hand fall back down to his side.

“Sorry,” I mumbled as I glanced at him. I was still pretty embarrassed about the childish fit I had thrown a few seconds ago.

“Will, you don’t have to apologize. The one who needs to apologize is whoever sent you that bullshit piece of a paper. When I get my hands on that person, well they’re gonna be sorry,”Tylerresponded as he gestured at the trash below my desk.

I gave him a half hearted smile as I made my way to my bed and plopped down. Even though he was standing in my room, it didn’t faze me at all. I stared at my ceiling and began to drift into my own private world. I ran my hand through hair in frustration as I tried to figure out who could have possibly sent me that message. To be honest, there were only two names which kept popping into my mind.

The first and more obvious one was Scott. Ever since I arrived, he has given me nothing but trouble. The other one would be Dana,Tyler’s girlfriend.  This could be her way of telling me to back off of her man. At this point, I couldn’t figure out which one sent the note. Even if I did, what good would that do?

“You okay?” He asked.

I stopped staring at the ceiling and found myself staring at him.Tylerwas at the foot of my bed, leaning over the railings. He was looking at me with the same expression as before.

“I’m fine,” I said as I brought myself into a sitting position and never taking my eyes off ofTyler. It was only then I realized how extremely divine he looked at that moment. It could be because of the bright light which seemed to illuminate his silhouette giving him an angelic appearance.  However, I quickly realized it was the light from one of my lamps which had him light up from behind.

“Will,”Tylercalled out causing me to pay attention to him, “When did you find the note?” He asked as his voice seemed calmer and gentler.

I looked at him, briefly thinking whether or not I should actually share that piece of information with him. After all, he is the reason why I’m in this position in the first place.

“I just found it this afternoon during lunchtime. I went to my locker to put my books when I found that note lying inside. I tried looking around to see if anyone suspicious was nearby, but I didn’t notice anyone,” I replied asTylerran his hand through his blonde hair once again as he paced around the room. I raised my eyebrow as I watched him walk around the room, muttering to himself.

“OkayTyler, what on earth are you doing?” I asked him in confusion.

Tylerimmediately stopped walking and stared at me with a thoughtful expression, “What am I doing?? I’m trying to think of a way to fix this.”

“Fix this? What’s there to fixTyler?” I asked.

“Well of course we have to find whoever sent this to you!”Tyleranswered, “Will, what if this isn’t some sick practical joke? What if someone is really out to get you?”

“Tyler, you’re overreacting. This is high school. I’m not gonna die. I can handle myself. Besides, it’d be easier if we just followed the message. I’m not going to bother you, and you’re not bothering me. It’s a win-win situation,” I said.

He looked back at me in shock. I saw his face contort to a state of confusion as if he couldn’t register what I just said. “Will… We are not going to let this person win okay? I like spending time with you. And I’m gonna keep spending time with you. The hell with that message!” he replied.

I think I blushed a little as I thought to myself that Tyler Beaumont liked spending time with me!

I was about to respond when a sudden shout interrupted us, “TYLER! WE’RE LEAVING!”

“Okay, that’s my dad. I better go. Wouldn’t want to aggravate him any longer,” he announced as he collected his blazer from my desk shaking his head. I stood up and opened the door as I watchedTylerfiddle around on my desk. A few seconds later, he met me at the doorway.

“So… uh…I guess I’ll talk to you soon, okay?”Tylerasked as he looked down at my face. His hand running through his blonde hair once again, a habit he never seemed to break. Since not being able to find any words, I merely nodded in response. Could you blame me? His face was merely a few inches away from mine. How can you not be speechless?

“Okay?” he asked one more time, a smirk creeping on his face.

“Okay okay!” I said a bit flustered at what was happening.Tylerlaughed in response as he ruffled my hair and bounced out into the hallway.

“TYLER!!” his dad bellowed one more time.

“ALREADY THERE!!”Tylershouted back as he ran down our staircase.

Once theBeaumontsleft, I shut my bedroom door, leaned against it, and sighed. This night was so stressful that it took out all the energy out of me. Fuck, I think I’m ready to call it a night already.

I proceeded to my desk to turn off the lamp on top of it when I noticed a slip of paper on my desk. What the hell I thought as I picked it up and read its contents. A smile crept onto my face. It wasTyler’s cell number.

“What do you think of this one Will?” Claire asked as she held up a blue cardigan sweater.

Today is Saturday and as promised, I’m here at the town mall shopping with Claire and Dana. Actually, they’re the ones doing all the shopping. I, on the other hand, haven’t found anything yet.

“I like the blue one,” I announced as I pointed at the cardigan Claire was holding.

“See Dana I told you, this was the better choice!” Claire said as she handed Dana the sweater.

“Okay let’s try it on!” Dana said as she threw the red cardigan she was holding into the empty chair next to her. They walked to the nearest full length mirror to try them on.

Some shopping trip this turned out to be. I haven’t done anything except serve as a middleman between the two girl’s questionable choices. In case you’re wondering,Taylorisn’t with us. She cancelled at the last minute. Apparently, there was an emergency in her home which needed her immediate attention. I hope it isn’t anything to serious.

I watched as they were both admiring the fit of the blue cardigan giggling like little school girls. Women and girls begin to get really crazy when they are shopping for clothes. I’ll never understand that. Really. My eyes suddenly lit up when they started to approach me carrying all their clothes with them.

“Okay. We’re getting it along with the few other things we picked,” Dana said as she and Claire were heading to pay for their cargo

I would love to know their definition of a few. Are you kidding? Both of them could barely carry the clothes they were buying to the counter for crying out loud.

“Are you sure you don’t want to buy anything Will?” Claire asked as she laid out her clothes on top of the cashier counter.

“Yeah, you haven’t bought anything since we got here,” Dana said with a pout on her face.

“Don’t worry about me! I’m good,” I said with a smile.

“Perfect! We’re going to the lingerie section next!” Dana replied as her eyes light up as she pointed to a nearby store in the mall.

“Oh no… I draw the line there girls,” I said with a horrified look on my face, “I can’t help you there.”

“What? Why not?” Claire asked in confusion.

“I’m a guy remember? Lingerie and I don’t mix together. Besides, I don’t think I’d be comfortable seeing you two in your underwear. I don’t want to look at your boobies,” I replied with a horrified look upon my face.

I heard them laughing as the guy behind the counter gave me a look as well. I am gay and I like penises not breasts.

“You know Will,” Dana pointed out as she placed her clothes on the counter, “you’re the first guy who wouldn’t want to accompany girls to a lingerie store.” She gave me sly smile after followed by a small giggle.

“Oh that’s surprising,” I said sarcastically before chuckling to myself.

The three of us waited patiently for the clothes to be neatly placed into the shopping bags before heading out into the mall. We were heading towards the direction of the lingerie store they wanted to visit.

“So what are you going to do while we’re busy trying out bras and panties?” Claire asked me as we all stopped in front of the store.

“Oh I’m sure I can find something to do,” I said. Noticing both of them had skeptical looks on their faces, I re-assured them that I would be perfectly okay.

“Well okay then! We’ll see you later,” Dana said cheerfully as she and Claire proceeded inside the store.

“I’ll text you once we’re done!” Claire hollered as she waved goodbye disappearing inside.

I waited until I couldn’t see them anymore before turning around. I took a moment to survey the mall. There were a lot of people walking here and there carrying shopping bags. Everyone must have caught the shopping bug today. I began walking down towards the quad looking on both sides of the hall to see which stores were in the mall. It’s surprising to see how many of the stores I remember from four years ago are still here.

I stopped in front of a video game store I haven’t seen before it must be new. I took a moment to survey the contents of the window displays. They do have a broader collection than the all around electronics store at the other end of the mall. Figuring there wasn’t really any particular place I really wanted to go, I decided to kill some time inside.

“Good day!” the male attendant behind the cash register greeted me as soon as I entered.

“Hi,” I responded back with a smile. I began walking around the aisles browsing through the stacks of video games on either side of me. This store certainly does have more games than the other one. I ended up stopping at the Playstation 3 shelf. I have some extra cash figured I might as well buy myself a new game.

I think I spent about ten to fifteen minutes just pulling games out of the shelves, reading their description, and then putting them back on the rack. Nothing was really getting my attention. I don’t want to buy a game I may not end up loving in the end. I mean $80.00 down the drain is a lot of money to waste.

Not really finding anything worth buying, I almost turned away when my eyes caught one particular game way high up on the shelf. I quickly grabbed the game and smiled. I couldn’t believe my eyes! It’s the new Mortal Kombat game in my hands. Okay, this is awesome! I have been waiting for this one ever since it was announced to be released a few months back. Finally, now I-

“Well… Well… Fancy meeting you here.”

I turned around startled with the game still very much in my hands.Tylerwas standing in front of me. We seem to have a habit of bumping into each other lately. I am not complaining any chance to seeTyleragain in person is one I’d gladly take. Today, he was wearing a striped navy blue polo shirt, khaki shorts, and some white sneakers. Even though he had a grey cardigan on top of his blue polo shirt, I could perfectly make out the muscles on his arms. The cardigan must have thin fabric. I also noticed that he had a white baseball cap bearing the Ridgemont logo

“I know,” I said. I was still clutching the videogame in my hands. “We keep bumping into each other lately,” I added with a chuckle, “What are you doing here? Out to buy something?”

“Me? Nah. I’m actually here just to accompany Ja-”

“Yo Tye! I got it man!” said a voice behind him.

“-son. See?”Tylersaid as he pointed at Jason behind him.

“Tye. Who are you talking to?” Jason asked as I saw him peek from behindTyler’s back. I noticed he was also wearing the same baseball cap asTyler. “Oh Will! It’s you,” Jason said as he stepped from behindTylerto stand beside him. Jason was wearing a more casual look, just in a black shirt, some shorts and some skater shoes.

“Hi Jason,” I replied.

I haven’t really gotten a chance to talk to Jason since he confronted me on the first day of school. Sure we see each other in class and stuff, but we end up just smiling at each other whenever we cross paths. Well if the truth be known, Jason does the smiling and I do an awkward grin.

“Oh! Buying a game are we?” Jason asked as he pointed at the video game I was holding. He was leering a bit forward with his hand onTyler’s shoulders for support.

“What’d you get?”Tylerasked.

“Uhh… It’s the new Mortal Kombat,” I said as I handed them the copy for a quick look. As soon as I said those words, both their eyes lit up like Christmas had already arrived.

“Oh man! Jason and I were waiting for this to come out!”Tylerexclaimed as he and Jason stared at the case.

“Yeah man! How much is– Oh great $80.00. Should have known,” Jason groaned when he saw the price tag. “Sadly I don’t have enough cash to buy this right now, which is why I had to settle with a used version of Mass Effect 3,” he added as he held it in front of my face.

“I told you months ago to save up for this! But no, you just had to buy that ridiculous toy helicopter that you ended up breaking in the end,”Tylerreplied as he scolded Jason.

“Oh shut up man!” Jason replied back asTylerrolled his eyes in response.

I chuckled at their little spat. It was quite amusing seeing these two go at it. I know they didn’t mean anything bad about what they said. It was more of a way of showing their affection with one another.

“So… where are you heading after this? We’re about to head to the food court afterwards for a quick snack. You could join us if you want,”Tylersaid.

“Nah, its fine. Besides, I need to meet the girls in awhile,” I answered, a smile plastered on my face.

“You sure?” Jason asked me, “listen Will, you don’t have to be so careful around me. I’m not going to bite you know.”

I looked at Jason. I certainly wasn’t expecting him to be this so… well… friendly.

“It’sTyleryou need to worry about though. He hasn’t gotten his rabies shot yet,” Jason said, looking me straight in the eyes before bursting into a fit of laughter. I did too. Next thing I know,Tylerpunches Jason on the right shoulder.

“OWWW!!! What the hell was that for?” Jason askedTylerin surprise.

“Just pay for your goddamn game already!”Tylersaid as he shoved Jason to the direction of the counter.

“Fine! No need to get rough man!” Jason said before sticking out his tongue at his best friend as we watched him proceed to the cashier.

I looked atTylerand asked, “Is he always this-”

“Immature and annoying?”Tylerasked as he continued to look at me.

“I was about to say animated, but I guess I could agree with your choice of words,” I answered back as Tyler and I both looked at Jason. For some reason, he’s having a heated discussion with the cashier.

“You forgot hot-headed,”Tylerpointed out. We saw Jason wave the game in front of the cashier’s face like a madman. There was something definitely not right going on over at the counter.

“So I see,” I replied with a smile.

Suddenly, we heard a ring go off. It was my phone. I fished it out of my pocket and opened it up. The girls were finally done with their shopping. I texted them back before facingTyleragain, who was staring at me.

“It was the girls. I need to meet them soon,” I told him.

Tylerput up his hands and said, “Don’t let me keep you.”

I smiled at him before turning my direction at the counter, “I need to buy this first. That is, of course, whether or not Jason kills the man behind the cashier.” I looked at Jason and he was still going at it with the cashier. What’s going on with those two? The other customers in the store were looking at them too.

“Don’t worry, let me handle it,”Tylersaid. Before he did though, he leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Hey… Uhh… If it’s okay with you… I’d really like to come over and hang out.” He looked at me with hope brimming in his deep set of blue eyes.

I smiled mischievously and asked, “You wanna play Mortal Kombat, don’t you?”

“If… it’s alright… that is,”Tylerreplied as he was blushing.

“Sure. No problem. Come by after dinner tonight. I’ll beat your sorry ass once again!” I announced.

“Oh… I’m scared!”Tylersaid as his hands were over his mouth in mocked fear.

I was about to respond when we both heard Jason screaming.

“Uhm… I think you’d need to fix that problem first,” I said pointing to his best friend.

Tylersighed, “I’ll see you tonight, yeah?”

“Yup,” I answered.

“Okay then,”Tylersaid before finally making his way to Jason, “Jason Harrington! What the hell is going on here??”


“WHAT?!” I screamed from behind my bedroom door. My brother Blake was hollering from downstairs.

“Tyler’s here!” I heard him shout back.

Okay, he’s here. Earlier during the day,Tylerasked if he can come over and I agreed. I’ve been on pins and needles since then. Then again, anything involvingTylerwould make me nervous. I didn’t tell any of my friends that he would be coming over. I know I would never hear the end of it.

“I’m coming!” I shouted as I stepped out into the hallway. I did a last minute look over in the hallway’s full length mirror.  Okay, I was looking good ! Oh fuck, who am I kidding? I look like a dork. I was decked in a white v-neck and dark jeans looking like some wannabe hipster.

“I look like a dork,” I say out loud, shaking my head in annoyance.

“Nah, you look good!” came a familiar voice.

I turned around to see Blake and Marco staring at me from on top of the stairway. What’s worse is thatTylerwas there as well. What the fuck?! I was staring at the three of them with a huge blush on my face. Heck, I think my entire head was crimson red, including my hair. Blake and Marco had smug grins on their faces whileTylerhad this embarrassed little smile. He was wearing the same thing he was wearing earlier during the day, except he had no cardigan on. I swear to God I’m gonna kill the twins tonight.

“Yeah Marco. I agree with you. How about you Tyler? Do you think Will looks good?” Blake asked, as he turned to faceTyler.

“Yeah, Will. You look pretty spiffy,”Tylersaid gesturing at my outfit. I could hear Marco and Blake snickering behind him.

“Well go on then, you kids have fun now!” Marco said before shovingTylerforward towards me. WhenTylerbumped into me, the twins suddenly scampered downstairs, laughing all the way down to the bottom.

“They’re dead meat!” I said as I gently backed away fromTyler.

Tylerlaughed causing me to stare at him evilly. “Whoa! I come in peace,”Tylersaid as he put up his arms in peace.

“Well come on,” I replied as I stomped my way into my room.Tylerquietly followed me. I swear I could feel him grinning behind me. I was actually looking forward to this evening that was until the twins ruined it for me. Now I’m nervous as hell.

“So ready to get you ass whipped in Mortal Kombat?” I asked him desperately to hide my apparent embarrassment and nervousness. I handed him the controller as I bent down to fix the system.

“I’m afraid, it’s your ass that’s going to get whipped,”Tylersaid as he sat down on my floor waiting for me to finish setting up.

Once the game was loaded and we started, I sat a few feet away from him. I couldn’t help but stare at him and his body. His tree trunk legs were tucked under one another in an indian style. I couldn’t help but admire them. They were extremely toned with a light dusting of blonde hair. His arms were built too with a few of his muscles flexing because he was gripping the controller a bit too hard.

We played the game for a good hour. To my surprise,Tylerwas actually good at this game much better than his run-in with Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 last night. I think I’ve only managed to win like 7 games out of the 20 games we played. Although we were having a great time, it was clear to me that I was getting my ass kicked.

“Ownage!”Tylershouted as he won yet another game.

“I concede!” I mutter as I dropped the controller onto the floor.

“Hey don’t sweat it Will. You creamed my ass in the game last night. I think this makes us even,”Tylerlaughed as he dropped the controller as well.  I couldn’t help but think of something dirty as he said creamed his ass. I guess this is way too much information.

“So… What do you want to do now?” I asked him as he stretched out unto the floor. When he finished stretching out, I caught a glimpse of his abs that peeked through his shirt. More dirty thoughts kept running through my mind. Goddamn.

“I don’t know… what do you want to do?” he asked me, finally going back to a sitting position.

“Well we could watch a movie or listen to music if you don’t want to play video games anymore,” I answered.

“I am not watching a movie with you anymore. Not after last night!” he told me. I laughed remembering how he cried during the Land Before Time movie. I will never forget that moment as long as I live.

“Well, okay, I guess we’ll just listen to music now,” I said as I got up and proceeded to my laptop on top of my desk.

“Speaking of music,”Tylerbegan, “I brought you something,” as he handed me a small CD.

“What’s this?” I asked him burrowing my eyebrows in confusion.

“It’s a mix CD. I made it this afternoon. A small token of gratitude for letting me come over,” he said as I caught him blush as he turned away.

“Well.. Let’s hear it then,” I said as I popped the CD into my computer. It took awhile for it load but when it did, my eyes lit up. “HeyTyler! This is good! Thanks!” I said to him causing him to smile in appreciation. I’m not kidding, it was really good! I was to busy bopping my head up and down to noticeTylerwalking around my room looking at my stuff.

“Hey Will… where’d you get this trophy?” I heardTylerask from across the room. I turned around and found him under my trophy shelf. He was holding a silver trophy in his hand.

“Oh! That’s a trophy I got back in LA when I was a runner up in the tennis tournament.”

“You played tennis in your school in LA?”Tylerasked, a bit surprised.

“YesTyler, I wasn’t the same geek that I was when I left here,” I laughed.Tylerdidn’t. However, he was staring at me with a serious look on his face. He put back the trophy on the shelf and absent mindedly just stared at the rest of the smaller trophies. Something was definitely wrong; I could feel it in the air.

“Okay… what’s wrong?” I asked as I stepped closer to him.

When he noticed me coming closer, he suddenly took a step away from me. “Tyler, what’s wrong?” I asked once again this time a little more gravely.

“I dunno… It’s just I can’t help but remember of what I did to you back then…”Tylersaid as he sat down on my window seat. He looked at me with a bit of worry in his blue eyes.

“Tyler,” I said as I walked up to him and sat beside him, “I’m fine. Don’t beat yourself up over what happened. It was four years ago. I’ve learned how to forget it and you should too. Like I said before, I forgive you.”

He looked at my eyes and continued doing so for a few more seconds. It was pretty unnerving to tell you the truth.

“It’s just… I still can’t help but feel that miserable about it,” he said as he buried his face into his hands.

I watched him sulk for a minute or so before I punched his shoulder.

“Ouch!”Tylercried out in pain. “What the hell was that for?!” he asked me alarmed and quite pissed.

“Ok… here’s the deal. Every time you mention about the incident, I’m going to give you a punch. That way you’re bound to never bring it up again,” I said with a huff.

“But…”Tylerstarted. I raised my fist ready to punch him again when he suddenly blurted out, “Okay! Okay! I get it!”

“Good!” I said smugly. It took a few minutes butTylermanaged to put out a smile. My insides are beginning to melt. God, I swear I’m such a girl.

We stayed at the window seat just talking to one another. He told me what had happened in school after I left. He also opened up to me about his family and what’s going on with them. I was also surprised when he opened up to me about his father. He was telling me how strained it was between them on my part, I mentioned to him what LA was like. I also told him what happened to me there. At one point, he was bold enough to ask me if I had a boyfriend there. This completely took me by surprise. However, for some reason, I was compelled by some divine force to share my relationship status with him. We continued talking about videogames, TV shows, and even sports. We were so busy talking with each other whenTyler’s phone suddenly rang.

“Sorry. I gotta get this,”Tylerapologetically said to me.

“Hey… no problem,” I said as I let him read the text message.

“Man!”Tylersaid in frustration.

“Anything wrong?” I asked him.

Tylerplaced his cellphone back in his pockets and answered, “It was Dana. She told me to come over to her house. Apparently, it’s an emergency.”

“Well don’t keep her waiting!” I said with a smile as I got up and opened my door for him.

“I’m sorry for bailing out so early,” he said as he stood up and proceeded to the door.

“Tyler, she’s your girlfriend. If she says it’s an emergency than most likely it is.  There is no need to apologize to me for that,” I said as I accompanied him downstairs and on to the front porch. “I’ll see you again Tye,” I said as I opened the front door and he stepped outside. Before he could make it down our porch steps, he stopped and turned around. There was a huge grin on his face.

“What?” I asked.

Tylercontinued on grinning like a little schoolboy and said, “Do you realize you just called me Tye? You haven’t called me that since the third grade!”

“I did? I’m sorry, I didn’t notice. Won’t happen again,” I said.

“Hey don’t be! I don’t mind you calling me Tye again. In fact, I like it very much,” he replied as his grin was still on his face.

“Oh… Okay then,” I announced as the, blood rushed through my cheeks once again.

“Well I’ll see you soon Will!”Tylersaid, waving at me as he was laughing once again.

“Sure thing,” I replied back with a wave of my own as I watchedTylercross the street and get into his truck. I stayed at the front door waiting for his red truck to disappear down the road. When I couldn’t see it anymore, I went back inside. While I was locking the front door, I couldn’t help but smile. You know what? I think everything is going to turn out all right. But first, I need to have a ‘talk’ with my brothers.


(Tyler’s POV)

I stared at Will as anger danced in my eyes. This couldn’t be happening to him could it? I can’t believe someone actually threatened Will? Who the fuck do they think they are?”

“Will! Who the fuck sent you this?!” I asked once again as I stepped closer to him.

He told me he didn’t know as he suddenly grabbed the piece of paper from me and tore it to shreds. He then dropped it inside his garbage can. However, once he noticed he missed, he kicked the can down causing the contents to spill.

I grabbed his shoulder and he stopped. I realized that getting angry at Will wouldn’t solve anything. It wasn’t his fault to begin with and I felt horrible losing my temper in front of him. When I confronted him, I noticed the look of surprise on his face. It was scary to see the expression of fear in his eyes. I never want to see that again. Once I calmed myself down, I decided to try once again to retrieve some answers or at the very least some clues on who could have done this.

Will explained to me that he received the letter during lunch today. Is it a coincidence that the message arrived on the same day that I was having dinner with him and his family? I wished it was, but something in the back of my mind was hinting that this could have been planned. The only person I could think of pulling out this stunt was Scott, but then again, this was Scott we’re talking about. Why would he want to protect me from Will when he despises me as much as the brunette? I don’t even want to think that it was Dana.

Will even suggested at one point that it would be easier that we just follow the message. I think I blew my top again. There is no way I’m gonna let some bully push Will around. After what happened four years ago, I vowed myself to never let that happen again.

It didn’t take long before I needed to go home. My dad was hollering for me and I knew better than to make him wait. Before I walked out, I took a moment to write down my cellular number on Will’s desk. A guy can hope cant he?

“So… uh…I guess I’ll talk to you soon, okay?” I asked Will before leaving. He didn’t say anything. He only nodded. I find it cute when Will ends up speechless. It’s an adorable quirk. I wanted him to understand that nothing is going to stop me from seeing him. After all, he is a friend. So I asked him once again, “Okay?”

“Okay okay!” Will said, a bit flustered. I laughed liking how I’m making him uncomfortable.

“TYLER!!” my dad bellowed. Crap, he’s going to lose his top.

“ALREADY THERE!!” I shouted out loud as I raced down the stairs like a madman.

When I got downstairs, I found Mr. and Mrs. Lakewood at the front door. My family was already at the front porch waiting for me.

“Tyler! It’s about time you got down!” Mr. Lakewood laughed as he saw me come across from the corner.

“Sorry, here now!” I said huffing as I basically galloped down all the way here. I saw my dad looking at me and he was shaking his head in annoyance. He will definitely give me an earful later.

“Well… we had a very pleasant evening!” my mom said as I stepped outside to join them. I turned around to bid the Lakewoods farewell.

“Oh. It was nothing at all! We should do it again!” Mrs. Lakewood said.

“Yes. This time it’ll be in our home,” my mother offered. I saw my dad look at her momentarily. This can only mean one thing, he doesn’t like the idea. What the hell is his problem?

“Oh sure no problem,” Mr. Lakewood said with a hearty laugh.

“Well, we’ll see you soon then. Goodnight!” my dad said putting a smile on his face before turning around and walking across the street.

“GoodnightBeaumonts!” Mr. Lakewood bellowed as watched get off his lawn before closing the front door.

On the way back, my mom and dad were up front, talking to each other. I could tell from the fact they were whispering, there was a problem. My mother was wagging her finger at my dad. I guess she was upset about his behavior the entire night. My sister Emily followed suit typing in her cellular phone oblivious at what was going on around her. I made up the rear. Once we got inside our home, my dad immediately stormed upstairs to the master bedroom and slammed the door. My mother, sister, and I were still downstairs.

“What’s his problem?” Emily asked my mom.

“It’s your father being himself again,” my mother answered shaking her head in disapproval of my dad’s behavior. Yeah, my dad could be a real jackass most of the time.

“I’m going to talk to him. Would you kids mind locking the doors and turning out the lights down here?” my mother asked us.

“Sure mom, we got it. You go on ahead,” I said as I waved my mom away. She gave us a quick kiss on the foreheads before heading up to their bedroom.

“So… what did you do the entire night?” my sister asked me once mom was upstairs.

“What do you mean?” I asked her as I began locking up the front door.

“What did you do in Will’s room?” she asked.

“Nothing much really! We just played video games… that’s all,” I said as I ended locking the front door with a click. I turned around and found her waiting for me by the stairs with her fingers hovering over the light switch.

“Why? What did you do?” I asked walking up the staircase.

“Oh nothing much.  Just listened to the twins play music. They’re pretty good,” she said as she switched off the lights downstairs.

“Yeah, I heard them vaguely in Will’s room. They did sound a bit decent from what I can tell,” I said as I proceeded to my room.

“Yes… they are,” my sister said as she opened her bedroom door. Her room was closer to the stairs than mine. She just stared at me as I opened my door.

“What?” I asked her, unnerved by the fact that she was staring at me. It was creepy.

“Oh nothing,” she said as she stood staring at me. “Good night,” And with that she went inside her room.

“Freak,” I muttered as I got inside my room. I swiftly got out of my clothes and slipped in into the bed in just my boxers. I’m kinda too tired to take a bath tonight. I think I’ll just do that in the morning. I made my way to my bed and laid down. A few minutes later, I fell asleep.

“So… how’d your night go?”

“Jason, I already told you. It went fine!” I said exasperated at having to repeat myself.

It was Saturday and we were at the mall. I was accompanying Jason to buy a new video game. Frankly speaking, we were both bored at the games Jason has in his collection.  I eventually prodded him into buying a new one. He didn’t have a lot of cash at the moment so we had to settle into buying a used version today. At least this way, we would have something new to play.

“You know, you could help me out with the cash. After all, you’ll technically play it also,” Jason said with a serious look on his face.

“I could, but it’s not like I’m going to be there 24/7,” I told him causing him to scowl. I’ve gotten used to him bumming money from me to satisfy his video game cravings and I learned early on to say no. If I didn’t, I would never see the money ever again.

In case you haven’t, I don’t own a video game system. Yup, not even the handheld ones! I guess my dad didn’t really want me to get stuck and be overly dependent on technology as some kids these days. He’s always pushing me to do play sports. That explains my love for football. Ever since I could remember, my dad has always taken me outside and played the sport. I’m the quarterback of the Ridgemont football team. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

“Fine… So, what game did you and your new neighbor play?” Jason asked. I was surprised to see how eager he is to know how my time with Will went. Is this his way of showing that he fully supports me being friends with Will?  I sure hope so.

“We played Marvel Vs. Capcom 3,” I said as we entered a new wing in the mall. Not much farther to go.

“Dude! Are you serious!? When we checked it out last week, it wasn’t even here yet?” Jason asked in shock and envy.

“Yup. Apparently he got it in LA before leaving,” I said.

“Damn. Lucky shit,” Jason muttered.

I stopped, stared at him angrily. Did he just call Will a piece of shit? He better-

“Sorry! Sorry! I just got caught up in the moment!” Jason apologized when he noticed my expression.

We walked a little further while Jason kept chattering nonstop. He was talking about how lucky Will was that he has MVC3, how lucky I was for playing it, and how unlucky he was that he didn’t have enough money to buy it.  He then kept going on and on about some other things. Frankly speaking, I wasn’t even paying attention to what he was saying anymore. There was something else on my mind.

“Hey Jace,” I interrupted.

“Yeah?” he asked me.

“Did you see anyone suspicious over at Will’s locker yesterday during lunch?”

“What? No. Why?” he asked all of a sudden.

“Oh nothing…” I said. I noticed he had a worried expression on his face, “look, forget it. It’s not important.”

“Tye, what’s wrong? Did anything happen to Will?” Jason asked me.

“No, no. Come on. Let’s go,” I said as I started walking just a tad bit faster. Jason had to hustle to keep up.

“Tye… Come on. This is me you’re talking to,” he said once he finally caught up to me and my pace.

“Look, it’s nothing. Forget it,” I said, worried that I might expose Will’s little threatening message. The last thing I want is to have the whole school know about this. I wouldn’t want to humiliate Will again.

“Tye,” Jason said as he stopped in front of me. He had a grave, serious look on his face.

“Promise you’ll keep this to yourself?” I asked him knowing he wouldn’t stop pestering me about this. It was Jason after all. I trust him with my life and I know he wouldn’t break a promise he made with me.

“Tye, this is me you’re talking to. Of course I’ll keep a promise! Now spill!” Jason ordered.

“Fine,” I said. I looked around us and found a small empty bench by the quad. I took Jason there and explained to him about Will’s little locker message. I had to stop explaining for a few moments whenever I saw someone from school. Better safe than sorry, right? The last thing I really need is to for someone to overhear this conversation.

“Dude, did Will get physically harmed?” Jason asked me once I finished explaining everything.

“No. He just got it today. I’m just worried that someone might be out to get him after this. I… I don’t know really. There’s something really off with this message,” I said.

“Does Will have any idea who could have sent it?” he asked me.

“He didn’t tell me. But given what happened recently, the only person I could think of is–”

“Scott,” Jason interrupted, “who else could it be? He pushed Will in the hallway on the first day of school for crying out loud! He’s the only one who holds a grudge on Will.”

“That’s what I was thinking too, but the message written on the paper threw me in a loop. Why would he say for Will to leave me alone? I mean why protect me? Scott and I hate each other’s guts,” I pointed out.

“Tye, you’re looking way into this. There’s no other person I could think of. I mean, it certainly couldn’t be Will’s friends,” Jason said.

I buried my face in my hands stressed out over this whole cryptic piece of shit. There was a few seconds of silence before I started off mumbling, “You don’t think it’s…”

“Who?” Jason asked me.

I looked straight at him and said, “Dana?” That took Jason with surprise. His eyes seemed to pop out of his sockets over what I was suggesting. I mean clearly Dana would never do something like that. She’s way too nice for that. But given the circumstances, I couldn’t help but think that way.

“TYE!” Jason hissed, “are you fucking crazy?! This is Dana we’re talking about! Possibly the nicest girl in school! You’d think she’s capable of doing something like this?”

I sighed before answering, “I don’t know… Honestly, I don’t know anymore…”

“Tyler, this is Dana we’re talking about. You’re girlfriend Dana!” Jason said, this time with more emotion in his voice.

“I know! I know! I’m just going over my options,” I said.

“Your girlfriend shouldn’t be even on that list right now,” Jason scolded me.

“Alright already! I get your point!” I angrily replied. I’m losing my temper here a bit.

“I hope so,” he said before staring at the other direction. We kept this silence treatment for a few more minutes. I think he was just waiting for me to let off some steam because after awhile he asked me, “So… What’s Will going to do about this?”

“I don’t know. We haven’t really talked about it,” I said, just staring ahead of me, focusing on nothing in particular. A few moments of silence again.

“Are you planning on doing something about this?” Jason asked again.

“I want to know who sent that message that’s for sure. I just… don’t know how to make that happen,” I answered.

“Well, I’ll ask around if anyone saw someone slip a piece of paper in Will’s locker,” Jason said before adding, “don’t worry. I’m going to keep this as discreet as possible and make sure no one knows about that little piece of message.”

“Okay. Just… be careful. I don’t want Will knowing about this,” I warned Jason.

“Yes, yes. I got it,” he said.

“Good.” And then silence once again.

“Okay then, let’s go on to the video game store already!” Jason said as he stood up from the bench.

I woke up from a beeping sound in my room. I clumsily reached out to my bedside table and tried finding my cellphone. In the process of doing so, I managed to knock down a few things onto the floor. Crap. Once I got a hold of it, I opened it up. If this was Jason, I’ll make sure to kill him tomorrow. He already caused me a headache at his run-in with the cashier at the mall; I don’t need another bitchfest from him. To my surprise, it was from an unknown number. I sat up to read it.

It read: “You still coming over? – Will”

Wait a minute, what time is it? I glanced at my glow-in-the-dark clock on top of my door. What? It’s already 8:30pm?! Shit. I guess my nap took longer than I expected. I need to hurry up and change.

“Be there in 15 minutes!” I replied to him.

I was busy putting on the clothes I wore earlier today when I received another message. While I was putting on my shirt, I read it.

“Okay :)” It said. I let out a brief smile. I never knew Will was the type to use emoticons.

After putting on my shirt, I quickly spayed a few sprays of cologne before I headed out my room and bolted down the stairs.

“Whoa there cowboy!” my mom said as she came out of the kitchen, “what are you in a hurry for? Going somewhere?”

I noticed she still had her apron on. My guess is she’s baking right now.

“I’m heading over to Will’s. He invited me over. Is that okay?” I asked.

“Oh sure. Go on ahead!” my mother said and waved her hand at me.

“Thanks!” I replied as I bolted out the door and into the street.Lakewoodresidence here I come!

“Ouch!” I cried out in pain, “what the hell was that for? Will just punched me on the fucking shoulder!

He looked dead straight in my eyes and replied, “Ok, here’s the deal. Every time you mention about the incident, I’m going to give you a punch. That way, you’re bound to never bring it up again.”

“But-” I started but then he raised his fist up, ready to punch me again. “Okay! Okay! I get it!” I said hastily.

“Good!” he said smugly. I looked at him and his overly triumphant, smug expression and I couldn’t help but smile.

I was in Will’s home, or more specifically, on his window seat in his bedroom. We just finished playing his new video game. To his surprise, I won 90% of all the games we played. I never really told Will this, but I was a master when it comes to the Mortal Kombat series. No one has ever beaten me in that game. I only lost tonight because I let Will win. Of course I didn’t tell him that. Wouldn’t want to deflate his ego entirely. Now, we’re sitting on his window seat, enjoying some down time.

I looked out his window and stared at my house across the street. I never noticed how little it changed over the years. I guess that’s a good thing right? I didn’t get to ask Will what he thought of our house as he asked me a question first.

“So…Tyler… What happened in school while I was gone? I want to know if there was anything interesting like fights? Romances? Any earth shattering news worthy to gossip about?” I heard him ask.

I looked back at him and found a genuine curious look on his face. I crunched my eyebrows, thinking of something good and juicy to share.

“Hmm… Oh remember Helen Wilson?” I asked him.

“Oh you mean that squeaky clean, goody goody two shoes? She ratted me out when I put bubblegum under my desk in 6th grade! How could I forget?” he scoffed.

“Well she slept with one of our math professors,” I said bluntly.

“WHAAATTT!?? ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” Will screamed in surprise.

I laughed, “Totally serious man. She had to drop out when the school learned about their little affair.”

“What happened to the teacher??” he asked a little too eagerly.

“Him? … As far as I can remember, he’s in prison now,” I explained.

“Wow. This is big stuff. I can’t believe it,” he muttered quietly.

“I know,” I laughed again, “but other than that, nothing else came close. It’s just the same boring thing day in day out here over Ridgemont. Nothing really exciting happens here remember?”

“Hey at least you’re the quarterback of the football team. That’s exciting!” Will pointed out with a smile on his face.

“Well I do take pride in that!” I laughed.

“I bet your parents are proud of you. Especially your dad! Isn’t he a big football fan?” Will asked.

My laughter died down, and instead was replaced with a frown on my face. Will must have noticed it because he asked me if anything was wrong.

“Err… yeah I’m fine,” I scoffed.

“Problems with your dad?” he asked. I looked at Will to say that it wasn’t his business but I saw a sincere, genuine smile on his face. His smile told me that he wasn’t forcing me to open up, but he was available to listen to whatever I had to say.

“It’s just… he expects so much outta me, I guess it kinda stresses me out often. Sometimes I make mistakes in playing games, and he’d go over the deep end with me. He’s always pushing me harder and harder I feel like I’m going to burn out one of these days,” I explained to Will. I haven’t shared my feelings about my dad with anyone. In fact, I never would have with anyone. But Will picked up on it and was the first person to ask me about it. I guess I just had to take this opportunity to share my feelings instead of keeping it myself.

“I’m sure he does that out of love,” Will reassured me. I’m not really sure if he said that because he meant it or because he wanted to cheer me up. Could he do those things because he loved me? Well for some reason, I find that hard to digest. Early on in my childhood, I’ve always had a strained relationship with my father. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t really talk to him like a normal son talks to his father. And that’s been bugging me all this time.

“Sure… it’s perfectly fine to have your dad breathing down on you. I’m sure you go through the same thing,” I say rolling my eyes.

“Err… I’m not a star quarterback so I no not really,” Will sheepishly said.

I couldn’t really find a way to respond to that. There was this awkward moment of silence, as usual. Will was busy looking outside the window, I on the other hand, was staring at the posters on Will’s ceiling.

“So,” I said, wanting to break off the tension, “tell me all about LA!”

Will looked back at me and asked, “What exactly do you want me to talk about?”

“I don’t know. Like what did you do and stuff! Where’d you study? Had any boyfriends?” I asked as I raised my leg and propped my chin onto my knee.

“Well… If you must know… We stayed over atWest Beverly. I studied at West Bev High until we decided to come back. Well, LA is technically sunnier than Ridgemont that’s for sure. And the rain isn’t that heavy,” he explained.

“Met any cute guys there?” I asked with a smile.

“Why are you asking?” he asked with a perplexed look.

“I don’t know. We’re getting to know each other here. I’ve told you about my father, the least you could do is spill some secrets, and the only thing I really know about you is you’re gay so…”

“Well, I did have a few boyfriends here and there. LA is certainly more open to gay people than around here that’s for sure,” he replied.

“Have you done… you know?” I asked, prodding a bit more information. Hey, I’m kinda curious how gay people date or something.

“Tyler, we are not discussing that,” he said with a laugh.

“Fine. Fine. You prude,” I said with a huff.

“Do you want me to ask you about you and Dana?” he rebutted with a smirk.

“Okay, okay. You got me. I’m gonna stop now,” I said a bit too defensively.

“Good,” Will smugly said. I scowled in mock frustration as Will laughed.

“So… How long have you played video games?” Will asked me.

“Well, ever since I learned how to hold a controller,” I replied with a laugh, “But I don’t have any gaming systems in my house. My dad was never a big fan. Usually, I just hop over to Jason’s place to play.”

“Well now, you have me also to play with,” Will said, “wait… that sounded wrong.” And then he laughed.

“Damn right it did!” I said with a laugh as I lightly punched his chest which earned an “Oomph!” from Will.

Will rubbed the spot where I punched him. Hmm… I guess I overdid that quite a bit.

“Did I hurt you?” I asked in concern.

“Don’t worry. I’ll pay you back for that,” Will said.

“Oooh… I’m scared,” I said in mock fear, “OWW!!! HEY!?” Out of the blue, Will punched me on my shoulder once again. Damn. I forgot his punches do hurt.

“Told you so,” Will said as he raised up his right fist in emphasis.

“That wasn’t fair! My punch was light compared to yours. Yours hurt!” I moaned in pain.

“Tyler, there’s nothing fair in the world. Best you learn that now than later on,” he said. I stuck out my tongue at him in response, which caused him to roll his eyes.

“So if you don’t have any game systems, what do you usually do at home?” he asked me.

I was busy rubbing my shoulder to ease the pain off when I responded, “I usually surf the net for new music. Watch some tv. I like watching a lot of CSIs and Criminal Minds.”

“Ugh. Crime shows. I hate crime shows,” Will replied in disdain.

“Well, what do you watch?” I asked, curious.

“Reality tv! And lots of it!” Will answered with a huge smile causing me scoff in disagreement.

“Reality tv is the pits of television. They’re so vulgarly cheap and tacky,” I pointed out.

“Exactly! That is what makes them even more exciting!” Will laughed. I shook my head amused at his adoring love for reality tv shows. Frankly, I’m not a big fan. There’s nothing real when there’s a camera following you around.

I spotted some more trophies on top of Will’s bed. From the looks of it, they’re more tennis trophies.

“Did you play tennis back in LA?” I asked him as I pointed out to the various numbers of trophies.

“Oh yeah. I was in the varsity team back then,” Will proudly said as he got up and got the shiniest and biggest trophy on the shelf. He showed it to me.

“William Lakewood. 1st place. Regional champion,” I read out loud, “Wow! You won Regional’s?”

Will just beamed a really wide smile.

“Do you plan on joining the team in Ridgemont?” I asked him.

“I haven’t really thought about that yet,” Will quietly said as he sat down beside me. From the looks of it, I think he already thought about it and he decided he didn’t want to join. Hey, if Will got all those trophies then he must be really good at it.

“Why not? You should totally go for it! I know the captain of the team pretty well. He’s a good guy. You shouldn’t really let your talent go to waste Will,” I explained to him, as I carefully placed the trophy near the window pane.

Will was quiet for a while, possibly thinking.

“I’ll think about it,” he said after a couple of minutes. Good. I know he’ll be a good addition!

“Good! I’ll give a talk to Teddy, the captain when you’re ready!” I said.

Will was about to respond when my phone suddenly rang.

“Sorry. I gotta get this,” I said.

“Hey no problem,” Will replied as he let me read the message. It was from Dana and it read, “Come by my house tonight. It’s an emergency.”

When I approached Dana’s house, I saw her sitting all alone on the front porch. She was staring at the sky as I parked my truck in front of their mailbox. I got down and when she saw me approaching her, she stood up.

“Hey Dana,” I said as I leaned in for a kiss. She tilted her head, leaving me to kiss her cheek instead of her lips. That was odd. I looked down at her face and found a serious, but sad expression present.

“Dana, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” I asked as I tried hugging her. She squirmed out of my grasp as she looked at me and started crying. Tears were rolling down her face. What the hell is going on?

“Dana, baby, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?” I asked, not knowing if I should come up to her and hug her again. I was taken aback by this. She just started crying all of a sudden for crying out loud.

“Tyler… I think,” she said, in between sobs, “we should break up.”

What… the…. fuck. Where did that come from?

“What? Why?” I asked her, shock registering on my face. What just happened? Dana wanted to break up with me? This was so sudden. I looked back to see if I did anything wrong, if I did something to hurt her, and if I neglected her in a way, but I couldn’t think of any. In my mind, we were the perfect couple. We never really fought. Why the hell does Dana want to break up with me?

“Dana, what did I do? Please tell me and I’ll fix it. Did I do something to offend you? Did I hurt you in any way? Did you fall out of love with me? Did you-”

“Tyler!” she sharply said when she interrupted my tirade of questions.

“What?” I asked, pain stricken in my eyes. I couldn’t understand.

“I’m moving….Tyler, I’m moving away,” she said, tears falling down her face.



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