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I Think I’ve Flipped. Chapter 8.



(Will’s POV)


“So… what should.. We do next?” I asked as I smiled at him. I began to feel awkward after hearing Tyler tell me the things which made me special. It was a sweet gesture on his part. On the other hand, I have to admit it came as a big surprise.


I held the drawings we had done earlier in the evening. I presumed he was reaching out to grab them when I noticed his hand coming towards my face. What was going on? I couldn’t move nor speak as I sat paralyzed on the bed. A few seconds later, I felt Tyler’s lips touching mine.


I must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights as my eyes responded in surprise. Fuck. I was in total shock as my hands were shaking uncomfortably. I tried to use them to push Tyler off me, but instead I found them running through his hair. I even surprised myself further by returning his kiss.


His hand slipped underneath my shirt as he felt my back and my torso. God, his hands felt so fucking good on my skin. There was a roughness to them, from all the sports he played. His actions were enough to bring my cock to a standing position. I ran my hands up and down his arms as I felt his muscles. He is so hot.

We continued kissing for a few minutes before our lips disengaged from each other. I opened my eyes and found myself staring at the most gorgeous blue eyes I have ever seen. I then pulled myself out of the trance I was under. What the hell happened? Did we just kiss? I was confused as I kept asking myself if this was real or was it just a fantasy. I couldn’t speak when I tried to ask him directly. Instead, I looked into his eyes for an answer.


What I did find was a confused boy sitting in front of me. A person conflicted over something he just done. His gaze seemed to bore through my soul as if it was sucking the air out of me. I found myself having trouble breathing. I couldn’t deal with it. I just couldn’t.


“I… I have to go,” I said hastily as I pulled myself free from Tyler’s strong arms and bolted out the door so fast he didn’t know what hit him. He didn’t even try to keep me from leaving. No words, no chasing, nothing! It him me that I should have never kissed him in the first place. I really fucked up big time.


I ran all the way home and locked myself in my room. Thank goodness no one was home when I arrived or else, they would have seen what a terrible mess I am.


I collapsed on my bed and buried my face in my pillow as the tears kept falling I could still see the hesitation present in his eyes after our kiss. It broke my heart that all I was to him was a mistake. I was a big mistake.


Shit. I can’t even deal with this. I shouldn’t have kissed him back. Instead, I should have pushed him away! I pounded my fist on my bed in frustration. God, William! You’re so fucking stupid!!!



“Morning!” my brother Marco said as he saw me step inside the kitchen. I didn’t reply as I made my way to the table. He gave me a suspicious look. I just glared at him telling him to back off, which earned me confused faces from the twins.


I barely got any sleep last night as I was pretty much emotionally drained over what happened with Tyler in his room. I was dreading going back to school and facing Tyler. I don’t know what’s going to happen and that fucking scares the shit out of me.


“Someone woke up in the wrong side of the bed today,” Blake said as he eyed me. I picked a bagel from the table and walked off back to my room, but not before giving him a really cold stare. He flinched at my gaze.


“Will! Don’t you want breakfast?” my mother shouted from the stove as she looked at my retreating figure.


“I’m not hungry!” I shouted before lazily walking up the stairs to my room.


By the time I stepped inside my room, I was pretty much done with the bagel. I went inside my bathroom to freshen up before changing into something appropriate for school. I grabbed a long sleeved green, checkered polo shirt, some khaki slacks, and green sneakers from my closet and slowly put them on. I tried combing my brown mop down as it slightly worked. I looked myself in the mirror. Sigh. I look like a hipster… Whatever.


I looked around the room for my backpack. The hell?! Where is it? I began lifting up the sheets and pillows from my bed. I crouched down to peek under my bed. It wasn’t there either. I approached my closet and opened it. I gazed up and down, but I still couldn’t find it. Goddammit! Don’t tell me I lost it? Most of my books were in there! Motherfu-


“Will! Hurry up little man! Blake and I are going to be late for these interviews in the mall. We still need to drop your ass in your school!” I heard Marco yell.


I pushed through the clothes on the racks, searching for a replacement bag. I don’t have the time to look for it now. Marco and Blake are going to be pissed at me for this. I’m pretty sure about that…


“WILL!” Marco shouted from outside the lawn. I heard a rock tap against my window. What in the hell does he think he is doing by throwing a rock at me!


“COMING!!” I shouted as I grabbed a rather small shoulder bag from the closet. As I made my way towards the door, I grabbed a notepad, a pen, and my wallet from my desk before I bolted downstairs.


I found my mom waiting for me by the door. “Bye sweetie! Have a good day, okay?” she said as she gave me a quick peck on the cheek.


“Bye mom!” I said as she kissed my cheek. I kissed her on her cheek goodbye as I looked ahead and saw my brothers already inside the car.


“Come on Will!” Marco shouted as he beckoned at me with his hand to get in the small car, which was a really banged up and really old Mercedes. We only have two cars. This one and my dad’s Ford Focus. Wasn’t really fancy stuff, but hey, it’s all we could afford in the moment.


I stepped outside and made my way to the car when I saw my dad sitting on the lawn tending to the grass and flowers. I looked over at what he had done and marveled how he was able to transform the ugly ass lawn we had before into something this beautiful.


He planted numerous flowers and planted a few small trees in the middle of the lawn. All the weeds were gone. The grass was green and well maintained. Hell, it looks good as the Beaumonts across the street!


“Bye dad!” I said as I approached him and gave him a quick peck on his head. I don’t know about you, but my dad has no qualms me kissing him goodbye. One would think it’d be weird showing this type of affection to one’s father, but for my dad and me, it’s pretty much fine. He doesn’t care that I’m gay or if anyone sees. We just have that sort of relationship.


“See ya sport! Have fun in school!” he said as he ruffled my hair in affection.


“Aww dad!” I said with a pout as I tried fixing my hair down. He bellowed a laugh. If there’s one thing my dad is good at, it’s laughing.


“What do you think about the garden? Looks nice eh?” my dad asked me as he pointed around the lawn.


“It looks really good!” I said ecstatically.


“Will!!” my brothers both shouted in surprised unison.


“Get going, before your brothers come out and hack me to death for keeping you!” my dad laughed as he shooed my away with his gloved hands.


I jogged my way to the car and stepped inside the back seat and dumped my bag beside me.


“About time you loser!” Marco sneered as he stared at me from the rear view mirror.


“Whatever ya prick!” I said, sticking my tongue at him before flashing him a grin. Marco just laughed at me and reached behind his seat and messed up my hair.


“Aww come on!” I said, annoyed at having to fix my hair again. If I didn’t fix it, I dare say, I looked like a hobo.


“Such a shame. Will’s going to have a bad hair day,” Blake said as he faced backwards, laughing at my discomfort as Marco continued to mess my hair as I tried swatting his hand away.


“Just drive!” I shouted in feigned annoyance as I lightly kicked the driver’s seat causing Marco to slightly jump forward.


“Alright, alright. Don’t get too violent man,” Marco said as he started the engine and sped off.


We drove in silence as we headed to my school. Well, silence wouldn’t probably the right word since Blake was playing his mix tape in the car. Perhaps, the better word would be that it was awkward. No one was talking. I was in a foul mood from losing my bag but also what had happened last night with Tyler. I could see from the corner of my eye that Marco was glancing back at me through the rear view mirror. I’m just waiting to see how long it will take him to ask me about it.


“So…, what got up your panties in a wad this morning?” he asked as he recalled our slightly tense standoff at the breakfast table.


“First of all, for your information, I’m wearing boxers,” I said with a smirk. “And secondly, I was being bitchy this morning because I couldn’t find my school bag anywhere in my room, and my school project with Tyler wasn’t going so well last night.”


“What happened?” Blake asked as he looked back at me.


“We just had different opinions on things. He was intense and unwilling to anything other than his vies,” I explained as I stared out the window lying to them.


“Intense?! He didn’t get violent with you, did he?” Marco shouted as he craned his neck back at me and stared at me.


“Watch where you’re bloody going!” Blake shouted at his twin as he grabbed the steering wheel and spun it so he wouldn’t go off road. “Are you mental?! Eyes on the bloody road!” he screamed at Marco.


“Okay, okay. I get it,” Marco said as he glared at his twin momentarily and then glanced back at the rearview mirror to me.


I had my elbow resting on the window sill when I replied, “No. He didn’t hit me or verbally attacked me. We just had a disagreement as usual. We weren’t seeing eye to eye.”


Marco narrowed his eyes at me, trying to figure out if I was telling the truth. I didn’t look back at him. I just stared outside the window. I had no intention of filling them in on what happened last night. We were silent once again. You could cut the tension with a knife. It lasted a couple more minutes though it probably felt like an hour.


I wrinkled my brow, this suddenly just registering to me now. I turned to Blake and asked, very much perplexed, “Did you just talk in a British accent?” Blake and Marco just laughed.


“Too much Skins and Misfits bro,” Blake said as he gave me a childish smile.



I stumbled into the halls without anything worthwhile happening. I haven’t seen any of my friends so far. I passed their lockers, but none of them were there. Huh. I guess they must have walked to class already. I walked towards my locker not really paying any attention to anyone around me. I did pass by a small group of cheerleaders and they just giggled at me. I rolled my eyes at them. Fantastic. It was too early in the morning to deal with this.


When I reached my locker, I opened it quickly as I tried to stuff the rest of my books into my small shoulder bag. It was smaller than what I imagined and not all my books and supplies were going to fit.


“Here,” a voice called out in front of me, as his outstretched hand held my backpack. “You left it at my house last night.”


I looked up and saw Tyler gazing back at me with an unreadable expression. There wasn’t the usual friendliness I’ve grown accustomed to, but then again, there wasn’t any form of hostility in his eyes either. He was wearing his normal school outfit: jeans, sneakers, and his letterman jacket.


“Thanks,” I muttered as I took my bag from him and began transferring contents of one bag to the other. I noticed Tyler just stood there looking at me.


“Will…” he began whispering. I stopped momentarily and looked down. Oh shit, here it comes. Here it fucking comes. He’s gonna say that yesterday was a mistake and how it should have never happened. He’s going to be repulsed by me. Shit, I can’t take this again.


“Will, we need to talk about last night,” he said, this time with more stern urgency in his voice.


“No,” I said as I looked up at him.


“What do you mean no?” he asked angrily. “Look, last night was…”


“A mistake,” I said, finishing the sentence for him. “I know that. I shouldn’t have kissed you back. It was a mistake. You’re straight. You’re the football captain. You’re king of this school. We were just lonely last night and we took that opportunity to find some company. I’m sorry for fucking it up, this sort of friendship we had. It was fun. It really was,” I continued, pretty surprised how calm I could be in this very moment. Dammit. How could he be so attractive?!


“Goodbye Tyler,” I announced as he looked away. I guess he feels the same way too. I closed my locker and left him standing there. When I turned around in the corner, my heart broke again for the second time. Once again, Tyler didn’t stop me from walking away.



“Hey, you okay?”


I looked up at Sterling with a bewildered look of surprise. We were in our afternoon Calculus class. I guess he must have noticed how I wasn’t paying any attention to our paired in-class exercise. Tyler was still on my mind. Sigh.


“Will, you sure you’re alright?” Sterling asked once again, this time his British accent more pronounced as usual. He gave me a sheepish smile.


I just shook my head. “Yep. Everything’s fine. It’s nothing,” I said as I tried immersing myself into the assigned exercise.


“That’s bollocks,” I heard him reply.


“What?” I asked, looking at him incredulously. What the hell is he talking about?


“You’re lying again,” Sterling said as he tapped his pencil on the table, looking at me, or rather studying me quite closely.


“How’d you guess?” I asked him.


“I have my ways of telling. You’re not smiling for one. Usually you’re all so chipper and talkative (I gave out a smirk when he said that part).  You’re not doing any of the work either. Normally, you’d be half done by now!” he said, still looking at me closely, but this time following it with a smile.


“I just had a bad day,” I sighed as I looked down at the sheet of paper in front of me for some sort of distraction.


“Want to talk about it?” Sterling asked.


I looked back up at him. “What?” I asked him as his statement surprised me.


“I’m a very good listener,” he said, flashing me a pearly white smile. I stared at his emerald eyes behind his adorably dorky black, framed glasses. I saw a sincere gesture within those orbs of his. It felt familiar.


“You know, for someone who got shot down for a date, you’re awfully friendly,” I said with a chuckle. Sterling got really quiet all of a sudden as soon as those words escaped my lips.


“Will, just because you didn’t go out with doesn’t change the fact that we’re friends. We’ll always be friends, okay? Besides, I reckon I still got plenty of chances with you down the road. After all, there aren’t many gay people as hot as me in Ridgemont,” he said, as he casually rested brushed my hand with his. That gesture didn’t take more than a few seconds. It was short. Very short, but the message came across pretty clear.


“I… I’m sorry. Was I a bit too forward?” he asked me, not really looking in my eyes.


“Thanks Sterling,” I whispered to him. I had a smile on my face. When he noticed that, he smiled back at me. “I’m sorry. I just got a lot on my mind lately,” I replied to him.


“Wanna talk about it?” he asked.


“It’s more like a him actually,” I muttered as I absentmindedly doodled on the exercise sheet.


“Tyler?” he simply asked.


I looked at him in astonishment. “That obvious?”


“Pretty much,” he replied, a sad look on his face. “He’s the only one who manages to bother you this much.”


I was about to ask how he knew that, but I thought better and just let it go.


“Did he do something to you?” he asked, looking straight in my eyes.


“No… not really… It was more of a miscommunication between the two of us,” I answered.


“Huh,” he said as he stared at my doodle on the exercise sheet. “Hey, that’s kinda cute!”


I looked down at my doodle. It wasn’t anything special. It was a cartoon caricature of an animal. I would have never considered it remotely cute.


I looked away from the doodle and back at Sterling. He was still staring at the cartoon with an amused smile on his face. I took that time to notice him. He was handsome no doubt. He had a chiseled square face, but you wouldn’t really notice it because of his super curly hair. When he caught me looking at him, he smiled back at me. It was then I only noticed how beautiful his green eyes were.


“What?” he asked me.


I just stared at him in silence before saying, “Sterling… Do you want to do anything this Saturday? Umm… I’m wondering if you’d want to go on a date with me.”






(Tyler’s POV)


It’s been ten minutes since Will left my room. I’ve been sitting on my bed in silence thinking about what had just happened.


I jumped up as it hit me. I had just kissed Will Lakewood. Holy shit! I ran my hands through my hair as I started pacing around the room frantically.


I just fucking kissed a guy! Holy… I needed to calm down and think through this rationally. I stopped pacing and stood still in the center of my room. I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths to calm myself down.


“Am I gay?” I asked myself, barely a whisper as I opened my eyes. I can’t be! I’m not! I’m attracted to girls, not guys! I’m not fucking gay! I told myself that over and over again.


I can’t be… can I? It’s just not possible! I’ve never been attracted to guys in my entire life! It’s only the women I respond too.


‘Then why did you kiss Will?’ a voice in my head asked me all of a sudden.


I sat down on my bed and buried my head in my hands again realizing the gravity of the entire situation. I kissed Will and t wasn’t just a normal kiss either. Our tongues were fucking wrestling with each other. I groaned as I lied down in the bed, my hands still covering my face. Shit, this isn’t right… Why the fuck did I kiss Will?!


‘Because apparently you wanted to,’ the voice in my head answered.


I opened my eyes and looked at the ceiling. Was that true? Did I really want to kiss Will? Somehow I think I already knew the answer.


There was an aspect of Will that I found extremely interesting. I couldn’t pinpoint it exactly, but there was something about him that made me want to get to know him better. I was intrigued by him and his personality, yes; however, I wouldn’t have known that it would lead to a kiss. I never thought it was that sort of attraction.


Was I really attracted to Will? Or was this sort of a way of getting back at Dana? Am I really gay? Or is this some sort of phase? Ugh. These questions started out swimming in my head all at once. Frankly, it was giving me sort of a head ache.


‘But you were hard as a rock,’ the voice smirked back at me.


“Oh god,” I responded as I covered my face with my hands once again. That’s right… My dick was hard as a rock when I was kissing him. Fuck. If this wasn’t a sign that I’m a homo, I don’t know what is.


“But I’m not gay!” I blurted out again. I’m not! I like girls! I don’t like guys!


‘Then why was your dick hard?’ the voice sneered.


“I don’t know, okay!” I answered in annoyance. It’s perfectly normal to get hard in awkward situations, right? I mean, I am just a teenager after all. We all have fucking hormones we can’t control…


That’s it! It was all hormones. I was just horny and Will just happened to be there!


I sighed as I realized my attempt to rationalize what had happened seemed to become more pathetic as each second passed. Even an idiot with half a brain wouldn’t believe that… I kissed a guy… Oh god. I think I’m going to be sick.


I ran through my bathroom and tried throwing up in the toilet, but nothing came out as I just gagged. However, all these thoughts, questions that were rushing into my head in a single minute made me very, very dizzy.


I flushed the toilet even though I didn’t actually puke. I crawled my way to the sink and washed my face.


I stared at my reflection afterwards. My eyes were swimming with so many questions. I raised my right hand to my lips and traced its outline, remembering the feeling of Will’s lips on them earlier this evening.


To my surprise, my cock started to harden while thinking about Will’s kiss. Were these just the hormones talking again? I couldn’t explain it in words, but I wanted to kiss Will again. I wanted to feel his body next to mine. Not only that, but I wanted to see him smile and hear his laugh as well.


“Shit,” I murmured at my reflection. I like Will… No, I want Will. I need to tell him that. But what does he feel? He kissed me back so that means he liked me. Does this mean he’s attracted to me all this time?



Well that was a bust…


I was in the cafeteria, sitting at the football team’s table replaying over what happened with Will this morning. When I woke up this morning, I told myself that I was going to talk to Will about what happened last night. I wanted to let him know that it was all right. I needed to know if he felt the same way I did. I needed to know if he liked me that way. I needed to know if last night was real.


I found out that it was all a mistake for him. He wasn’t entirely clear why it was, but I seemingly caught the message. I was just disappointed he didn’t give me a chance to explain, make things right, prove him wrong. I absent mindedly played around with my food, not really paying attention to anything around me.


It was a mistake for him! He made that loud and clear.


“Yo Tye!” Jason said as he threw me piece of his sandwich. He hit me smack on the forehead.


“What the fuck man?” I said as I glared at him.


“Well that got your attention!” Jason said as he took a bit out of his sandwich.


“What?” I snapped at him as I threw that piece that hit me back at him.


“We’ve been trying to talk to you for the last couple of minutes, but you just keep spacing out!” Jason said as he dodged the incoming piece of bread.


“Are you okay?” Logan asked me from my left.


“What?” I said as I looked at him. “Yeah, yeah. I’m fine. Just got a lot of things on my mind.”


“Aww… Is Beaumont still crying over his break-up?”


I looked to my right and saw Scott sneering at me from the other end of the table. He had this wicked gleam in his eyes.


“Fuck off Scott,” I threatened him, my eyes narrowing in anger.


“Oh you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Scott said, challenging me.


I was about to stand up and punch him on the face when I felt Logan’s strong hand grab my arm.


“Don’t, he’s not worth it,” he said as he looked up at me.


“Yeah. You’re just going to get yourself and the team in trouble. Sit down!” Jason barked at me.


I breathed a sigh of relief before sitting down. I could see the entire football team looking at me wondering if I was going to fucking fight Scott here in the lunchroom.


“Oh… how sweet… You a coward now too?” Scott laughed.


“Scott, fuck off will you?!” Logan shouted. “Or would you like the coach to know who vandalized the locker room last week?”


Scott stopped laughing as he stared evilly at Logan before grabbing his lunch tray and walking off.


“Wait,” I said as I watched Scott waltz away. “He was responsible for spray painting the lockers?”


“Fuck yeah dude! Vincent and I caught him ditching a can of spray paint whose color was the same thing as the graffiti,” Logan said as he took a bite out of his food.


“You should have ratted his ass out! That will teach the motherfucker a lesson!” Jason said, looking at Logan as if he’d gone mental.


“No way dude. If I did that, he’d be off the team,” Logan replied.


“Exactly!” Jason said.


“I’m not sure abut you guys, but Scott’s a very good football player. Without him on the team, we’d be up in our asses against Central,” Logan explained, again taking another bite out of his food.


Jason and I stared at Logan. Well would have ever know Logan was actually smart? I certainly would have done what Jason suggested in a frickin’ heartbeat.


“Well… aren’t you the smart one Logan!” Jason laughed, amused at Logan’s sudden burst of intelligence.


“Huh?” Logan asked as he was clueless as to what Jason just said.


Jason and I both laughed in response. Okay, I take that comment back. I scanned the room and when I saw him, my laughter suddenly stopped.


Will was sitting at his usual table with his friends. I noticed him laughing away like there wasn’t anything wrong. A small jab of pain suddenly surged through me. Doesn’t he care at all? Isn’t he hurt over what happened? Cause I certainly am.


I’m hurting because he said that it was a mistake. It didn’t mean anything to him. Is this why he can casually laugh right now? I studied him. I couldn’t pinpoint it, but something is pulling me towards Will. It’s like there’s an incessant need for me to know more about him. Did I kiss him because I was merely intrigued by this quality of his?


I then saw Will lean in closer to Sterling guy and shared a small whisper together. I found myself becoming angry as I sat and watched them. I wanted to go over there and punch the daylights out of that British boy.


I narrowed my eyes at the two of them and I accidentally let out a snarl. Fuck, I am jealous. I never did like that British boy. There’s something really off about him and I don’t like it.


“What are you staring at?” Jason asked me as he tried to see what I was preoccupied with. When he saw where I was looking at, he slowly turned to me and gave me an disbelieving look.


“He’s on your mind again isn’t he?” Jason asked with a serious look on his face.


“What? Who?” I snorted, trying to deflect the question.


“Tyler…” Jason murmured. “What’s wrong?”


“Nothing… Nothing’s wrong,” I said, looking away.


Jason just looked at me before rolling his eyes and said, “Whatever.” He stood up, picked up his tray and proceeded to the trash cans.


As soon as he left the table, I got a clearer view of Will. He was still laughing with his friends. From the looks of it, he seems to be having fun. I noticed how unruly his hair was today. I noticed the apparent muscles building on his upper body. I noticed his smooth skin and his deep, brown eyes. I noticed his posture, how utterly comfortable he was in that situation. I noticed how he looked at his friends. I noticed then just how handsome he looked.


Fuck. Did I just say that Will looked handsome? I suddenly looked away afraid of this newfound sensation washing over me.


I looked around the football table staring at the other guys there. Do I find any of them attractive? If I were gay, then I would have felt something right? I scanned the guys around me. They all seemed to be built and packed which is pretty much a given. However, I needed to find out here and now if they bring out any of the same feelings I have been experiencing with Will.


Vincent’s probably the most good looking in the bunch. He has that face of a model. And his chocolate skin is flawless. Cody’s not too shabby either. He had jet black curly hair. He’s definitely a looker.


I continued noting down the qualities of the guys down in my head before finding myself staring at Trey. He was busy reading a comic book at the end of the table. His brown wavy hair was falling down on his face, he constantly had to push it away with his hands. His hazel eyes were busy scanning the pages of the comic. When he turned the pages, I saw the muscles in his arms jump. He’s fucking gorgeous. My cock started to harden at the thought of what he would look like underneath his clothes.


Shit. I’m getting an erection from Trey. Fuck. I looked back to my front so I didn’t have to stare at him anymore. In doing so, my gaze went automatically back to Will’s table.


Will was quiet now. Their friends were laughing, but it was apparent that something was bothering him. I watched him fake a smile at them. There seemed to be something wrong with him. I was surprised none of his friends were able to pick that up. I wanted to go over there and wipe that dejected look on his face away as well as kiss him… again.


Tell me I didn’t just fucking think that! Oh shit. Freaking out, I stood up from the table and marched away. I needed some air. I needed to get away from here.


“Hey!” I heard Logan shout behind me. “You didn’t clean your tray!”



Ever since my awkward leave over lunch, I couldn’t stop thinking about Will. There’s this sort of emptiness when I’m not with him. It’s quite difficult to explain really. Furthermore, Will’s the only person who understands me. Hell, he’s the only one who has the guts to stand up to me. He’s also the only one who makes me feel… different. He brings out things in me that Dana never did.


I need to talk to him. I need to ask him to give me a shot. I want him to take a chance on whatever this thing we have. I need to tell him that this wasn’t a mistake. I just need to be discreet about this. I’m still the quarterback of the team. I’m still the head honcho here. I can’t go through the school talking shit about me again. I wouldn’t be able to live that down. I just hope Will understands that and will be able to deal with that.


My thoughts were interrupted by ringing of the bell. I slowly packed my stuff away as I contemplated about how I was going to approach Will. One thing’s for sure, I need to talk to him right away.


As I stepped into the hallway, I made up my mind to head over towards Will’s locker and explain myself. If I have to drag him outside so he’ll talk to me, then so be it.


I was about to turn around a corner when I saw Sterling and Claire talking. Curious, I stepped back so they couldn’t see me and listened in on their conversation.


“It finally happened,” I heard Sterling tell Claire.


“Oh my god! Are you serious?” Claire asked excitedly.


“Keep it down!” Sterling said.


“I’m sorry,” Claire apologized in a softer tone.


“Yep. I got me a date with him!” Sterling replied.


My eyes went wide when I heard that. Wait a minute… Sterling is gay?


“Can you believe it Claire? I finally got a date with Will!”


Wait… What the fuck did he just say?


“See? I told you. Will’s had a tough time. You just needed to be patient. So who asked who?”


“Will asked me during Calculus. We’re going out this Saturday evening.”


I… I couldn’t believe it. I literally felt my heart break. Sterling has a date with Will? How… how is that possible when he rejected me last night? Immediately asking myself that, my mouth went dry. Will… he… he doesn’t like me. That was the simple explanation. It was the only explanation. He had someone else in mind. He was attracted to someone else. I had been simply… a mistake.


A mistake. That word echoed in my head over and over again. Every time it did, my heart began to wither more and more. I swiftly walked away, keeping my head down as I made my way back to my locker to clear my head.


I was utterly deflated and broken. Then in a fleeting second, my dread turned into frustration. I was pissed at Will for leading me on, for kissing me back, and Sterling for catching Will’s heart. But more so, I was pissed at myself for falling over Will.


Still hurt and angry, I opened my locker. I was about to throw my books inside, when I noticed a small, folded, piece of paper inside. I picked it up and opened it up.










So you guys didn’t really actually think everything is going to go smoothly for these two did you? They have conflicting feelings for one another that some drama is bound to happen and this chapter certainly gives a dose of that.


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