(Tyler’s POV)

I woke up today with the sun glaring at me through my window. I glanced at my alarm clock and groaned. Fuck. It wasn’t even 9am for crying out loud. Stupid sun, why can’t you shine your rays somewhere else!


I threw my pillow at the window in frustration. Of course that didn’t do anything or solve my problems, still I needed to vent. You see, today was the second to the last day of summer and I really, really wanted to catch up on some Zs before waking up again for 6am for school.


I lazily got up from my bed and dragged my barely awake body outside the hallway towards the bathroom. Once inside, I quickly washed my face only. Bath can be done later. Yes, I’m that lazy today. I guess summer does that to you. Make you lazy as fuck.


Oh I should introduce myself. My name’s Tyler Beaumont. Well Tye for short, but that’s only reserved for my close friends. Hehe. I’m 5 feet 9 inches tall, have a head full of blonde hair, and I’m told I have the most beautiful blue eyes in school. Well okay, my mom was the person who actually said that last part so it doesn’t really count. But still! A compliments a compliment, right?


What else could I say about me? Oh, I’m 16 years old and I’m a senior in Ridgemont High. I’m also the quarterback of the football team, which is the pinnacle of the social ladder in school. And it helps scoring with the ladies either. I’m not saying that I’m a womanizer though! I have a girlfriend and she’s all the action that I need. Yeah, I’m a pervert, but let’s keep that a secret ok? Hehe.


I guess that’s it for now as my stomach started to growl. I hastily went back to my room to change (or basically put on clothes since I was just wearing boxers). I grabbed a plain white undershirt and slid it over my toned body, a feat I take great pride in. After all, you can’t be the quarterback without being hot. That’s like an unwritten rule or something! Anyway, I put on some boardshorts and a pair of flip flops as I head downstairs for some much needed breakfast.


As soon as I walk downstairs, my dad and my sister were in the living room, which was a surprise. Usually at this hour, they’d be at the dining table eating. My dad and my older sister Emily were staring out the window. Weird.


“Uhh…What are you all staring at?” I asked as I made my way to the window as well.


“We have new neighbors,” Emily mentioned as she pointed across the street.


“Really?” I asked as I peered through the glass and saw a moving truck parked right in front of the house across the street.


There were a couple of delivery guys hauling all sorts of furniture inside the house. I didn’t really get a glimpse of the family though.


“I wonder what kind of people our new neighbors are…” my sister murmured, with her face still glued at the window pane.


“Well whoever it is, they don’t look particularly rich,” my dad said as he pointed at some grizzly looking couch being hauled inside. I laughed at his comment, while my sister just rolled her eyes.


“Yeah, it looked like it came from some rundown flea market,” I added as I looked at my right. My dad snickered while my sister just stared at me with that are-you-serious look. Geez, I swear she has absolutely no sense of humor in her bone whatsoever.


“Well we’re going over there to welcome them.”


All three of us turned around and saw my mom clutching a freshly baked cherry pie from the kitchen.


“Ugh. Do we have to?” I asked in annoyance. I was hungry and seeing that scrumptious pie in my mom’s hands made it even worse, “Can’t I eat breakfast first??”


“You could have your breakfast later Tyler. All four of us will head down there and give our new neighbors a welcome greeting. It won’t take more than 10 minutes. I’m sure you won’t die,” my mom answered back.


I pouted at her response, which made my sister snicker. Oh great, now you laugh, you witch.


“I’d be glad to honey, but I’m late for work,” my dad said as he got his suit from the coat rack.


“Steve!” my mom exclaimed as she put her hands on her hips, a sign she was incredibly pissed.


“Look Angie, I’m sorry, but I really have to go. This meeting is too important to be late for. My promotion rides on this meeting today! Just tell me all about our new rifraf neighbors when I get home ok?” my dad said as he quickly kissed my mom on the cheek goodbye and quickly bolted out the front door.


I looked at my mom, who had her eyes closed, calming herself I guess. I know she didn’t like that rifraf comment my dad said a moment ago. As soon as car left the driveway, she took a deep breath before opening them and looking at me, “Well let’s go.” Good she wasn’t pissed.


I headed out the front door with my mom behind me when she suddenly hollered back, “Emily. Stop combing your blonde hair there already! Let’s go!”


“Alright! Alright! I’m coming!!” my sister said as she caught up with us at the door.


My mom had me carry the pie as she led the three of us across the street towards our new neighbors. As soon as we hit the curb, I took notice of the lawn, which was unsurprisingly ugly to say the least. The last occupants of this house left 4 years ago and in that time, no one came by to prune the bushes or take out the weeds. I swear if you add a monkey or two, it would fit right in!


My mother rang the doorbell as she, in a last minute effort, tried to fix herself and look trim and proper. Like my sister and I, my mom was blonde too. My dad on the other hand was a brunette, though you wouldn’t really notice that since he’s bald now. I’m hoping to God I didn’t receive the bald gene from him.


I was busy contemplating the future of my hair, when the door suddenly opened. A woman, who looked surprisingly familiar answered the door. She had short brown hair and a caring-looking face. Ok, hard to describe, but what I mean is that she’s the type you know who never gets mad.


“Angie! What a surprise!” said the woman in front of us.


I stared at my mom who had a look of surprise on her face. “Cecilia?” she responded, not sure of herself.


Cecilia? Where have I heard that name before? Hmm…


“It’s so good to see you!” Cecilia said as she suddenly hugged my mother. Where have I heard that name before? As soon as she finished hugging my mother, she turned her attention to Emily and me.


“And this must be Emily and Tyler! Look how you’ve grown!” she exclaimed as she sized us up.


I looked at my sister hoping she would know who this lady was. I didn’t want to seem stupid this early in the morning. And something terrible came out from my sister’s lips, “It’s nice to see you too Mrs. Lakewood!”


Lakewood? Lakewood?!? Oh no… Oh no. Oh no. Oh no!!!


“Well, it certainly is a surprise seeing you here again! We brought over some cherry pie for you and your family,” my mother said as she grabbed the pie from me and handed it to Cecilia.


“Oh Angie, you shouldn’t have,” Cecilia said in response, “Well come on in. I’m sure Sean and the boys would be happy to see you.”


And with that she opened the door for us. My mother went inside first followed by my sister. I, on the other hand couldn’t move at all.


“Jason,” Mrs. Lakewood smiled as she added, “no need to be shy.”


I slowly walked inside the house, receiving the stares of my mom and sister as if I’ve gone mental. I honestly could care less right now what they think! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I’m going to see him!!!


“Sean! Get the boys down here! We have guests in the living room!” Cecilia hollered towards the stairs. She smiled at us after doing so.


“Guests? Cecilia! Why did you let them in? We’re not done packing yet!” a burly man with cropped brown hair bustled down the stairs followed by two identical looking boys and another boy who had a frown on his face.


As soon as the man caught a glimpse of us he hollered, “Well shiver me timbers, if it ain’t the Beaumonts!!”


My mother waved at the man, “Hello Sean, it’s good to see you. It’s been waay too long. I’m sure you remember my daughter, Emily and my son, Tyler.”


The man crossed his arms and peered at us like some sort of lab experiments, “Sweet mother of Pearl! My have you guys grown up!” he added a laugh after that. My sister was being extremely friendly by saying a long hello to Mr. Lakewood.


“Angie,” Mrs. Lakewood said as she approached her family, “I’m sure you remember my boys, Marco and Blake,” she said as she pointed her finger towards the identical looking boys beside Mr. Lakewood. My mother of course agreed, which ended up with the twins giving her pleasant compliments.


“And of course, we have William here,” Cecilia said as she patted the boy behind the twins.


“It’s nice to meet you again, Mrs. Beaumont,” the brown haired teenager said as he smiled towards my mother.


“My Will, you’ve grown to say the least!” my mother said. I looked at back at the teenager and could tell he was not amused by any of this. I think my mom or his parents failed to notice it. And fuck, he was staring at me. I know the reason why and it’s making me sweat like a pig in discomfort.


“Well Sean, I brought over this delicious cherry pie and it would be such a shame if you guys don’t eat it while it’s hot,” my mother added as she pointed at the pie Cecilia was holding.


“Well let’s take a bite of it shall we?” Mr. Lakewood replied with a hearty laugh, “Blake and Marco, help me set up the dining table and chairs.”


The twins responded, “Sure” at the same time. A bit unnerving if you ask me.


“Angie, I’m sorry but I think I need to unpack our plates and utensils first,” Mrs. Lakewood said with a frown.


My mother simply smiled and said, “Oh that is not a problem. Emily and I will help you.” And with that the three women made their way to the dining room leaving me and Will alone.


When I looked back at him, I found him staring at me with a neutral expression on his face. Fuck was I spooked! There was silence in the room for quite a few minutes. I had a feeling he wasn’t going to talk first so, I kinda broke the ice.


“So uhh… you look good you know,” I said to him.


He arched his eyebrows in response as if I was joking around. Well to be honest, I wasn’t. I really meant what I said. Will looked pretty handsome if I have to admit it (though won’t probably do so publicly). His hair changed from back then. He now had a bit of an unruly brown hair. He still had the same hazel eyes, which was looking mighty pissed at me. And he’s actually toned now. I could see the muscles in his arms. He’s not as big as me though. I guess you could say he’s more… lean looking.


I waited for his response. Readying myself to whatever onslaught he might dish at me. But he shrugged just his shoulders in the end, “Whatever,” and headed swiftly into the dining room.


I had to blink a few times before digesting what had just happened. I silently cursed myself as I ran my fingers through my blonde hair. I was royally fucked big time. The Lakewoods are back, and I’m not the very least happy. I followed Will into the dining room a few moments later, still dumbfounded at the certain turn of events.


Remember the last occupants of this house who moved out 4 years ago? Well they were the Lakewoods and as you can see they’re back. All five of them. I’m uncomfortable with this situation. Ok, extremely uncomfortable! And it’s all thanks to one particular person in the Lakewood family tree.


And his name is Will.




(Will’s POV)

As soon as I opened the door to the attic and smelled the scent of old wood, I knew I was home. I stepped inside quite a bit excitedly, which prompted the dust in the attic to swirl around the room causing me to cough a bit. Yeah, I forgot this house was uninhabited for around 4 years.


I carefully traced my fingers through the walls, trying to find that spot where my parents used to mark my brothers’ and my heights with a marker. I’d be extremely sad if the measurements faded out in those 4 years. It was kind of a reminder of the good old times I had in this house.


To my relief, it was still there with all the measurements we took since birth. I stared at the last entry, Will age 12. I laughed at the vast height difference of that mark from my current height right now. Granted I’m not the tallest one in the school yard (I’m only 5 feet and 6 inches high), yet I was still surprised how small I was before! I guess puberty does work wonders after all.


So as you guess it, my name is Will. William Lakewood if you want to be formal about it. I have hazel eyes and an unruly mop of brown hair, which my parents don’t mind at all. Thank God for that. I’m 16! Going to be a senior in two days. I’ll be back to Ridgemont High.


I’m honestly not looking forward to that at all…. Surprised?


You see, I’ve lived here before. My family and I moved back after our 4 year stay in LA. And by family I mean my dad, mom, and my older twin brothers. I’m so going to miss LA. The beach, the weather, the boys!


Oh yeah. I’m gay. And before you ask, yes my family knows about it and they’re pretty cool with it. That’s another thing I like about Los Angeles. People don’t really give a crap about you being gay different unlike this loser dump of a town. Sigh. Yeah I’m gonna miss LA.




I turned my head towards the door and found my dad looking in the room, his face barely peeking out of the doorway.


“In here dad!” I hollered as I waved at him.


He stepped inside the attic and instantly threw a bunch of coughs, which made me laugh. “Ok, we definitely need to clean this place up!” he said after his fit as he made his way towards me.


“It looks like it’s still here!” he said as he pointed at the measurements on the wall.


“I know. I can’t believe it,” I said as I traced my fingers over the marks.


My dad must have noticed my gesture. “Well, I’m sure we could add more measurements. What do you see we do it tomorrow?” he asked as he stared at me with his deep brown eyes.


I laughed at his question and shook my head, “I don’t think that would be appropriate in my age dad.”


My dad laughed at my response. “Good. I was afraid you’d say yes!” I shook my head in disbelief, which made him chuckle. “Anyway, I’ll be re-arranging the furniture with Marco and Blake. Come help us when you’re done reminiscing the past!”


“Trust me. There’s not much to reminisce about,” I hollered as I watched my dad exit the attic.


After staring at the measurements for a few moments longer, I’ve decided I’ve had enough of reminiscing a bit. I stood up and made my way towards the lone, single window inside the attic. I stared at the neighborhood and finally made a conclusion that a lot has change in 4 years.


There were a dozen new houses down Maple Street and a few new buildings near the direction of Ridgemont High. There’s also a couple of playgr-


I stopped my train of thought when I saw three figures from the house across the street approach our house. Suddenly, I couldn’t help but frown in disdain.


How could I forget who lives in that house? Nearly impossible I tell you!


I stared at one particular person in that threesome: a seemingly smiling blonde boy clutching some sort of welcome wagon gift. My mind raced back to all those years ago and I almost lost my emotions right there. Yes, I can never forget Tyler Beaumont. How can I?


I suddenly took a sharp intake of breath when I heard the doorbell ring. I know for a fact that my mother is going to invite them in. After all, we were neighbors. No scratch that, we still are.


I contemplated on how I would react towards Tyler. I didn’t want to come across overly vindictive so I’ve decided to be civil as possible. Yes, civil. Shouldn’t be too hard… Right?


A few moments later, I hear my mom calling for me and the rest from downstairs. I dreaded each step going down towards the second floor. I really did. I found my father and my brothers coming out from one of the rooms.


“Your mother brought in guests? NOW??” my dad exclaimed in surprised frustration. I looked at my brothers and they just shook their heads. Note to self: chat about this outburst with Blake and Marco later. Afterwards, I followed them downstairs towards the living room.


“Guests? Cecilia! Why did you let them in? We’re not done packing yet!” my dad bellowed as he marched down the staircase followed by Marco and Blake. I sheepishly made up the rear trying to delay the inevitable as possible.


But no. As soon as I saw his face, I couldn’t help but frown. And my insides began to rumble, ready to explode at any moment. Ok, so much for the being civil plan!


I wasn’t really paying any attention to the conversation going around, as I was just staring at Tyler the entire time. I must admit he’s gotten hotter and cuter since the last time I saw him. His blonde hair actually looks cute, a bit messy and shaggy. Hmm… He probably hasn’t bathed yet. Knowing Tyler and his summer habits, that’s a high probability. I could most definitely make out the muscles he had. He must be in the football team. Yeah, with guns like his? Umm… yeah. His striking blue eyes are darting around the room, as if trying to avoid my gaze. Asshole. Hmph.


My mother’s pat brought me out of my trance, “And of course, we have William here.”


I stared at the blonde lady before me. Ok, granted Mrs. B was actually a pretty nice lady. A bit too proper, but still nice nonetheless. It would be unfair to treat her rudely because of some altercation her son and I had a few years back.


“It’s nice to meet you again, Mrs. Beaumont,” I said before returning my gaze back to Tyler, who was now looking at me. I could tell he was flustered or uncomfortable. Ha! Serves him right! Mrs. B made some compliment directed at me, but I really wasn’t paying any attention.


Is it possible for you to be consumed with one thought that you automatically block off everything else? Well that’s what apparently happened to me. One moment I was talking to Mrs. B and the next they were headed out towards the dining room leaving me and Tyler alone in the living room.


Honestly, I didn’t know what to say. How could I really? It was an eerie silent few minutes when he suddenly spoke, “So uhh… you look good you know.”


I arched my eyebrows in response with no hesitation.


Now I don’t know if that comment was some sort of backhanded insult or if it was truly genuine. Knowing the douchebag in front of me, it would be probably the former. Well how the hell does he think I would look after 4 years? Did he expect me to still be the geeky kid from back then?


When I moved to Los Angeles, I’ve decided to take up a few sports to work off the pent-up “frustrations” I’ve had since our move. I took up tennis and even a little baseball and I usually had time to kill at the school gym. So I kinda lost weight and got a bit more toned in the process….


Hmm… Maybe Tyler did mean that last bit as a genuine compliment. But I’m certainly not going to give him the satisfaction of me appreciating what he thinks of me so I ended up saying, “Whatever” with a shrug of the shoulders.


I left him in the living room before he could make any other response.


Whatever?!?!? Really Will? That’s the best thing you could come up with after 4 years?


Ugh. I feel so pathetic right now. I can’t believe I had to meet Tyler the first day I move back to Ridgemont. The universe must have some twisted sense of humor. Now I’m stuck in my house with Tyler Beaumont, the guy I hate and still love at the same time.